The Oldlands

“Attention,” an automated voice bounced off the walls of the train, “Attention, all passengers, the final destination is, O-L-D-L-A-N-D-S, Meregeniue.”

The stallion of train carts came to a slow halt. The wheels in response churned and screeched puffing out a transparent cloud that swiftly began to diffuse. The passengers sprung to life, grabbing bags, lifting coats, and adjusting hats. A spectrum of colorful faces and bodies massed together blocking the doors. The people stood watching the clocks gripping their possessions in an anxious manner.

“Final destination, is O-L-D-L-A-N-D-S,” The doors ripped open, and the crowd starving to leave, swarmed out into the streets in swift successions. Only a single soul remained.

“Doors will be closing. Please step away from all doors. Attention will be closing.” The last passenger paced back and forth, a telephone glued to her head.

“Yes, mother….of course, mother,,” The woman said, gliding to the train doors, she stepped out with a clacking of her heels.

“Attention all passengers, Doors will be closing. Attention all passengers, doo-,” The woman’s voice impeded.

“No, mother, I can not go to Xenith’s charity ball…,” she paused, “Mother, I beg of you not to make have to tell you this again.” She pinched the core of nose and pressed her palm into her forehead.

“Remember, I am in Oldlands from now on. I have been working on the moving process for weeks because this is where I shall be working from now on. Tell me you have not forgotten at least that much?”

“Why have I not I told you about this?” She mimicked a needle of impinge hit her in response.

“I have been telling you this for months,” Her index finger swat down, “I have been in school for about a decade! I have dedicated every moment of my life to becoming a doctor! You know what my first words were mother?” She swatted a curl of jet black bangs from her face. There was a calm before the storm.

“Kiss the heavens,” her head swayed and sharply scoffed, “it was Doctor. My first words were doctor. How do you not know this, mother?” The woman pinched the core of her nose, reaching bone.

“….No mother, that’s for Xenith. No, mother I never studied in Rochchester. Xenith did…,” she changed positions again gripping the phone, “….. Mother, I’m an S-level Doctor!” She snapped.

“No, mother, Xenith has not,” The woman’s face slowly began to contort and rot, “…for heavens, mother! An S level doctor is an all species doctor! I can save thousands of lives in not one, but all species. An S rank doctor has to go through hundreds and thousands of tests! It normally takes 40 years to even become one! I did it in 10! I’m the youngest S-rank Doctor to ever live in all of the United Royal Republics!” The woman barely took any breaths as she spat out a infinite of information.

With an armor of impending silence, she moved to the right.

Then a few spaces left.

Her eyes spoke thousands of words of dissent.

“………..,” Wedge heels transitioned to the right.

Then she stopped completely.

“…..Mother….,” her eyelids shut in intervals of stop and go, “…. that’s Zenith. He did that.” She glanced around her surroundings. She sighed, and started to travel along cobbled streets. Constantly the patchwork of roads transitioned into jagged pebbles and dirt.

“….Mother….I’m in O-L-D-L-A-N-D-S.” She plodded on through quaint until the roads began to become nothing but soil and sediments.

“No, mother, automobiles nor much of the Novus Tech are allowed here…..something about it disturbs the creatures here…,” Her neck portuded to the side as she grew in frustrations, listening to the words flooding into her ears. The sound of clicking heels spread through taverns, stables, and far beyond the edges of the towns.

“No mother, I would I have taken the train if I had the option, that’s why I sent Chavez home…..Mother, I did not fire him! I just don’t need a chauffeur anymore.” She zigged-zagged along the spliced makeshift roads, a cloud of dust trailing behind her.

“Mother, the Royal Institute is in Oldlands, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t….., ” the taste of disdain stained her tongue, and automatically a sharp glare clouded her lens.

“What? No, this is not the place with Dragons it couldn’t be…..Mother, trust me, I would never ever be a dragon doctor. Listen, I have to go, I’m here.” Her eyes curved around the scenery; rural and pasteurized fresh lands for as far as the eye could see, abandoned antique buildings made with cobblestone and more jagged rocks. The smell of moist dirt, steams, and charcoal scourges leaked out from every corner and verge.

“………,” The phone was still glued to her face, “…..Alright, mother, I will try to make to Xenith’s charity ball all the way in Ulysses, Romanina. Probably days away from my current location, but—the problems of not mines.” The line went dead as little less before she could even form a vowel, as she swiftly hung up. Her back erect, she tilted her head to the side, her eyes pinned to a wooden sign staked by a deep slope. The crooked splintered sign read; Royal Institute Of Medical and General Sciences.

“Yes, of course this place doesn’t look as beaten down as a peasant’s home,” She lamented her heels locking between the the soil and rocks. Her annoyance persisted and her face demanded a frown. With a hard sigh, she began to struggle down the hilltop. Upon the middle of the hill, the woman’s blades protruding from her shoes sunk into the ground gravity jumped on the chance to force her body downward. The bag ripped from her hands and the luggage went flying. The trolley on ultimate speed collided directly into wilting tree, smashing it down. The tree lunged to the ground with screaming before collapsing to foster a boisterous sound through the entire location. The woman eased herself up from the ground and dusted herself off. Her eyebrows furrowing together, she gripped her hands and nearly threw her heels.

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1 year ago

A wonderful introduction!