Vol. 3 Ch. 7

A guy proclaims, “I heard that the Cursed Day is tomorrow.”


“That’s just a rumor, don’t believe him,” another guy interrupts them.


“Your grandmother is just wacko.”

There is a rumor going around that Cursed Day is near. What is Cursed Day?

A week passes by.

11:10 PM

Phize and Pallitra are eating their lunches in the cafeteria.

Pallitra opens her mouth, “AAAAH!”

“What are you doing?” He asks and then chomps on his food.

“You’re supposed to feed me.”


“Oh, sheesh, I won’t let you kiss me unless we turn 16. I’ll let you date me at 14. But you can feed me anytime!” she carelessly speaks out.


He scoops some food on his spoon and looks at her.

“B-Bottoms up!”

“AHHH!” she opens her mouth.

He brings the spoon close to her but it doesn’t reach.

“Huh? What are you doing?”

“T-THIS IS EMBARRASSING!” he embarrassingly says.

She chomps on his spoon.

“We don’t need to be shy when we know what we feel about each other, right?”


He looks at Pallitra and she smiles back at him. He blushes and looks away from her.

“She’s been teasing me more than ever,” he thought.

12:00 NN

“It’s Friday now. So the subject would be Good Conduct,” he concluded.

“Hey, tomorrow’s Cursed Day, right?” a guy to the right of Phize asks.

“Yeah, better stay home,” a guy two seats from the right replies.

People around him start to chatter.

A guy in front says something, “Cursed Day…”

In the first row and column, a male student asks, “I know that teacher isn’t here yet, but can you all be quiet? And what is all this blabbering about Cursed Day?”

The guy in front queries, “You haven’t heard the rumors?”

“And, who are you?”

“My name is Ermes Grind. Now, are you seriously telling me you haven’t heard of Cursed Day?”

“I have a name. Call me Qi Lasqa. Just what is Cursed Day?”

“Oh ho. You don’t want to know.”

“I just asked you…”

The guy two seats from the right speaks out, “I’ll tell you!”

“Are you sure he can take it?” the guy from the right asks.

“Of course, Trod!”

“If you say so,” Trod goes with it.

“What’s your name again? We never really introduced ourselves so I don’t know,” he requests.

“I’m Jonan Urstad!”

“Now back to the question.”

Jonan explains, “Ah yes. There have been rumors that have been on for centuries, no, maybe even millennia. Now, according to the rumors, every 11 years, the Witches of Haydel, go out of their place, and they choose around 30 children, and they never come back. That’s why this has been called Cursed Day. And starting tomorrow, until next week, they will keep collecting children.”

“But wasn’t that explained as a series of suicides already?”

“It’s true I tell you.”


“My mother said so.”

“That’s not very reasonable,” he comments in disbelief.

Hasha enters the classroom.

“Sorry for the late arrival class, I had a short meeting with the principal. He said that class would be dismissed the next week,” she announces.

“Teacher!” Qi calls out to her.


“Why will class be dismissed next week?”

“He said that a large storm may or may not strike the school.”

“Really? It isn’t called because of the so-called Cursed Day?”

She suddenly stopped talking. She was staring blankly at the floor.


She snaps back to her senses,

“U-Uh, where did you hear that from? Cursed Day is just a rumor. In any case, you should all stay at home for the next week, okay children?” she said so with a scared tone.

“Okay!” everyone in the class responds.

“Now I’m sure all of you are pretty excited to know what are your rankings and grades for this semester. But I’ll only release the grades to your parents. I can, however, choose to reveal your rankings. What do you all say?”

“YES, PLEASE TEACHER!” everyone screams in excitement.

“If you say so. Don’t get angry with what your results would be, okay?”

She holds down a sheet of paper and begins to read them one by one.

“Let’s start with 20th place first. For rank 20, we have Zista Lou. For rank 19, we have Chastice Jant. For rank 18, we have Ithil Magi. For rank 17, we have Olie Tham. For rank 16, we have Drist Aaham. For rank 15, we have Gastic Jif. For rank 14, we have Haze Athi. For rank 13, we have Ermes Grind. For rank 12, we have Shade Lisi. For rank 11, we have Latyn Nujin. For rank 10, we have Tanish Fulter. For rank 9, we have Tham Splew. For rank 8, we have Edgar Leest. For rank 7, we have Qi Lasqa. For rank 6, we have Jonan Urstad. For rank 5, we have Pallitra Strata…”

“What… She’s TOP 5?” Phize is surprised in mind.

“…For rank 4, we have Trod Zoul. NOW FOR THE TOP 3! Are you all ready?”

“YES!” everyone answered ever so earnestly.

“This makes me so excited!” he felt his heart pounding.

“For rank 3, we have Taya Vise. Now for Rank 2 and Rank 1. We almost had a tie.”

“WHAT,” he is shocked in mind.

“It was only a very very small gap in the grade but for our rank 2, we have Hazel Paufia.”

“WHO IS THAT?” he asks himself.

He looks over to the 3rd row and 4th column which is where the other students were looking at.

“I never noticed her. She must be very smart,” he inferred.

“Congratulations to everybody! You all did great! I’m proud of all of you! We are also the class that has the most students in the top students in the whole class!”

She looks at another paper.

“We have 4 students in the top 10! For rank 10, we have Trod Zoul. For rank 6, we have Taya Vise. And for rank 2, Hazel Paufia, and as for rank 1, we have Phize Gratham! You are all exceptional!”

“For the rest of the day, we talked about our rankings which caused quite the stir while forgetting the important event which starts tomorrow,” he recalled.

2:10 PM

Phize, Vhint, and Pallitra are outside the entrance gate.

“Pallitra, u-um, would you like to go play with me tomorrow?”


He blushes from hearing his own words.

“You can go decline if you have other pla-”


His cheeks get red from embarrassment.

“O-Oh, really? I-I’m glad!”

“Let’s have some fun tomorrow!”

She distances herself a bit from him.

“See ya!” she says as she runs toward the crowd of waiting parents.


Vhint and Phize leave the school.

“Now, we gotta dress you up for tomorrow,” Vhint tells him.


“Because I forgot the important event which happens, I made the worst mistake of my life. A turning point for the worse,” he recalled.

At an old cabin, 6 witches sit on a table.

“I’m feeling kinda old again,” the first witch complains.

“Be patient, we all know what we’re gonna do tomorrow right, girls?” the second witch asks them.

“I’m SO EXCITED!” the third witch jumps to relieve her energy.

“How about we go extra this time?” the fourth witch suggests.

“I don’t see why not,” the fifth witch replies.

The sixth witch didn’t utter a single word.

“LET THE ORGAN HUNT BEGIN!” the five witches shouted.

The clock strikes 12:00 MD.

END OF EPISODE 14, Start of Arc 3, The Organ Hunt Arc

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