Part 2

Because the morning temperature had dropped a lot, a Spring mist had appeared outside.

As if it was cutting apart the haze, the Magic Light Train released a blue light and was moving on the street.

This train was the product of high level Magic and Alchemy. The material used for the train’s frame was the newly generated metal Mithril, made by Alchemy, and it had succeeded in substantially reducing the weight.

And by using the driver’s Thought Magic, to act as a support for the performance and operation, even if it was a complex urban route, it was still feasible to run it with a speed no less than on the Shinkansen.[2]

While its speed could be accelerated to 250 KMPH in a short period of time, it could also utilize the blessings of Thought Magic to reduce the weight of the train and swiftly reduce the speed as it approached the station. It would not make any noise as it stopped.

However, the production of Mithril was extremely difficult, so it was still a very valuable product. This kind of train operation was only an experimental project that was limited to within Tokyo.

—— The Magic Light Train had arrived at Knight’s Academy Station.

Kazuki and Kanae both came down from the train and onto the station platform.

Because they had left home when there was still an ample amount of time left, the figures of other freshmen were extremely limited and it was very quiet. The shopping street near the station was also the same. Aside from the convenience store, the other shops’ rolling shutter doors had not been pulled up yet.

“Nii-sama is really planning on entering the Magic Division and not the Sword Division?”

During the way to the academy from the station, Kanae asked unhappily

“…By now, there is nothing to say about it. This isn’t something I should hesitate about on the day of the entrance ceremony.” Kazuki replied.

Since humans have discovered Magic, this brand-new power, it has already been 15 years.

The cause of it was due to Alchemy.

Due to the Rosicrucian Group that sought human evolution, the Golden Dawn led by MacGregor Mathers, and Ahnenerbe Nazi Germany’s research institution; these secret organizations, that had inherited alchemy through lines of succession, finally produced a massive result 15 years ago.

That was the fruit of their research, a great red fruit, the Philosopher’s Stone.

It was produced by a mysterious Alchemist. A man-made, magical stone with an unknown creation method.

By embedding this ruby-like, red-colored stone into the human’s brain, the Magic Power of humans would awaken.

Although it is embedded, it is not directly placed into the brain through surgery. Just by placing this incredible stone on the forehead, the part that touches the skin would slowly be assimilated and gradually enter the body until it reached the brain.

Due to the appearance of the Philosopher’s Stone, the world’s order had completely changed.

Magic could not be explained through scientific theories.

Magic was not restricted by scientific theories.

Magic belonged to a higher dimension than the sciences, causing the rules to be completely ignored.

For example, when a Magic user uses Magic to cover his entire body, this layer of Magic would “Ignore” and repel all physical phenomena. This ‘Defending’ Magic could only be destroyed by ‘Attacking’ Magic or objects holding Magic.

Thus, the era had become The Era of Magic and Swords.

Police and self-defense forces had transformed into Knights composed of Swordsmen and Magic Users.

And Japan’s Knight training academy was the National Knights Academy, Caryatid.

——Which is also the school that Kazuki is about to enter to study.

“Nii-sama, who had inspired me to the way of the sword, actually entered the Magic Division… Having to enter a different dormitory than me, who belongs to the Sword Division… The Diva that gave Nii-sama an Enigma is extremely detestable…”

The Knights Academy was divided into the Sword and Magic Divisions, and implemented a complete boarding system.

Kazuki and Kanae were divided into directions of two different careers. Kanae still could not accept this result.

“What kind of purpose did that fellow, known as Diva, have to give a person like me, this kind of thing?”

Kazuki whispered quietly and raised his left hand that had the Enigma imprinted on it.

The Divas were inhabitants of an alternate world that were brought forth through Summoning Magic.

Through the vast and deep, psychological sea inside a person’s heart —— Deep down inside, there was a door that lead to another world.

Until the very end, the scientific community did not completely understand a human’s ‘heart’ and ‘spirit’. It was through this “Door of Heart” that the body contained something that came from an alternative world.

By letting in Magic Power, this supreme feeling to be connected to the body, the current generation of humans were able to feel it.

All humans are connected to each other, through this alternative world.

The non-material, alternative world was named Astrum.

In Astrum, large amounts of Magic Power were swirling.

Inside the swirl of Magic Power lurked many <Consciousness with Personality>. They contracted with humans, and when they slept, they would move from Astrum into their dreams to communicate with them.

To form a contract with humans, there was magic that summons them to this side of the world —— Summoning Magic.

What was surprising, was that, they, who were called out from the depths of the spiritual world, had similar attitudes and names as the Gods and Demons from ancient mythologies.

Thus, they were given the name of Diva.[3]

The numerous countries all over the world all became fanatical, religious countries towards the Divas they encountered.

However, in the originally skeptical Japan, a contract with a Diva was basically controlled as a military asset.

This was because, in comparison with Normal Magics, the Divas’ Summoning Magics were too powerful.

A portion of the Divas responded to the Japanese Government’s summons and selected people, who were suitable for the power, from Japanese citizens and granted them an Enigma.

Enigmas were currently under strict regulation by the country. By holding a Contract Ritual, it would become a Stigma and give the host the power of Summoning Magic.

Thus, all the people who have an Enigma have the obligation to enter the Magic Division to study.

This was in order for the precious Enigmas to not be wasted and become military strength.

And it was also in order for Summoning Magic, this dangerous power, to be completely placed under the control of the country and the academy.

—— Right now, Kazuki’s hand also harbored an Enigma, which could be interpreted as an Invitation sent by a Diva.

“I, also, did not want to become a Stigma Magic User. However, if you are granted an Enigma, it is equivalent to losing the freedom to choose your future.”

It was not exaggerated for Summoning Magic to be known as a heroic power that was equivalent to thousands of forces on a battlefield.

Normally, being awarded an Enigma absolutely shouldn’t make one frustrated, even if it made one unhappy.

“…But I, instead of a Stigma Magic User, wanted to become a Swordsman. I wanted to repay my gratitude towards my Keifu-sama, who discovered my talent for the sword while I was an ordinary orphan.”

Even if they were both Knights, the position of a Swordsman was much lower than that of a Stigma Magic User.

Although Swordsmen specialized in swift close-combat, in the end, the role they played was only that of a meat-shield to buy time for the Stigma Magic User to chant Magic.

However, Kazuki still wanted to become a Swordsman, and replace his Keifu-sama, Hayashizaki Jinkai. To let everybody in the world know the power of Hayashizaki-Ryuu Iai Jutsu was his greatest goal in life.

“However, Otou-sama actually said, ‘Since you are a person that was selected, don’t continue to hold this kind of offensive dream. Do not let your life be bound by thoughts of gratitude.’ So I decided to enter the Magic Division. In order to find a brand new goal.”

“So, you should also accept this reality,” Kazuki said as he tapped Kanae’s head.

“It is fine if you do not worry over gratitude. But, by now, you should stop trying to be an outsider.”

Kanae issued out in an unsatisfied voice, after being tapped upon.

“Indeed. The ancient sword skills used for actual combat, that were passed from generation to generation within the Hayashizaki Family, had the goal of letting the world know the true power of the sword. Swordsmanship has always been underestimated compared to Summoning Magic. Our Magic Swords will not lose to Divas. However, for the mission of allowing the world to know the strength of Hayashizaki-Ryuu, I am enough by myself! Nii-sama’s gratitude is completely unnecessary! But!”

Kanae said up to this point, then her cheeks began to pout.

“Although it is like that, Nii-sama becoming a Stigma Magic User, I still cannot agree to it! If there is a need to say why, then it is because the match between me and Nii-sama has not yet determined the winner!!”

“If it is about the outcome… Am I not leading with 139 wins and 118 losses?”

“The match is to continue until I overtake you! Until then, we should always continue to fight!”

When Kazuki was first adopted by the Hayashizaki Family, Kanae did not recognize Kazuki as a family member.

And it was only because Kazuki had continued to hone his own sword skills, allowing his own attitude to slowly conflict with Kanae’s during that period of time, that Kanae unconsciously began to call Kazuki ‘Nii-sama’ and started to flirt with him.

The record of 139 wins, 118 losses was the history between the two of them.

Kazuki used both hands to pinch Kanae’s pouting cheeks. The air *pufu* leaked out from Kanae’s mouth. Kazuki began to play with Kanae’s cheeks by pulling in all directions.

“N-Nii-sama… Please don’t play with your imouto’s cheeks…”

“If you are the strongest Swordsman, then I will become the strongest Stigma Magic User.”

Kanae suddenly widened her eyes. Kazuki stared at those eyes and said to her.

“So, from now on, we are still opponents. Kanae’s Magic Sword must not lose when fighting against my Summoning Magic.”

Although the path for the two had split apart, they would not lose their bond.

“…Nii-sama must become the strongest in Magic Division. The people of Hayashizaki Family cannot be anything else.”

The strongest, huh. Although, I still do not want to have anything do with this kind of thing…

While he whispered softly in his heart, Kazuki stared at the sky shrouded by the Spring mist.

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