Part 3

Following that, after eating lunch at the school cafeteria, a briefing session was held regarding the school’s living standards and education program. However, all of this did not enter Kazuki’s ears…The schedule for the first day of school was completely over.

The bell rang, signaling that the school day is over.

The students were all brought to the student dormitory——All of them were filled with expectations for their future days.

However, Kazuki was not permitted to join the ranks of fickle people.

“Regarding your improper contract with the Diva, a staff meeting is currently being held. Until the meeting is over, please wait at the infirmary.”, He received a notice from Liz Liza-sensei like this.

At the infirmary, under the Knight’s surveillance, Leme revealed an appearance consistent of a young girl, who was sleeping carefree.

The Magical Dress and the ten Summoning Magic were not given, it was a completely unknown Diva.

If this Leme was seen as a threat, then what would happen to him, who formed a contract with her. Maybe he would have his qualifications as a Magic Division Student cancelled.

…What a joke. I was already determined to fight at the Magic Division.

If there were any possibility sleeping within his body that was undiscovered, he wanted to find out about it at the Magic Division.

“Let’s start from the conclusion. You and Leme will temporarily be placed at the Magic Division to observe the situation.”

——The orange colored sun was beginning to shine in from the infirmary’s windows, Liz Liza-sensei and Kaguya-senpai, who seemed to be the witness of the ritual and participated in the meeting, entered the infirmary.

“Just because you are originally a swordsman, so they hate you, there is also an opinion of immediately removing the contract seal and rushing you to the Sword Division. However, the final conclusion was to be put under surveillance, so as expected it should be placed in the hands of the Magic Division.”

“Because there are many opposing opinions, Liz Liza-sensei said a lot for otouto-kun!”

“I only gave an objective opinion. The one who wanted to protect this trash was you.”

“It was not like that. Sensei also desperately protected him! How untruthful!”

“No, no, no, it was only you. Hayashizaki Kazuki, you should be thankful of this person.”

In other words, these two people protected me.

“…Thank you, you two, to do so much for a person like me.”

Because a relieved feeling surged through his entire body, Kazuki relaxed and bowed towards the two of them.

“You actually wanted to remain at the Magic Division so much, this is really surprising. However, not all the teachers believe in Leme. So you and that Diva will temporarily be placed as a surveillance target.

Being monitored and placed on probation at school. But even so, this was a very lenient treatment.

If it wasn’t done well, being treated as an Illegal Magic User——A criminal treatment would not be strange.

“In the end, the things that Leme had said were extremely suspicious. A so-called Diva should originally have huge magic power that is able to distort the world. It is impossible for a Diva with self-consciousness to have no abilities.”

Liz Liza-sensei moved her eyes to the side and coldly glared at Leme, who was currently sleeping on the bed.

…In other words, Leme was lying?

If Leme really had some kind of power, since she had already materialized, then she should be able to freely control that power…Even though Kazuki, who was the contractor, was not given any power.

“However, that fellow knew about the rule between the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demons and the Japanese government about <Giving and Receiving an Enigma>. And she followed that rule. So it is very difficult to imagine her being completely unrelated to the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon. If this matter was not dealt with well, it may cause the relationship between this country and the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon to worsen, then it will be a big trouble.”

The Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon follow a secret doctrine and will not speak much towards humans.

Although they lent their power to the Japanese government, it still seems like they are sitting at one side and observing this country.

If they feel that the country does not deserve this power, the possibility of them immediately stopping to assist this country existed.

…Although Leme was not a member of Solomon’s 72 Pillar of Demons, but she is not completely unrelated, is it?

“This is a very delicate judgment. If anything special occurs from your side, please immediately report to me. Remember this…The next question is regarding to where you should stay. You should remember that the school originally arranged for you to live at a room outside by yourself?”

The Magic Division’s student dormitory, it did not consider the possibility of a male living there. In other words, it was entirely a women’s dormitory.

“However, for a person who contracted a Diva with an unknown identity, it is not possible to let him live outside of the school. But, we cannot allow you to live in the Magic Division’s girl’s dormitory. Although there were also people who proposed the idea of shoving you into the Sword Division’s dormitory, but letting the swordsman to supervise you is a bit unsettling. Thus…”

“Otouto-kun, you are arranged to be admitted into the Magic Division Student Council’s private dormitory <Witch’s House>!”

Kaguya-senpai, *Pan Paka Paaan*[21], explained it in this fashion while extending her hands.

“Student Council’s, private dormitory…?”

“The Magic Division’s Student Council is different than the other students, they live in a special dormitory. The Student Council, which gathers the strongest students, allowing them to live together and form the strongest organization…Although these people are also female, but another point is that these people are most suitable to act as the supervisor.”

Liz Liza-sensei pointed at Kaguya-senpai and spoke.

“Be thankful of this person. Because of this person strongly proposed that if anything occurs, the Magic Division Student Council have the ability to respond to it, so that in the end, it came to the conclusion of surveillance. Even the director said these distasteful words like, ‘is this something that a spoiled little girl like you can do?’”

“…I, I am not a spoiled little girl.” ——Kaguya-senpai’s expression inadvertently became gloomy.

But she immediately smiled again, her face revealed dimples.

“So that’s how it is, otouto-kun! We will be together! You must be very happy!”

“…Could it be that you harbor a wish of nurturing a boy who is younger than you?”

Liz Liza-sensei looked at Kaguya-senpai, who was extremely happy, with suspicious eyes.

“W, What are you saying, sensei!? Please do not speak this kind of gibberish, okay!? Really now…I did not feel that a boy younger than me was cute. I only wanted…to personally train a <Magic Swordsman> who could use both sword techniques and Summoning Magic!”

“Magic Swordsman…?”

“From today onwards, you are my first disciple! I will definitely train you into the strongest Magic Swordsman!”

Kaguya-senpai tightly held onto Kazuki’s hands, who was trembling after listening to her unexpected words.

“This here is the Witch’s House!”

While carrying Leme, who was sleeping, on his back, Kazuki was brought to this place.

It was a renaissance, western-styled mansion made with black wood surrounding the white-colored walls.

And its name did not match the fairytale-like atmosphere that makes one happy.

Opening the iron gates with a watermark pattern, and then opening the front——A completely different world appeared.

A dazzling mahogany and rouge-colored world appeared.

Although it was not glamorous, but the interiors were extremely refined. Also, there were varieties of furniture that were the same as a high-class hotel.

On the ceiling were a few majestic chandeliers…Can I really live in this place?

“The area is very big, right? It was created based on the form of renting the rooms, there are many rooms on the second floor, the first floor is a common living room, kitchen and bathroom. Although the first year Student Council trainees are primarily responsible for the household chores…”

Kaguya-senpai’s words suddenly became quite vague, but instead, Kazuki felt quite welcomed by this kind of arrangement.

“No problem, I am already accustomed to doing housework. In fact, I rather like doing them.”

“Really? That’s great! Then let us immediately arrange a room for you…”

“…Kazuki.” The originally asleep Leme suddenly opened her eyes and jumped off Kazuki’s back.

“…Where’s the bathroom? Leme is, currently, extremely urgent!”

Leme’s body was trembling. This Diva, it was extremely hard to make her wake up, but the result was this kind of thing…!

Kaguya-senpai hurriedly held onto Leme’s tiny hands.

“I will bring this child to the bathroom, go and pick a room that you like on the second floor, otouto-kun!”

“Can I randomly pick!?”

“You cannot enter the rooms with a sign! Those are our rooms!”

After finishing that sentence to Kazuki, who was in a daze and standing at the spot, Kaguya-senpai brought Leme to the bathroom.

Although a follow-up was not possible, but waiting here felt quite embarrassing.

At the center of the entrance hall, there was a spiral staircase. Kazuki could not help but stroke the smooth, metal handrail and moved up to the second floor.

The second floor occupied very little space. There was a small lounge with a sofa. From that point on, a corridor that extends to the left and right with rooms organized in a row.

Kazuki opened the room nearest to him without a sign.

“…Eh? E-Rank?”

What entered his eyes was ——a currently changing Amasaki Mio, who was only wearing her underwear.

A beautifully shaped body, it caused one to have an illusion of a display of a goddess sculpture.

However, the difference between the sculpture was obvious, you could notice the smooth and soft skin texture in a single glance.


“Sorry! It was not on purpose!!”

Kazuki immediately rushed out of the room and closed the door with his hands clasped behind his back.

Why!? Kazuki’s head was filled with question marks as he stood at the corridor…

“…I thought I heard a strange voic……Why is the E-Rank here?”

From behind, a cold voice came. Looking back, he could only see Hiakari Koyuki standing there.

“…W, What are you wearing!?”

“This is casual wear for indoors, is there any problem?”

She was dressed in an outfit where a baggy shirt was placed over her underwear. His gaze could not be helped but be captivated by the smooth and pure-white legs that extended from the hem of the shirt.

“…Didn’t I say it before, please do not look at me like this.”

Kazuki hurriedly moved his gaze away from Koyuki, who muttered as if she did not care.

Stimulating scenes appearing one by one had caused his mind to panic.

“…Wait! Why is that sword idiot E-Rank here!”

After putting on a t-shirt and a skirt, Mio shouted as she rushed out of her room.

“If I have to say why, then although I cannot explain it in detail, but I was brought over here…Amasaki, why are you here?”

“You ask me why, of course it is because I am A-Rank. Hmmph, I am A-Rank!”

“So that’s how it is, I don’t understand.”

“Understand it thoroughly! A first-year student with outstanding grades becomes a Student Council trainee, entering the Witch’s House and learning from the senpais is part of the tradition here.”

“I see, since you explained so precisely, I also understand.”

Speaking of which, what senpai had just said also represents that there are other first year Student Council trainees here.

“In other words, the ones here are the elite of the elite, only ones with A-Rank!…But why would the E-Rank break into here? This place is not a place where a sword idiot like you should stay! A, And you just saw me naked, right!?”

“That was unavoidable! I was also called here by Kaguya-senpai…”

“Are you guys arguing? What happened?”

Issuing *patapata* footstep sounds, Kaguya came up the stairs.

“Ah, could it be that the other first year students also came? So that’s what it is! Because the staff meeting took too long, so the senseis showed the way! Could it be that you ran into each other?”

In other words, Kaguya-senpai thought that the other first year students have not arrived yet, so she immediately said casual words such as opening any room as long as it is not someone’s room.

“Student Council President, what on earth is with the E-Rank!?”

“This child is my disciple number one. This Magic Swordsman will be trained by me!”

“S, Student Council President’s first disciple!? Magic Swordsman, what is this! Why…Compared to me, who is an A-Rank, why would a peeping man from the Hayashizaki Family, who is only skilled in sword skill, enjoy such a special treatment!?”

“Eh eh, otouto-kun peeked? This is a crime! Yellow card, suspended from school!”

“…You peeked? That…E-Rank, I was wrong about you.”

Kazuki was surrounded by three girls. Just when an interrogative atmosphere was about to begin.

“Hey hey. Where is the place to wash my hands? The person who said would guide me, guide me until the very end!”

From the bottom of the stairs, Leme’s voice suddenly came.

“That voice…Could it be the strange Diva that you contracted with? Why is it here?”

Seeing that Mio muttered suspiciously, Kaguya-senpai revealed a slight smile.

“Although a boy might be a little…Hayashizaki Kazuki-kun and his contracted Diva, Leme-chan, the two of them will be companions, who are going to live here! You should be friendly with each other.”

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