Chapter 10 – New Annoyance

A sigh escaped my lips as I stood up from my seat— moving closer to the group of people that stood around drinking. I followed behind Lucy since we were going the same way.

“So what were you guys up to?” Asked Becky as we got closer— her eyes shifting from Lucy to me— stopping on me.

I looked at her for a brief moment before looking towards Lucy to see what she would say— I would just go along with whatever excuse she came up with.

Unless she decided to tell the truth— which was also fine by me.

“We were just talking about how Aurora is new to town,” Lucy said— giving an excuse. It was a pretty bad excuse— but I doubt any of the multiple drunk people would find an issue with it.

“Yea, I just wanted advice from someone that has been in town for a while— and she offered.” I backed up her excuse— raising my hand to my face.

I used my sleeve to cover my noise— attempting to block out the disgusting scent of beer that reeked from them. I was growing less sure about staying here any longer than I have already.

“On that note, I have to head off now. I have some more unloading to do.” I said to the group— mainly to Lucy since she was the only one I found bearable amongst the group currently.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that you can stay a while longer.” Said Becky in protest— attempting to get me to stay with them longer.

I couldn’t understand why— it’s not like I did anything here.

Ignoring the protest from the girl, I turned to head off— saying one more piece before I left. “Maybe next time. I need to get going now. See you around.”

As I was about to leave— a heavy hand caught my shoulder; which tugged me back in the process— stopping me from walking further.

“Come on don’t be like that— hang with us a bit more.” Said a male voice in a slurred tone that showed just how drunk he was.

Turning around, I spotted one of the other boys that I hadn’t spoken to yet— one with short black hair that previously sat near Kyle.

“What do you want?” I said in an annoyed tone, attempting to push his hand off my shoulder— but he gripped it pretty tightly.

“Why the rush to leave so soon? Join the fun— have a beer, you haven’t even drunk yet.” He said as he moved closer to me.

Noticing his actions— I took another step back. The growing annoyance was getting hard to keep down— but I didn’t want to do something I would regret just yet.

“I’m not interested— as I said, I need to go. Now let go.” I said— my tone much sharper than it was before. Hiding my annoyance and playing along with these types of people would just be bad for me— so I didn’t.

It seems he didn’t like my response— I could tell from the angry frown that overtook his face. His voice got much more aggressive and loud as he shoved my shoulder.

“Don’t be a bitch. I said have a beer and stay.” He said in an aggressive tone— using the hand that was on my shoulder to grab another beer— which freed me.

I narrowed my eyes at his words— I may be a witch, but I was no bitch. I glanced around at the other people to see why none of them had said anything yet.

I noticed Becky was just standing with her boyfriend— trying to distract herself by talking to him, yet I saw her eyes drifting here ever so often.

Grace and her boyfriend weren’t even paying attention— they were too busy having their little fun. How could they see what was going on when their faces were smashing together.

As for the other guys— they drank their beer all while observing the situation. I could tell from the way they acted that this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.

And if that wasn’t enough to confirm my thoughts— Lucy’s nervously staring and attitude were.

‘So he does this often. How disgusting.’ I thought to myself as I stared at the man before me— him holding out a beer as an offer.

“No,” I said to him— my voice colder than it was before to show him that I wasn’t interested in the slightest.

Maybe this worked for him before on other girls— but I wasn’t someone that would let someone else force me into a situation I didn’t want to be in.

I had ways out, and if he made me use them, well I wouldn’t be the one to regret it.

“I said take it and drink.” He said once more in an aggressive tone— shoving the beer can into my hands.

I scuffed and didn’t even attempt to hold the can— allowing it to fall onto the ground and dent. The sound of the can hitting the floor was like a trigger to the man— sending him into a fit of rage.

“God damn bitch! Why can’t you just listen, be good and just drink as I tell you to.” He ranted— his hands flailing around to show his frustration.

I grew even more annoyed with each passing second he ranted— each little insult he threw like a foolish child that didn’t match his age. I turned to leave, wanting to get away from this mess.

Yet he didn’t know when to let it rest. His hand stretched out once more to grab me— only this time he put so much force into it that I could feel the pain.

“Don’t you turn away from me when I’m talking to you.” He yelled to me— now drawing the attention of the others that weren’t paying attention.

‘I’ve had enough of this.’ I thought to myself as I prepared to do something that would probably cause issues— if I get caught that is.

“Nocere qui me laedere audent!” The words echoed out from my voice in a whisper— yet no one heard its violent intention.

Witchcraft— magic that all witches possess and could do. With the language of the magic playing a large part in how that magic felt— the core of that magic.

Latin was the language my family often used for witchcraft— it was direct— powerful— and most importantly, hidden.

It was the type of witchcraft that allowed us to stay hidden for as long as we have.

It was the type of witchcraft I used.

‘That should deal with him.’ I thought to myself as I waited for the magic to take effect— seconds were all I needed.

Seconds passed by with him trying to drag me back and I remaining unmoving— and then it struck him like a jolt in the night.

Pain— all across his body and mind.

Like ants, the pain crawled all over him— causing him to release me from his grip as he fell to the ground. His scream of pain echoed out in the compact area.

As he started screaming in pain, the other people got really concerned. Why wouldn’t they— he was fine just a second ago, and now he was screaming for no reason.

Some of them even dropped their beer from being startled.

“Dude, you good?” Asked one of the other guys as he stood up from his seat— moving closer to the guy to see what was wrong.

I didn’t bother to stick around any long past this— leaving at the first chance I got. None of them bothered to stop me anymore since they were more focused on the guy than me.

And none of them blamed me for it either, because they all saw what happened— I didn’t move at all. So how could someone like me— possibly hurt someone like him.

They would be wrong though— since I was the one that did this to him.

‘Pain Inflection. A rather basic spell that doesn’t even last that long or causes any damage— yet it’s useful for annoying bastards like him.’ I thought to myself as I made my way through the campus hallway.

My direction was the exit— heading home this time without any further obstructions.

I didn’t even bother to walk— taking the bus since it saved me a lot of time and effort. I was already pretty late for the promised time— so I didn’t want to waste any more time.

That way, I got home in under 15 minutes— even with all the stops the bus had along the way.

At home, I helped out with sorting the boxes once more. Since we had already finished most of it yesterday, we didn’t have much more to do— allowing us to finish up early.

“All done. Thanks for the help dear. Why don’t you go wash up?” My father said as he finished unpacking the last box.

“Alright, I’m going to go take a quick shower,” I said in reply with a nod— turning to head up to my room to get some clothing for once I finished showering.

On my way to my room, however, I ran into my other older sister, Cassandra. Telling it was Cassandra and not the other one of the twins was rather easy— Cassandra had long white hair instead of black.

The Yin Yang twins— as they were often called by people from our previous town. I think they liked the name so much they didn’t bother denying it.

“Hey, there sissy.” She said as I walked passed her— only for her to stretch her hand out in front of my way— blocking my path.

“Now that you’re done with sorting out the boxes— why don’t you join us for a little celebration?” She suggested with a smile on her face.

I of course knew what her definition of fun was— drinking and partying. The twins would look for any excuse to have a good time— even if the excuse wasn’t even theirs.

“I’m pretty tired. I don’t think I have the energy for that.” I wasn’t all that interested in going to some party with people I didn’t know— let alone getting drunk around them.

However the twins rarely took no for an answer— so she only pushed further.

“Come on, it could be fun. You’ve been all tense since you came to town— it might do you good to relax a bit. Plus you might meet someone fun.” She insisted.

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