Ch. 2 Party Crasher


Alester’s wolf leaned into Phiona’s hand as she pet his face. His dad came up laughing and put his hand on his back. “I see you’ve found your mate.” He snickered.

“Who would have thought we would become one family?” Phiona’s dad joined in. His dad’s face beaming an ‘I told you so.’

Alester knew he had to regain control. His ears smoothed over his head and his fur stood up on end. A low growl escaping his clenched teeth.

“Now. Now, son. It’s alright.” His dad tried to soothe.

A louder growl escaped his lips as he glared at Phiona. A fake or at least exaggerated gasp of horror escaping her throat.

‘You will not treat our mate like that!’ His wolf demanded.

‘She is not my mate. She will never be my mate.’ Alester growled at his wolf.

He ran through the crowd and outside to the garden. The spot he was supposed to have shifted.

Alester ran past the garden, out into the woods. He stayed on pack boundaries, just inside the line. Running until his body couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped and gave a heartbreaking howl. A howl that represented his pain, struggle, and heartbreak.

Alester didn’t know how long he howled for when he heard a twig snap near him. Stilled, he pointed his ears and listened. A whimpering noise came from nearby and pierced his heart with its sound. Compelled to follow it, he stayed guarded. Trotting carefully towards the noise.

“Grrrrr.” A growl sounded from the creature at the same time Alester saw it.

The most beautiful wolf he had ever seen. Fur, snow white, fluffy and delicate, with hints of brown underneath. It reminded him of the first snow of winter.

Mesmerized, Alester sat and lowered his head to show that he meant no harm. Never had he shown such obedience before.

The white wolf stared back at him. Taking in his black shaggy fur. As dark as the night. If it wasn’t still sunset, she wouldn’t of even noticed him. Whimpering, she backed away, scared.

As the wolf backed away, he let out a cry of hurt. He had to show her he would not harm her. Thinking quickly, he rolled onto his back, legs up in the air, showing that he would do her no harm. A snort broke the silence in the air.

Good, she’s laughing. It was a bittersweet moment. On one hand, he made her feel comfortable, but he looked like a fool.


Laughter filled the air. She shifted back into her human form.

He turned over unto his legs, facing the girl. Her laughter stopping immediately. Fear once again on her face. She backed away and immediately fell on her naked behind.

‘Beautiful,’ he thought. He shifted out of his wolf and back into his human form, crouched, staring at the woman.

She gave a shrill scream and closed her eyes, seeing the naked man in front of her.

“It’s ok. I won’t hurt you.” Alester tried to show sincerity.

“Y.. you’re naked.” She blushed. “A.. an.. and a wolf and I’m a wolf and.” She stuttered and broke down into sobs.

“You do not know what just happened to you, do you?” He asked.

She shook her head. He grew angry. What kind of pack didn’t tell their pups what was going to happen?

He gritted his teeth. “What pack are you with?” He was certainly going to be having some words with them.

“Pack?” she questioned, leaving him flabbergasted.

“You. How did you get here?” He questioned.

“I.. came by bus.” She answered, looking scared again.

Alester softened his features.

“You’re not in trouble. I just need to know what type of people don’t tell their cubs about the transformation!”

She stared, confused, questions swirling in her mind.

“How did you get invited to the party?” He questioned.

“… My friend Rachel. She said she knew someone that needed extra hands.”

Alester needed to get to the bottom of this.

“What was the company’s name?” He asked her. She stared at him for a moment before looking to see something that was no longer there. She screamed and tried to cover herself with her hands. New terror written on her face.

“Don’t scream. Please.” He begged. His new sense of hearing made the screams more painfully loud.

“I.. I’m..I.” she scrambled to find anything near her to cover herself. Fresh tears falling from her eyes.

Alester hated to see her try to cover herself. She was beautiful. Before he knew what he was doing, he walked towards her.

“You don’t need to cover yourself. You’re beautiful.” He smiled sincerely. The girl stood frozen, fresh fear in her eyes. He could see her getting ready to run.

“I won’t hurt you.” He put his hands up in surrender.

“And I won’t touch you.” He added for good measure. Though a part of him didn’t want to commit to those words.

“What company do you work for?” He asked again.

“I don’t know.” She confided. “It was a onetime gig and It was on my uniform. Well, it was before I tore it to shreds when I turned into that… Thing.”

She whimpered and held her head. “How do I get rid of this thing?” She pleaded.

Alester didn’t know what to say. But he knew she needed help.

“Come back with me to the party.” He concluded.

“What!?” She couldn’t fathom why they would ever go back. They both turned into horrible beasts. Wouldn’t the people kill them?

“It’s alright. It’s safe there. They are like us.” He hoped he was saying the right things.

“Like us…?” The girl questioned before her eyes widened with understanding.

“Yes. Like us. We are all wolves. And you are in need of learning what that means.” He gave her a sad smile.

“It will be safe there. We can help you figure out what happened to you. We can either walk or I can carry you.” He said, finalizing his decision.

“I’ll walk.” She stated, side eyeing his naked body in distrust.

“We could turn back into wolves if that would make you more comfortable.” He offered. The girl looked conflicted.

“I don’t know how to.” She whispered, obviously wishing she could if it covered her.

“I could turn back into a wolf if it makes you more comfortable.” Alester offered. He wasn’t sure he could teach her properly. He was still new to it. The girl thought about it before shaking her head.

“No. It’s a long walk and it would be too boring with no one to talk to.” She decided.

Alester let out a laugh. “I suppose it would be pretty boring if we walked in silence now.” He concurred.

“Alester!” He heard a familiar voice break through the dense trees. Phiona’s body came hurdling at him, enveloping him in a hug.

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