Part 3

As they walked, the spring mist finally dispersed. The academy appeared under the blue sky.

The school doors made of stone, were standing in front of them. Flower beds decorated both sides of the path as it extended directly forward. In front, you could see a fountain square.

On the left of the fountain square, was a brick built mansion and a sharp tower. The classic brick structure produced a feeling that it was indeed a school for Magic Users.

Comparatively, on the right, wooden built Japanese-styled buildings were lined up closely in rows. That side was undoubtedly the dorm for swordsmen.

A school that was divided into two —— The school divided the Magic Division and the Sword Division to show a completely different perspective.

Kazuki stopped in front of the school doors and swiftly turned to face Kanae.

“So that’s it. From now on, please take care of me … Senpai.”

“Please don’t be like that! Nii-sama is obviously my beloved Nii-sama!”

“But truthfully … Kanae-neesama is older than me and is a 2nd year senpai at school.”

“K … Kanae-neesama!?” Kanae suddenly became speechlessly.

Kanae, who treated and admired Kazuki as an older brother, was in fact older than Kazuki. It was the so-called imouto that was older in age.

The reason behind this strange relationship was because Kazuki was an orphan with an unknown birth.

Kazuki was raised as a child of the same age as Kanae in the Hayashizaki family, his birthday was also celebrated on the same day as Kanae’s birthday. Because his mother from Hayashizaki family had died from a disease, Kazuki took the lead and was responsible for housework. Thus, the relationship between Kanae and Kazuki naturally became <The Caring Brother> and <The Lazy Sister>.

Enigma are something that appeared upon the selected people when they turned 14 years old.

After Kanae’s 14th birthday had approached, in the Hayashizaki Family, they had a grand celebration for the two children not having revealed an Enigma. ——However, the year after that, an Enigma appeared on Kazuki’s left hand.

Speaking of which, this was something that seemed to be impossible.

Kazuki, who always thought he was the same age as Kanae, was extremely surprised because “He was already fourteen years old!”, and the truth that Kanae, who was always “Nii-sama Nii-sama” and desperately flirting with him, was actually older was revealed.

“So that’s why I said, our relationship will not change! If it was during the time when I was stronger, it would be fine, but now since I have been overtaken and even the fact that I am older … I, it makes one angry!”

“Please become more mature, Nee-sama”

“Don’t call me Nee-sama! Kanae is Nii-sama’s imouto!!”

“Then, please show me around the school. This is the reason why we got up early and rushed over here.”

From today on, Kanae was a second year student. So she would usually live in the Sword Division’s student dormitory.

However, Kanae said that she was going to bring Kazuki around the school before the entrance ceremony, so she returned back home. Then they came to school together.

“Please rest assured and leave it to me! Then we will immediately begin by visiting the school from the Sword Division!”

“No, it is still better to bring me to visit the Magic Division. I am going to study over there.”

“How can it be … You don’t plan to go to the Sword Division now, but instead head off to the Magic Division!?”

“Don’t turn the conversation back again!”

Kazuki tapped her head, but Kanae happily revealed an “Ehehe~” expression. Just when they were performing this sibling two person show,

“President! I finally found you, president——!”

From the other side of the school door, a male’s voice came.

A bulky guy made a B line for them.

It was a guy who was cleanly dressed with short hair. He was wearing a Sword Division’s male uniform and an Odachi on his waist.

“Torazou!? Why are you here!”

Kanae revealed an expression as if she noticed a person that could not easily be dealt with.

“President, why did you not reply to the text messages I sent to you, even if I called you, no one answered!”

“This morning I have the very important duty of leading a freshman on his way, so didn’t I say to absolutely not bother me? I had conveyed this to all of you when I submitted the application to return home from school! Of course I will obviously switch off my phone!”

At this time, this person, Torazou-senpai turned his gaze towards Kazuki and revealed an “Ah!” expression.

“Even though he is a male, but he is wearing a Magic Division uniform. Could this person be the legendary…?”

The incident about Kazuki’s body having an Enigma seemed to have already spread throughout the country as top notch gossip.

The reason for that was, that it would not normally happen.

Torazo-senpai continued to stare at Kazuki. It was a slightly uncomfortable feeling.

“Hmmmmh, this person is my Nii-sama. He is super strong! He is a brother whom I am proud of!”

“The president’s older brother? Even though this person should have only entered the school this year…?”

“Although he is a kouhai, but he is still my Nii-sama! Compared to that, what business do you have for seeking me out? I will decide based on your response whether or not to cut you!”

Kanae untied the sheath, placed her hand on the handle and threatened. Torazo-senpai immediately flinched.

“S, Sorry … Inside the school’s garden, there is a person from the Magic Division that found faults with the Sword Division and created a commotion…”

“A dispute? But Torazou, you disregarded the commotion and specifically searched for me in this vast campus where my location was unclear? Could you explain?”

“Iori is waiting at the scene. Although I called your phone number, there was no response, but I recalled hearing that you were going to lead a freshman, so I didn’t bother and took a chance to look at the front of the school doors.”

“Lady Luck is with you.” Torazo-senpai smiled as he spoke, but Kanae reacted with an “Awful …” and held her head.

“… What a useless person. Stop relying on me to this extent. Can you still be considered as the 3rd place of the Student Council of the Sword Division?”

“But if president does not think of a way to solve it, then the dispute with the Magic Division will not be solved. Only the president is capable of directly fighting against the people of the Magic Division. It is not only me, who is unpromising.”

“It is that method of thinking, of taking it for granted that the Magic Division is stronger that is the most unpromising! This guy or that guy, once they come to the Sword Division, their heads are filled with thoughts of defeat!!”

After Kanae severely scolded Torazo-senpai, she turned towards Kazuki and revealed a dejected expression.

“Then, Nii-sama … I am terribly sorry … There is an emergency situation that I must attend to.”

“Although it is regrettable, since it is the Student Council’s work, it can’t be helped. The emergency over there is more important.”

“I actually made Nii-sama feel regret! As compensation, even if I have to exchange my life, I will …!”

“Don’t be too concerned about it. Good luck, senpai!”

“Really now, don’t call me senpai! … Damn, it can’t be helped. Let’s go, Torazou. What on earth is that expression of yours as if you saw something strange. Stop staring over there and make haste to the scene!”

Kanae mercilessly kicked Torazou-senpai’s butt and rushed over to the location of the dispute.

“Everyone trusts you, Kanae.”

Knight Academy’s Student Council President. That was Kanae’s other side.

The Knight Academy followed the belief of meritocracy. In other worlds, Kanae was already the strongest person in the Sword Division.

“Since Kanae has already become the Sword Division’s Student Council President, I must also aim for the Magic Division’s Student Council President.”

Having a remarkable sister, the younger brother has to try hard to keep up.

Speaking of which … Kanae, who was originally planning to lead the way, was already gone.

“This side is probably the Magic Division.”

The school uses the fountain square as a dividing point, left and right were respectively split into Magic Division and Sword Division.

Kazuki headed to the Magic Division on the left side and noticed there are many buildings constructed from bricks which were neatly lined up. Although it was still early, you could still see the figures of female students scattered around.

“… Hey, that person is the legendary … It’s the one that was awarded an Enigma even though he is a male….”

“Eh, it’s him … He looks more normal than I expected. I imagined him to have a more wild-like feeling.”

“Is it a mistake? A savage male swordsman actually got mixed into the Magic Division …!”

The female students were all secretly looking at Kazuki and were quietly discussing something.

Enigma. Originally it would only be ushered onto a <Girl>’s body on their fourteenth birthday. That’s because a female’s Magic Power is naturally higher than a male’s.

However, Kazuki did not have a Magic Power surpassing the average standard of males. Why Kazuki obtained an Enigma was still a complete mystery. Even he himself wondered if there was something wrong.

… And those are the Magic Users that belong to the Knights?

While he walked, Kazuki noticed an abnormal tension. The atmosphere wasn’t just as result of the students, but also mixed among them the female Magic Teachers, who were wearing <Magical Dress> (Decorteo Brigieux) and belonged to the Knights, also contributed.

Because it was an entrance ceremony which was responsible for the country’s future Stigma Magic Users, they had specifically sent out the understaffed Knights as a precaution.

Really now, if you carefully think about it, he had really come to an amazing place …

Truthfully, he did not have any confidence in his magic talent. Especially in Magic Power. Acquired growth is extremely rare, the pros and cons have mostly been determined from birth. Could relying on effort make up for the lack of talent?

Why am I here in this place?

In order to avoid the gazes, Kazuki headed to a bench in the shadows in order to relax.

However, after just a short while —— His vision was suddenly blocked.

“Guess —— Who am I?”

A sweet voice entered his ears, was this —— a girl covering his eyes from behind!?

Just like a scene in a romance manga. However, this was too abrupt.

“Who —— Am I? Okay, okay, say it quickly. Do you not recognize me?”

It was undoubtedly a voice he had never heard before. At the same time, he felt a soft pressure from behind. T, This feeling is……!

“Even if you want me to guess, I do not have any idea …!?”

“Quickly answer me! If you do not quickly determine who I am, I will become a yandere! This “Guess —— Who am I?” question includes a weird scene!”

“ “Guess —— Who am I?” Is it something so scary, that there is need for an ethical review!?”

“Quick—ly—— say! If you do not immediately answer, the luxurious prizes will be gone! The prize is actually a two person hot spring trip, if you answer correctly, then I will go together with you!”

“There’s a prize!? What has this situation become!?”

The feeling was indeed extremely soft. Although he wanted to vent, but it could become troublesome, so Kazuki was almost confused.

“10, 9, 8, 7 … Really now, because there are no signs of answering my question, all of the middle numbers are omitted, 0! It can’t be helped, it’s time to enter the time to kill. It is fine to answer while looking at me.”

Both hands from the girl moved away from his face, Kazuki immediately turned around and looked behind.

What entered his vision was ——a tall girl with a slim figure. Although it was the slim figure of a model, but her boobs were so massive as if to tease the male heart.

From behind, her long smooth hair was flowing due to the early morning’s breeze.

Coupled with the scenery from the academy, it was as if she was a person from a painting.

The generally huge eyes sparkled like gems and stared through Kazuki.


Kazuki muttered in a daze. As long as he met this person once, he would absolutely never forget it.

“The correct answer is …It’s our first meeting!”

Kazuki, who placed out a stance, suddenly felt all his strength disappear.

“Sorry, it was because I wanted to become your friend, so it couldn’t be helped.”

Her face revealed a blooming flower-like, dazzling smile. Once she smiled, the dimples on her face were revealed.

“It’s my first time meeting you. My name is Otonashi Kaguya, the silent, shining night sky[4]—— A mysterious and beautiful girl that was like an aurora and the constellations in the sky. Because my parents wanted to bring me up as such a person, so they have given me such a troubling name. A 16 year old girl who has her face filled with tears due to her small-minded name being teased around. I am your senpai.”

She placed a hand on her huge boobs, and clearly made a self-introduction.

“Uhhhh, my name is …”

“I know! You are the otouto of the Sword Division’s Student Council President, Kanae, who was awarded an Enigma, Hayashizaki Kazuki-kun!”

“Are you familiar with my older sister?”

“Our relationship is very good! And because you are a special existence, I slightly investigated it.”

“… Special, huh. Even I do not understand why I came to such a place.”

“Anyways, can you become my friend? No, please be my friend!”

Otonashi-senpai powerfully gripped Kazuki’s hand, and her face approached closer.

The gem-like eyes emitted an intense light. Due to the power of that gaze, he was pressured—— Kazuki could not help but nod his head.

“Success, I am friend number 1!”

Otonashi-senpai happily shook Kazuki’s arms.

“Then please call me Kaguya. I hope that you will use the method of directly calling your friend’s name.”

“T, that’s a bit … Please allow me to call you Kaguya-senpai.”

“Senpai … Senpai, huh. From this year on, I became a senpai. It feels somewhat embarrassing.”

Senpai’s face was filled with a smile. “By the way, how long do we have to hold hands …?”

“Incidentally why are you in such a remote location? A school adventure?”

Senpai maintained the posture of holding Kazuki’s hand and her face quickly approached as she asked.

Too close Too close, her face is pointlessly approaching too close! Seems like you could smell a certain fragrant scent!

“Until just now, my older sister was showing me around, but because of an emergency, she had to leave first. Thus, I did not know what to do and ended up hanging around here.”

“Ahahah! I know! As a replacement then, I will show you around this school! Ok——ay, speaking of Magic Division, why not first head off to the most famous attraction, the <Witch’s House>!”

Senpai shouted “Let’s go!” and pulled Kazuki’s hand. She was truly a motivated person.

Do we have to walk while holding hands? Should a male and female of this age be doing such a thing? … But Senpai showed no sign of being concerned.

And … I am a human who had devoted his life towards training swordsmanship. Therefore, I must not end up in disarray just because of a beautiful Senpai holding my hands. I will not lose!

In turn, Kazuki gripped the other’s hand, thus Kaguya senpai issued out a “WA” sound.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 032.jpg

“WAA! UWAH, it’s my first time experiencing this feeling. A male’s strength is rather strong. It feels like I’m being hugged!”

A calm heart. Right now I must maintain a calm heart that is even calmer than Gandhi…

However, just after they walked for a while, Kazuki sensed a strange feeling. It was rustling within his heart.

Although there was no wind, yet the air was swept away. It was as if there were signs of him being involved in a whirlpool of confusion.

Once as a swordsman, the keen sense he trained before was currently telling him about this abnormal situation.

“…This is” From inside his mind, Gandhi was blown away.

“Ara? You noticed as well? How keen. Are you the type that specializes in Perceptibility Enhancement Magic? … Yes, in a certain location, a great volume of Magic is currently flowing and causing the world to tremble.”

Due to a completely different power ——Magic, the world that was supported by physical laws, was trembling.

Yes, the confusion was not the air, but the space in the vicinity——The world, itself.

Somewhere in the academy, a large-scale magic phenomenon——Summoning Magic was currently occurring.

“Let us go investigate the situation!”

Kaguya-senpai’s expression became tense and she tightly held Kazuki’s hand as she began to run.

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