Ch. 6 Betrayal


Alester watched Samantha think things over. He studied her face for a while, his dad’s words ringing in his head.

‘They don’t have anyone named Samantha working for them.’ What could that possibly mean? There had to be an explanation.

“Why does your workplace claim that you don’t work for them?” Alester asked, facing Samantha.

“You called my employers!” She gasped.

“I ah.. well.” Samantha stuttered, unable to bring her words together.

Alester had heard enough. He steadied himself against the table as his world spun around him. She was just as bad. No, she was worse than Phiona. She had got him to care about her.

“Tell me the truth. Why are you here?” He said with a cool tone, trying to hide just how much pain she had caused with her lies.

Samantha let out a sigh. Alester’s calm voice had come across as inquisitive to her, it eased some of her anxiety.

“I didn’t lie when I said I was working here… I came as a server… As a replacement for my roommate, Rachel.” Samantha played with a napkin as she talked.

“Rachel needed the job, but last-minute something came up. She begged me to go in place of her.”

Samantha stared down at the ground, ashamed. She waited for Alester to say something. He didn’t.

“She promised she would pay both of our rent for the next two months. It seemed like a godsend…”

Saying it out loud, she realized just how bad it sounded.

“With class starting in a few weeks, I could use…”

Alester nodded, raising his hand to silence her. “Alright. That’s enough.”

Samantha watched as he clenched and unclenched his jaw. She realized that he might be angrier than he had let on and it scared her.

“I’ll be back.” Alester stood up abruptly and went to his father’s office.

“What do you think, son?” His father asked.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure how I feel about her willingness to use someone else’s identity. Or what that says about her character.” He sneered.

His dad tapped a pen against his desk mindlessly. His mind was miles away.

Finally, his dad stood up and grabbed a book off the shelf. He sat back down and flipped it open.

“I think we should give her a chance.” His dad said, flipping through the book. Breaking the silence that had settled in the room.

Alester clenched his jaw tightly, nostrils flaring.

How could his dad have changed his mind so suddenly? Just that morning, his dad was ready to send her back home. He insisted on it.

“What happened to ‘She’s a dangerous rogue’?” Alester slammed his hands on the desk.

His father closed the book and placed it on his desk.

“I thought about what you said earlier, and I agree. She needs help.”

It felt like being slapped. Only he was being slapped with his own words.

But wasn’t the situation different now? I mean, she lied about who she was. She said she was wait staff..Alester floundered with his thoughts. Technically what she said wasn’t a lie.

“How about we give her a few weeks, train her wolf? Then she can go home.” His father offered. A small smile on his face.

His father stood up and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll tell her she’s training with the pups tomorrow. Of course, she’ll have a more advanced curriculum.” His father winked.

Alester made his way to his room. His dad could fill Samantha in on the situation and get her settled for the night.

“Auuggh!” He yelled, cradling his head.

Events from the evening blared on replay in his mind. He sat on his bed, unable to make coherent thoughts any longer. All he felt was anguish.

Finally, he had his wolf, but now he also had a mate. Phiona, of all people. The fake, wretched, obsessive stalker!

And the one saving grace of the entire night, Samantha.

Somehow, in the little time he had known her, he had cared about her. He had almost kissed her!

But who was she, truly? He let her in, just to find out she had been lying the whole time.

Yet even he realized his emotions were irrational. He had only known her for minutes. Whether she lied to him should not have mattered! And Phiona?! She was his mate?! and Lies!! and why did Samantha smell so good?

Alester still couldn’t think cohesively. He didn’t want to think anymore. He let himself drift off to sleep instead.

“Good morning, Honey!” He heard a cheerful voice greet him from another room.

He felt heavy and disoriented. He could barely make out the dusty cabin room around him. He blinked a few times, the image of Phiona’s blue Sapphire necklace flashing in front of his eyes. It was Phiona who greeted him. She turned around; cheeks flushed and a huge smile on her face. Strands of hair fell loosely around her face from her ponytail.

“It’s almost time for breakfast.” She cooed in his direction. But he could only focus on her stomach. Her huge, round stomach. She was pregnant?! How could this of happened? We haven’t even spent a night together!

Alester stumbled backward in shock. Only to realize he could hardly move. Chains strapped around his legs and neck kept him from going far.

The world swirled around him, only the chains kept him upright. His mouth flopped open, unable to speak. Unable to scream.

“Coming, sweety.” He heard himself say, but it wasn’t coming from his mouth.

He saw himself walk up and kiss Phiona, rubbing her belly. But it wasn’t him, it just looked like him… right?

“You said breakfast was almost ready?” Samantha walked into the room, a smile stretched too wide on her face.

She turned to face him, who was bound with chains.

“Oh! It looks delicious!” Samantha rejoiced.

His imposter turned to him as well.

“Simply delectable.” He licked his lips.

A foreboding feeling gripped him. What were they talking about? Why were they all looking at him?

Not only them, but the house filled. First with his parents, then with the other people in the pack, and those invited to the party.

What’s going on?! He wanted to ask someone, anyone. He couldn’t speak, only watch as the house grew full of people. All licking their lips and staring at him.

“Breakfast is ready.” Phiona cheered.

A chorus of rejoicing broke out, that turned into howls as they all changed into their wolf form.

They stalked closer. He struggled against the chains. He had to get out of there. But his fighting was to no avail. He looked into Samantha’s eyes, pleading silently for her to spare him, help him. She was no longer in eyesight. His wolf walked forward and blocked all the others, stalking nearer, and growling at him. Until finally it lunged.

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