Engagement Ring

Si Yehan’s (P.O.V)


As the country’s number one businessman with great assets he don’t need to go to school as this is child’s thing for him as from birth he was a genius but he have a reason for attending school as nobody knows that he has a fiancee and he had to find her.


His grandmother died two years ago, and he has to fulfill her last dying wish that was to find the fiancee she had chosen and marrying her.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, but when his grandmother was in her fifties had already chosen her granddaughter in law, who was her best friend’s granddaughter for me.

As they also can’t marry each other’s son and daughter, as my father was already in love with someone.

At his young age, she had gifted him a ring on his birthday and had said to take care of it as in the future he will need it to find someone. He didn’t understand it back then and was happy to be gifted with this beautiful ring.

And before her death, she told him and his parents about this ring that it is made by her best friend and it is a couple ring. And the male ring is with him and the female one is with her best friend’s daughter and they both had already engaged us aka their grandchildren with each other.

But due to some incident she lost contact with her friend many years ago and told him to find her friend’s granddaughter or we can say my fiancee and marry her and it was her last wish before dying.


His parents were shocked but they can’t do anything as my grandmother always wanted to marry our young generation with her best friend’s but my father can’t do it because he had already had fallen in love with his mother.

And he can’t fulfill his mother’s promise with her friend and now their all hope was on me as I can only do it.


Your world will turn upside down when you suddenly got to know that you had a fiancee and you have to marry her.

Mine did too.

But that was not a big problem for me as I don’t and never had a girlfriend, but I hate coming near any girl.

One time due to my friend’s continuous requests and nagging and also due to my doubts about myself I also had a test that if I am a gay or not but the results were all normal.

Anyway, his problem was to find that girl.

and if he maybe like her he can try to date her and if not we can discuss with each other about the engagement cancellation as his parents had already said that he don’t have to force myself but he know deep within they wanted him to marry her, but that’s not the problem for now.

And he only has a little clue about that engagement ring to find her and according to his investigation, the girl is a high school student so to find her he had to attend the school.


To the day in school…


Like any other day, I entered the classroom and there was the girl’s screaming that made me almost deaf.

But today I noticed something special that caught my interest. At the corner in the middle bench there was sitting a girl and indeed she was beautiful.

But what I noticed was not that but from my memory she is the girl I had accidentally hit with the football and I also had taken her to the infirmary.

You were thinking how I clearly remembered because I don’t know why my attention always somehow noticed her and I don’t hate her touch that time.


But she was always sitting in the corner reading books and wearing big goggles with large bangs, mostly hiding her face.

I always wanted to see what’s under the large bangs of her and here, she is an indeed a beauty.

I was considering whether to take her as an actress in one of my companies….


Drifting off my thoughts I leisurely walked there with my legs ignoring the glares of the teacher as she looked at me but can’t do anything because all the teachers in the school are ordered not to interfere with me but not had told the proper details for it.Why?


Anyway I also was the largest shareholder of this school as it can also make my work better to find my fiancee.

I deliberately sat in front of her bench. In whole class I can feel her drifting off to sleep from his back as it was amusing for her to do so as she is a nerd that paid the most attention in class.

A new thing about her, I thought.

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