Callas is confronted with both Lexia and Vhint.

“Remember the times, when all four of us went adventuring together? Those were good times,” he quickly comments.

Lexia looks at where the wolf carried Phize away.

“I insist you focus on the opponent that is in front of you. You know I’m great with headshots,” he boasts with full confidence.

Vhint whispers to Lexia.

“I know, I’m worried about our son too, but we can’t do anything, what he says is true. Besides, if you follow him now, Callas just might follow you and take him hostage himself.”


“I know you’re discussing in front of my face, and I don’t really mind. Just consider it as… a gift from a former comrade. Now with that, can we get started? It’s been a while since I fought either one of you. But both of you at the same time? That’s a firs-”

Vhint attacks Callas but he swiftly dodges.

“Can you shut up?” Vhint angrily responds.

“Hasn’t anyone told you, it’s rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking?”

Callas tries to punch him but he dodges.

“It’s been a while, Lexia, but let’s show this weakling what we are made of.”

“SURE!” she immediately replies.

She gulps and then turns towards Callas.


6 magic circles surround Lexia: all magic circles contain spiky rose-like plants with their thorns growing at the side, right in the middle of each circle, and all shoot towards Callas.

Callas quickly prepares to chant in response, “Rock Magic: To the Bounds.”

The ground shakes and the rose-like plants that shot Callus have been blocked by a massive wall emerging from the ground.

Vhint immediately approaches Callas from the side.

“The Heavenly First Form: PIERCE!”

He dodges the attack of Vhint. The attack pierces so far through the forest that the forest has been split into two.

“As expected of my former colleagues, but…”

He pulls out his sword hidden to his left.

“Fighting without a sword seems unfair, doesn’t it?”

Vhint retreats back to Lexia.

“Don’t use too much mana, he’s as agile as ever, so let’s change our tactics from overwhelming with power and change it to speed.”

“I understand,” she obediently responds.

Vhint cracks his knuckles.

He breathes deeply, after 5 seconds he exhales and immediately rushes to Callas.

He attacks him but Callas blocks with his own sword.

Callas quickly chants, “Liquify.”

A magic circle appears where they step on.



He aimed his sword towards Vhint’s neck to behead him.


His attack was misaligned.

“You must be lucky to have a wife.”

A magic circle forms around Lexia’s right hand.

“Spirits give me power, release my limits, and… BLIZZARD!”

A strong cold wind comes from her hand and it reaches Callas.


He struggles to keep his feet straight.

He digs his sword deep in the ground in an attempt to keep his distance.

He looks towards where Vhint was before but he disappeared.

“WHERE DID HE GO?” he asks as he panics within his on thoughts.

Vhint appears behind him.


The blow of the blizzard gets weaker, Callas immediately lets go of his sword, turns his head to face him, and blocks his attack using his sword.

“You almost got me the-”

Lexia punches Callas in his stomach.

He spits out blood


He gets knocked back.

“LET’S GET HIM!” Lexia shouts.

“SURE THING!” Vhint answers back.

Both of them approach Callas who is holding his stomach from the pain. Upon approaching him, a smile forms from his face. A magic circle forms from his right hand. He shoots a magic bullet to Vhint’s knee and shoots Lexia’s foot afterward.

“AGH!” both of them shout.

“Fools. Cursed Magic: TOWARDS THE GROUND!”

He pounds the ground and a black magic circle forms between them. Both of them are pulled to the ground and are unable to get up.

“Y’know, I could’ve tried to shoot you both with magic, but I didn’t expect you to have improved this greatly, Lexia. Trying to shoot you both, with my specialized magic bullet, would’ve been hard. But to think, that I lured you into my trap to get near me. Now all of us are stuck on the ground for a week. Except… due to the witches’ blessing, curses don’t affect me at all.”

He grins.

“Both of you have worked great so far, but none of you were a match for me.”

He glistens his sword.

“Now would you like me to do you both a favor as I either behead you both with a single slash of my sword or should I shoot you both with one magic bullet?”

Vhint laughs.

“Hm? What’s so funny? Well, I mean I guess you ARE about to die. Be grateful.”

“Not that you idiot,” He says as he whispers something to Lexia.

“What are you talking about?”

“Come closer, you idiot,” Vhint says with a tone of confidence.

“Fine, it’s not as if you can do anything at this point.”

Callas approaches Vhint’s face.

“Look at my sword, you doltz.”

“What do you mea-”

He immediately gasps

Vhint apparently now has a wooden sword which is different from the sword he was using earlier.

“WHERE DID IT GO?” Callas says as he panics in thought.

Vhint smirks.

Vhint: Heavenly Fifth Form: Retribution…


A sword immediately falls from the sky and is headed toward his direction but with Lexia’s wind magic, the sword has been misaligned and has directly hit Callas’ heart.

“H-How?” he laughs, “No matter. I was dead, to begin with anyway.”

He coughs up blood.

“Congratulations… you have” he coughs even more blood, “bested me..”.

He collapses to the ground with his blood reaching the holes of the cracked ground.

Lexia sighs in relief, “Thank… goodness…” and faints afterward.


He looks at Lexia to see that her foot is bleeding.

“I don’t know much healing magic. But… Spirits of Magic, I offer a deal, and reduce the pain they feel, HEAL.”

A magic circle forms from his right hand and Lexia’s injury disappears.

“Dammit, I used up all of my mana.”

He sighs exhaustingly and tries to stand up.

He looks around the forest.

“Phize? Phize, I’m coming. Sorry honey, I need to find our son first.”

While the battle was taking place, Phize here…



Phize punches the wolf even harder but the wolf just bites harder.


He breathes heavily.

I’m losing so much blood, I feel so weak. Am I gonna die again? Even though, I haven’t been able to do much yet.

He cries for help.


The ground shakes.


WHY WON’T THIS DAMN WOLF LET GO? Speaking of which, if the wolf actually wanted to kill me, shouldn’t he have directed to bite my neck? This wolf must’ve been trained and it seems the master wants me alive, so the wolf can’t kill me.


He lets out tears out of spite and pain.

“Why am I so useless? Is there really nothing I can do? Anything I can hit the wolf with?,” he questions in his thoughts.

“No use.”

The wolf doesn’t intend to let me go, the more I move, the harder he bites, and it almost feels like my arm is about to be torn off.

He shouts loudly.




“I have an idea. But I can’t tell if it would actually work,” he thought to himself.

“With the spirits’ guidance, spread in and out at such little amounts…”

A magic circle forms around Phize’s left hand but his bleeding right arm accidentally touches the scriptures.


He notices a change in the spell.


He inhales.

“From the blessings of those above, I cast upon thee an icy hazard, blizzard.”

The force of the water shooting and the blizzard magic immediately froze the water into ice and increased its force which pierced its neck. The wolf cries but the wolf is stuck with Phize’s arm as both have been covered with thick ice. The wolf bleeds and dies instantly due to how deep the ice pierced the wolf.

I-I did it…

Phize: But how was I able to think?

His vision starts to get blurry.

“Oh, I get it. It was an adrenaline rush. At least I managed to fight for my death, unlike last time,” he thought.

He tries to rip a piece of clothing from his shirt but is unable to, so he just wraps the injured arm with it.

“SO dizzy…”

“PHIZE?” Vhint calls out from the woods.



“I’m just gonna take a quick nap,” his last thoughts as he falls unconscious.



So I’m pretty sure most of you are confused about what happened during the last moments with the fight with Lexia and Vhint with Callas, so I decided to go into detail about what actually happened in-between.

So their plan actually started when Lexia chanted something:

“Spirits give me power, release my limits, and… BLIZZARD!”

This spell actually increased her physical abilities by borrowing the power of weak spirits nearby. She added a follow-up magic attack which is Blizzard, a strong magic attack that freezes unprotected water and also carries a strong cold attack.

While Callas was distracted, Vhint escaped and immediately switched to his iron sword, with a wooden sword. The iron sword was thrown up so high in the sky, and Lexia used the remains of her Blizzard Magic. They used this tactic as a precaution.

Afterward, Vhint then attacks Callas with his wooden sword, but he couldn’t notice due to instantaneous occurrences.

And Vhint’s final technique is a mystery. The reason Lexia used Great Wind Magic was to accurately place where the sword will stab Callas at. With her precision heightened, she focused on the sword, which is why she remained quiet while being on the ground. She had to use this because if she hadn’t, it would’ve only hit Callas’ liver, and he wouldn’t have died if that had happened.

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