Changed for Better

Leaving from there she can’t control her laughter on the expression they were giving her.


She thought it was worth coming here as she can get back on Luna for her to trouble her in high school. And she thinks now they were wondering how could she get this much money and imagining her to have a sugar daddy or something as she knew their nasty thoughts. Because in her school no-one knows that she came from a rich family as the first thing is she don’t look like one as she looks a complete nerd coming to top and expensive school with scholarship and second she never told her classmates as this was the plan of Syra her two faced best friend and no one doubted her because of her poor dressing.


Her previous self was two lonely and also wants to make friends and Syra took advantage of her white lotus pretense in making her believe that she was a good girl and the fool she was she came into her talking and befriended her, and she was also the one that advised her to do mistakes that she never want to do again this time around.





One time she asked her for some money, and she gave her, her pocket money and told her that her father had given this to her as pocket money and from did she knew that she was from rich family, and she told me to not tell anyone.


The never hiding contempt and disgust she showed when looking at her, I aka my previous self never discovered.


But she was not the same that will come into her sweet-talking because she was a hundred time strong from before.





She had changed for better, and she will make her life better this time around… Just wait and watch..





In going shopping and the drama she didn’t realized how much time had passed, and it was lunchtime. Remembering lunch she was indeed feeling a little hungry. She thinks she should stop at a restaurant and eat lunch first.


She ate a burger in a fast food shop as she was in hurry as she had to go to spa to cut my hair too as her school was starting from tomorrow, and they look really means need to be cut. After eating, she arrived at the spa and told them to cut her hair making them perfect with curls in front. She always wants this hairstyle in her previous life, but she thought she was too old then and now was the perfect time so why not?


And then she requested for a face pack and body massage too as this body of hers is too tired from studying.


After her body massage she was feeling so light that she felt she was going to float on clouds soon.


Ok no more joking.


After her face pack was done she stared at mirror and holy God she was looking so beautiful that her eyes were going to blind from the beauty. The girl who attended me was also surprised.


But ignoring her she touched her skin and it was so smooth without any sign of pores. Her hair were looking really smooth and silky just after on hair pack and swirls were especially looking beautiful that she requested… She really underestimated her mom and dad genes that were capable of giving birth to a beauty like her.


Ok she thinks she should stop being narcissistic.


Paying the bill she came out from the mall, and it was night already, and she again was feeling a little hungry as it was dinner time, and she had not eaten that much.


She entered a French restaurant near the mall and ordered some dishes.


After eating she entered in her car in parking lot and tell the driver to went home .


After arriving home…..


She entered her room she was so tired today but she also enjoyed a lot. Now she have to sleep as she have to go school tomorrow.. And she bought gifts for mom and dad too….they liked it..

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