Spotlight User of the Month August Edition #1

What is ADR Discord Spotlight User of the Month?

The ADR Discord is full of a lot fun and Users/Authors/Readers/Writers/Artists who have been nominated by other users or noticed by team members for awesome and amazing accomplishments or behaviors are spotlighted in the server and through articles on our blog!

For example, you may be nominated by another user for always providing detailed and clear feedback. Or maybe you’ve been noticed by the AUDERTIST Team for awesome behavior like reporting people who are spamming the chats with promotions. Or maybe you’re an artist and a user just really likes your work. Maybe you’re a reader, and a writer always notices you comment and read so they nominate you.

Whatever it is, Users/Authors/Readers/Writers/Artists Spotlighted here have the chance to show what they’re made of. Users Spotlighted can promote their stories, talk about their writing accomplishments, talk about their favorite books or writers, or whatever they see fit for their time in the SPOTLIGHT.

SPOTLIGHT winners are added for every MONTH of the year. Previous Winners from the prior year are removed.

In the future, SPOTLIGHT winners may or may now have the opportunity to placed in a random draw for gift cards….💸

~Bea ADR Blog Editor

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Ameron Werschrux, a young 16-year old guy, who lives in the Philippines.

2. What do you do? Are you a writer, reader, or artist?

    I do a lot of things, I play games, watch youtube and anime, I do a lot of fun things! I’m an aspiring writer and a reader, despite being a writer for 2 years now, only a few months ago, I began to take it seriously, and I’ve gotten far now, I like reading hard-bound books, I usually have a hard time focusing on reading online books, aside from manga. I plan to be an artist in the near future, right now, I’m not really that great, for now, I’ll concentrate on writing, once I do, I’ll try to do art, just a possibility though…

    3. What is it like being a creator?

      It’s honestly very exciting, never would I have expected to be a writer, yet here I am. The path of a writer can be very challenging, thinking up scenarios, thinking up fight scenes, and keeping track of their developments. It’s not easy so to say, but when you see the characters you’ve created and the world around them, it’s just very exhilarating to build, with that, you just can’t give up, you have to give these characters the ending they deserve as give them a wonderous world to explore in. I’m motivated to expand their universe and have people share their thoughts about it, it’s heartfelt.

      4. Can you tell us anything about your work or what you like to do?

        Hm, my work is named Programmer in Another World right? Despite its name, being a programmer in another world isn’t all that it is about. I want people to expect it’s another type of novel where it has a single good trick and it’s over, no… I want complexity, I made sure to make a unique power system, valuable lessons that aren’t delivered in a cringey way, villains who have a backstory, and a main character who is more than just a programmer. About the things I like, nothing too much, I like solving math problems, I like thinking, and I like in-depth shows.

        5. Anything you want to say to the community?

          I love the community, it’s a very fun and supportive one that I want to interact with them. As an introvert, this means a lot. Come visit Audertist for a calm and lovely community

          Check out the author’s works here:

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