First Day of High School

She woke up in morning and did her daily routine, wore the school uniform and yeah she was ready for her first day in her school after rebirth.

She arrived downstairs for breakfast and like every morning she wished her parents, ignoring their shocked expressions as that was maybe because of her changed style and how beautiful she was looking.

“Ah.. Honey, did you enjoy yourself yesterday? You look changed too.” My mother said after recovering her shock, and my father nodded.

“Yes, mom dad, it was a fun day, and I just changed my style as that style was too old. Why? don’t I look good now.”

“No!no! You look beautiful,, honey.” They said with union.

Thank you, she replied shy with her parents compliment.

After finishing breakfast she decided to leave for school bid them goodbye as she was also getting late and she don’t want to be late today.


After reaching school…..


She entered the school as she was mainly excited to meet her best friend Reena even if she had made fake friends in her previous life, but she had made some good friends too. Reena was her true friend that was with her till the end…. and…. she never lived me alone until….. she….. she…. di…i…. ed…..

She gave her strength to come out from the loneliness when her parents died in my previous life.

But she was died in my previous life about after five years from now by committing suicide.

Because she was cheated by her husband and was pregnant too and had a miscarriage due to the mistress of her husband.

She was not with her at that time as I was abroad at that time due to some matters and she committed suicide in depression. It was all my fault for living her alone.

But now things will change and she will never let her meet again with that bastard.


I entered the classroom and realised that the classroom was much more quit compared to before and they looked up to see the awestruck and jealous look of some boys and girls.

Ignoring them, she noticed her friend sitting at the corner at the middle bench in the classroom beside an empty seat waiting for someone.

I smiled and walk at that bench and took the seat beside her and looked at her astonished face. I really missed her.

“Forget me this soon huh!” , I said to her.

Recognising my voice, she said dumbstruckly, “Ryna, is it really you?”

“Who did you think I am then, a ghost?” She said jokingly. “How can you forget me so soon?” She said again.

“You.. you look.changed.”. She said.

“How? ” I replied and decided to tease her a little…

“Ah.. more beautiful,,” she said shyly.


“Then do you think now I am fit to be your queen, my highness?” She said, acting like a gentleman.


“Aa…a… you were from before,” she replied with a little confidence, looking at her cunning eyes, confirming that her friend was teasing her.


“Oh! So my highness, can I conclude that you agreed and would be with me till the last moment of our lives?”


“Sure! You can do that, my queen.” And they both started laughing….


And that’s how their friendship sealed… for …Forever…..





There were whispers everywhere, like who the new girl was and Is it really her aka Ryna and girls’ gossips like did she do any plastic surgery?

She thinks they can’t think like normal people and she, Ryna not at all, can afford their nasty thoughts.


When she really was going to be deaf because of the class noise, the class teacher entered and, for goodness sake! the class finally went silent.


The teacher swept her sharp glances across the whole classroom that make all of us shudder, not me though as I was experienced.


Uh, she was quite of strict nature from how much she remembered.


“Chapter-10 … Page 100.. There are resources of …..” she said and started the lecture.


Ten minutes later…


The class was in uproar. Suddenly there were whispers everywhere.

I looked up to see what was the reason for girls to go mad about and there she saw the living reason the school hunk of this school and only Si Yehan standing at the entrance with a nonchalant expression and the girls screaming and the boys jealous whispers.

As she looked at him, he was also the one she hated because due to him her high school life was not easy, but she also can’t deny her secret crush on him no matter what.

The thing was, she also hated him and secretly liked him.


He swept his cold eyes across the room and his gaze stop on me for a while and she can’t help feeling nervous from his gaze and her heart nearly came out from her chest because of beating so hard.Then his gaze stop on the front seat and he came and sat on it.

She sighed in relief, but looking at his back view in my front, she can’t help but think that there was still the nervousness she felt in front of him years ago.

She thought that after years of meeting, her liking for him will be vanished but it was still there making a home in her heart.


In her previous life after graduation she never saw him and heard the rumors that he went abroad and some rumours of him finding a girl but she never believed it or she just don’t want to believe it.


The teacher somehow managed to silence the class girls beating heart with her icy glares.

And she also silenced her heart from beating and ignored him as remembering she already have a fiancee that even she doesn’t know who is and she don’t have to dump him.

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