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Who are we?

ADR Original Team

What is Audertist Originals?

Audertist Originals is a website for online reading and writing. We provide a dedicated platform for authors to compose and upload their creative works to a comprehensive online library, fostering global discoverability. To readers, we provide a platform to discover authentic works and directly support the authors they read. We offer a space that is dedicated to the human passion for creation via art. Our purpose is to be a platform that emphasizes community-based progression for the arts.

Our system of community rewards directly reflects the above. In a few words, this system directly rewards users for their site activity and puts users in control of the money that they generate, offering the opportunity to spend it on their favorite writers or even cash it out for themselves. This is a system that is still in the nascent stages of development, but it greatly represents our mission as a website.

Who Are We?

We are currently a team of two writers learning what we can to run this site independently and develop it towards our intended goal. It was never our intention to become web developers or marketing experts, but because of the current state of the arts, that is what we’ve had to strive towards instead of simply nurturing our art.

As young people, we currently lack the necessary capital to hire the personnel required to instantaneously realize our vision. With this site, we will piece together everything with our own hands and achieve what we believe are our basic needs as writers and readers. If you are also inspired by us and wish to lend your skills, we will be excited to have you on as a part of our team so long as you understand who we are and where we come from. You can contact us through email at [email protected].

Why Make Audertist Originals?

Instead of turning to traditional publishing practices, KDP, or sites such as WebNovel and Royal Road, we decided to make our own website to set a precedent for writing in the digital age. We needed the space and freedom to experiment with the very customs and technology that we’ve grown up with. We want to write in a world where the arts are not shafted to the side as something to be consumed by marketing or production values. We want to see a world where the arts are not only creative, but also accessible. Although it is heartwarming to watch artists rise as victorious entrepreneurs well molded to the current framework despite all odds, that shouldn’t be the only story told. We need more avenues of success that aren’t parallel lines.

The Future of Audertist Originals

The short-term plan is to succeed as a website and implement our model of community support. This means a myriad of unsaid actions that will take years to accomplish based on our current capabilities. We will stick to our values as artists and prioritize the humanity of the arts in the meantime, accounting for the combined needs of the artist and the community that gathers around them. Please, please, hold us to this statement as we expand in the future. Because our goals are much bigger than a website for reading and writing. We also want to tackle novel production, publishing, fandom cultivation, derivatives in other art mediums, and more within the realm of the internet. Past the internet, we want to help establish public libraries and art centers, fund art programs and indigenous art forms that have all but faded under modernity. We want to spark the beginnings of a new renaissance with human community at its center.

But that’s the future. Please join us in the meantime at our humble website and witness our story.


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