Author’s Note

Another Fast-Growing-MC-with-a-System web/light novel, don’t bother if you are seeking complicated dramas and brain-damaging plots. Just an easy-going plot and a very fast cultivation system. Almost no arrogant brain-dead characters like young masters! There will be Action and Adventure but no excessive amount of enemies that appear at each corner as if they have nothing better to do other than trying to bully the MC just to be face slapped and then call their almighty ancestors or whatever.

No excessive romantic dramas. If it has harem/romance or not find out yourself, it’s too cringe/troublesome for me to explain(really), and I want to keep it a mystery unveiled only as the story progresses, it’s more interesting this way, at least for me(I’m the freaking AUTHOR so back thee away!). But I can say that the MC won’t be a pussy-seeker(A.K.A SIMP) and will just let things flow naturally, he isn’t either a simp or a horny pig(A.K.A Harem-seeking MC). The female leads won’t fall for him after a glance or two and they aren’t decorations(A.K.A useless FMC) without dreams and goals themselves.

There will be other transmigrators and OP reincarnated people from various worlds, not only Earth. The MC won’t be aware of their existence unless they demonstrate some typical behavior he read about in novels, such as exterminating a whole clan after getting a sudden power boost and/or repetitive face slapping, but he will only be sure by using other means…

Read now this super extremely creative… cough… novel! But please be careful and don’t forget to at least leave something as proof of your existence.

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