The Paradisus Chronicles

It was a cold and brisk morning on the planet of Yalluter as I Danny Hilton am standing in a massive crowd of teenagers that were in line for The Klitron because I turned sixteen last month. In The Terran Collective, the human empire where I live all people had unique talents that the government thought would be dangerous if they manifested at a young age due to intense circumstances. So; they passed a law that requires every newborn to be injected with a special miniature chip that blocks the part of the genetic code that gives someone their special talents.

Today is the day that I get my chip removed so that I can discover what talent I have. Whatever my power is, it will categorize me among a specific group of people and determine what caste I am a part of for the rest of my life and the caste that my children will be raised in before their Klitron if I choose to have any.

I saw a massive building in front of me, the building was made out of titanium and painted black with royal blue colored skirting around the top and bottom of it. The windows were made of grade five A glass used in government and military buildings of The Terran Collective. There were four massive black metal pillars with the three massive royal blue letters of TTC down the center of the pillars. There were two concrete pathways on both sides of the building with black-colored titanium rails on both sides of the walkway to brace the concrete road that was three hundred feet from the ground. Speeder bikes were always running to and from this building since they held The Klitron once every three months.

The planet was divided into six rings. The lower the ring the less status that you had. The lowest ring is where all people who were fired from their work due to a long list of law violations that end up causing them to get removed from their careers. Next is the fifth ring is for all of the planet’s chefs to live except the big chefs that government officials, as well as nobles, hired as their own personal chefs.

I am from the fourth ring of Yalluter where all the construction workers lived. The construction workers varied from building, to weapons, to vehicles, and much more. My mother is an ammo smith. She spends her time crafting ammo for The Terran Collective Marines. She also created different types of ammo for the assassin pistol that my father had invented nicknamed The Whistler because it makes a very soft high-pitched noise that is very to hear when traditional pistol ammo is used in it. The third ring is where the empire’s research and development occurs. Then there was the second level where all education and trade development took place. Finally on the highest level was where all government, military, and also business people lived and worked.

I began to walk forward as the line of people were walking into the building it took about one hour to get into the building. When I got inside, I saw a group of young women looking at everyone’s clothing and telling them which elevator to take to begin their Klitron.

When it was my turn in line the woman looked at me and said “You have jeans with a utility belt as well as a V-neck shirt with two pockets on both sides of the shirt and finally you have a pair of safety goggles on top of data pad head. Gathering all of this information I can say that you are part of the construction caste. Please go down the hallway to the left and please get on elevator five.

I turned to the left of the desk to walk down the hallway and saw two big and bulky men in light body armor with stun sticks on their belts. These men were most likely here if someone makes trouble for the ladies at the desk and to stop those who try to get down the hallway without the okay of the ladies at the desk. I took the thin hallway to the fifth elevator to the next floor.

When I got off of the elevator, I saw a large room with a black carpet and three long rows of blue chairs in the room. I saw dark blue banners with black eagles on them hanging on the wall in each corner of the room. The room also had automatic doors on the left and right sides of the room’s rear wall. Above the door, there was a scanner that scanned you and opened just wide enough to go through the door. To the left of the scanner was a green light for each door.

As I walked to the rear row of chairs an old man in a three-button suit gave me a ticket and said “Your number is seven-teen young man. Please take a seat and wait for the instructor to begin The Klitron”

I set down in the chair on the far-left side of the back row of chairs. I waited for about one hour until the instructor came into the room to begin the process that would determine what path my life would follow.

The instructor was a middle-aged man with thin, long black hair that went down his shoulders. His eyes were a light green and, his face was clean-shaven.

“Now I will call out the numbers that you were given when you entered this room and you will go to the room that I tell you to go to that is behind me. Let us begin with number one” he said.

Then a short female with red hair stood up and walked to the front of the room. When she got there the instructor asked her for her ticket and then directed her to the door to his rear left. As the female entered the door the green light above the right door turned a dark red.

the instructor began to periodically call out the numbers in order and tell them which door to go into as the door lights turned from red to green. It took around two hours before he called my number.

“Number seventeen,” he said

I stood up and walked to the front of the room facing the instructor and he pointed to the room on my right so I walked to the door after I gave him my ticket and it automatically slid slightly opened just enough for my skinny body to slide through it without anyone else being able to see what was on the other side of the door.

As I walked into the room, the room had all white walls with blue trimming at the top against the ceiling and at the bottom against the floor. The ceiling and flooring were both made out of black square tiles. I next saw a rear door behind a restraining chair that had metal restraints on the arms, lower level for the legs, and in the center for the chest. To the right of the chair, in the air was a muscular tone man in a lab coat that look to be in his mid to late thirties in a long white lab coat. To his right was a computer screen that was on a device that the man could raise or lower to be able to use at all height levels. Finally, against the wall to my left, I saw a wooden table with a sink on the right side. To the left of the sink, there was a box of medical gloves. Above the table were three simple wooden cabinets with grade three C glass for medical use to contain the smells of medicine. There was a wide variety of medicine and needles for medical use inside the cabinet.

“Please take a seat in the chair young man and remove your shirt for me. I need to attach these wires to your head and chest so that I can read your vitals and your brain function” the doctor said to me as he showed the wires in his hand as well as the screen that he would be using to keep track of everything.

I set down in the chair and then took off my shirt. After I took off my shirt, I felt a cold shiver run across my chest as the breeze from the vents of air conditioning on the ceiling came in contact with my bare chest. Next, the doctor put alcoholic pads with his right hand on the tops of both of my chest nipples. Then, he put five more around on the top of my head. Finally; he put one on the veins of both of my wrists.

After the doctor had finished, he started to place the wires in his left hand on top of the pads that he had placed all over my body. The doctor touched the computer with his left hand after the wires were on my body and it caused the restraints for my wrists, legs, and also my chest to be activated.

“First, I will remove the chip that is inside of your neck so that your talent will have the ability to manifest. Next, I am going to give you a drug that will allow you to mentally experience different situations that should cause you stress and push your body and mind to their absolute limit. This will allow your gift to manifest and that will determine the caste you will be a member of until the day you die.” the doctor said.

“Okay let us get this over with I have been waiting for this day since the day I was born to learn what my destiny will be,” I said with a large amount of arrogance in my voice.

“Please lean your neck forward so that I can remove the chip implanted inside of you that is blocking your power?” the doctor asked me.

I heard the doctor pick up what seemed to be a heavy metal device. I felt a suction cup and a small bit of cold metal hit the center of my back neck.

“Now I will warn you there will be a small shock going through your neck and your shoulders, so do not be alarmed,” he told me as he began the extraction process.

I heard a soft buzzing noise from behind me and started to jump in my chair as a soft and small electric charge began to tingle at what seemed to be a snail’s pace down my neck and then went to my left shoulder and then my right one. It went from shoulder to shoulder four times and stopped in the middle. I then heard the buzzing increase in pitch until it reached a high screech and stopped. I then heard a sharp whistle noise, followed a few seconds of dead silence.

“I have removed your implant,” the doctor said.

He showed me the chip it was a small black chip with a small number of blue circuits. The doctor placed the suction cup device on the table in the room.

“It is truly both amazing and terrifying how far the technological advancements of mankind have come over the last millennium,” the doctor said as he prepared to put the red liquid from a set of small vile from the medical cabinet in a syringe he also got from the cabinet.

I was then injected with the red serum. I felt a sharp and intense amount of pain followed by a large dose of adrenalin coursing through my body. A few minutes later my adrenalin slowed back to normal my vision went blurry and I quickly fell asleep.

As I woke up, I saw a desk with a large number of files spread on top of it. I walked to the front of the desk and saw an elderly woman wearing a black professional dress that went almost to the bottom of the floor. She had a very commanding presence coming from her.

“Get your shit together Hilton! If you cannot meet the deadline, I have given you to complete the work you will be fired. I know that you know what happens to those that cannot do their job. Are we clear about this young man?” she asked me.

I nodded my head in response to what she said.

“You are dismissed Hilton,” she said as she turned her back to me with a great amount of disappointment behind her voice.

I walked out of the manager’s office and I saw a large number of cubicles that were divided into four columns. I walked down the center aisle until I stopped five cubicles down the column and I turned left and entered the area with my name on a pack that was on the left side of the cubicles. I saw a small wooden desk as well as a white computer monitor that was on the desk. Finally, there was a wooden chair behind the desk.

I sat down in the chair and opened a large mixture of files on the computer’s touch screen. I worked what seemed to be an endless stream of time until I passed out due to mental exhaustion.

When I woke up, I was in a high-quality government building. The ceiling was about twelve feet from the floor with one large and fancy chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling of the room. from the base center of the chandelier hung a banner of The Terran Collective. The banner was royal blue with black trimming on the sides. A black eagle’s head was located at the center of the flag. First, there is a massive t on the left side of the eagle. Then there was a second t under the eagle. Finally, there was a massive c on the right side of the eagle.

I saw a large group of men and women in lab coats talking about their different theories about various breakthroughs that they were all in the middle of developing. The theories varied from a way to lower voltage without lowering the quality of light to making the electric bills that everyone pays lower. Also, the development of a safer and also more stable cloning process. The cloning process was still imperfect. It currently has a fifteen percent possibility of failing or malfunctioning. They talked about a large variety of topics until a young man in a lab coat with brown hair and a clean-shaven face with a scab on his left eye-brow probably from a recent lab mishap came into the room.

“Ok guys your first break of today is now over. Let us continue our research until lunchtime at noon” he said to all the workers.

I was then grabbed by the hands of someone beside me. I looked to see who it was that grabbed my hand and I saw a very attractive young lady with blond hair and blue eyes that pulled me across the room.

“Let us get back to work Hilton we need to finish our upgrade to the transport department”. She said all of that with a large smile on her face. It seems that she enjoyed her work on developing this new upgrade for the transport department.

As she was pulling me down the room through the crowd of researchers, I saw wooden benches on both sides of the hallway every twenty feet or so. After the fourth pair of benches, she took me up a wooden spiral staircase that was located behind the chandelier of the room. When I reached the top of the staircase, there were flower pots on both sides of the doors on both sides of the hallway that I was in. The pots had roughly one hundred feet or so between them.

I was dragged down the hallway until we made it to the fourth door then we turned right. On the left side of the door frame, our names were in frames against the wall. She then rolled up her right sleeve and I saw a band with a barcode on her right wrist. She then placed her right wrist on a scanner that was located on the right side of the door frame.

A blue light scanned her wrist. When it got done scanning her wrist then an ai voice said “Welcome Dr. Rachel Taylor”.

I did the same thing after her and the ai said “Welcome Dr. Danny Hilton”

The door slid open and we both walked into the lab to begin the work that we were instructed to do by our boss.

As I looked throughout the room, I saw a large variety of metals inside a large glass casing with a constant electrical current running them. As well as a whiteboard with theories and formulas to make the metal sharper or to make the metal cause less friction while moving at the speed trains so that we could improve the time that it takes to move people as well as cargo across vast distances. Against the rear wall, there was a large variety of different-sized test tubes. Inside the test tubes, a large amount of different colored liquids was used to create a completely new elemental metal for our project.

We got to work testing the chemical compounds that were inside of the tubes and writing new formulas on the board as we thought of them. We then erased the old ones that did not create a stable enough metal. Then the one of us that had come up with the new formula spoke the whole new formula into the audio recorders that we were each given and we put them in our front left pockets when it was not our turn to record the formulas that we had come up with.

We spent all day trying to find the right metal to use to create our new metal that would serve as a stable metal for the high-speed trains that the military used to make their deliveries much swifter and the high-speed trains used by government officials. So that we were not bothered by anyone who does not have level seven clearance Rachel flipped a blue switch to activate the heavy locks for the door so that we could quickly finish our work.

“I think I finally did it!” Rachel exclaimed as she tested the durability of the metal that she had spent the last two hours making.

I congratulated her on her effort because she had finally achieved the goal that we were given. I then started to fill dizzy and hit the floor as I passed out.

“Danny, Danny, Danny! wake up please” a deep male voice said to me

I began to wake up due to the fact he was shaking me back and forth on the shoulders. As I woke, I realized that I was no longer inside the research lab.

Where am I at now that I am not either in the cubical or the research lab? I thought wondering where the hell that I had ended up now.

I looked around and I saw glass bottles of all shapes and sizes with liquids of different colors inside of them. I also saw a vast variety of different alien creatures and bugs in them. There was a large wood table in the room’s center of the room. Along the walls were different charts that were all about the different discoveries that I had made about the human body.

I can guess that I am either a doctor or healer of some kind.

“So, Danny do you want to see who your next patient to cure is,” the man said to me with a pitch of urgency in his voice.

“Yeah, just put them on this table so that I can see what treatment I can do to help them”.

He went out to grab my next patient and came inside of the room in about two minutes with my next patient in his arms. He placed a middle-aged man on my table. The man had a large number of puncture wounds on both sides of his neck as well as an extreme body temperature. He also had lost all nerve in his legs. Finally, he had white foam from his mouth.

“He has been to many doctors to try to fix the situation at its early stages, but they could not help him. So, it has mutated into what you see now. You are his last hope for survival Danny” he said to me.

I grabbed a large mixture of my medicines and mixed them all in a massive number of ways trying to make a cure for hours but nothing that I had put together seemed to work. Then when I was about to give up after my body was drenched in sweat as well as about to collapse after I pounded the table out of rage and anger. I received a rush of energy throughout my body and a dark green aura surrounded my hands.

When the dark green aura had enveloped both of my hands, I touched the elderly man on the operation table. As I touched him with the tip of my hands, I received a rush of pain and suffering that came to me like these emotions did not belong to me but belonged to the man I was trying to heal. As I felt all this new burst of emotion, I saw the man’s injuries start to vanish from his body.

I fell to my knees and closed my eyes out of exhaustion and I heard a bunch of people cheering out of excitement as the man rose from the table and walk around the room. My assistant patted me on the back due to my success at curing what they thought was impossible to cure.

A large electrical shock ran through my spine as I opened my eyes, I was back in the chair that the male doctor had put me in to start The Klitron.

“Well, Mr. Hilton it seems that have an affinity for the art of healing. So, you will need to go to room H so that you can begin your life as a healer” he said to me.

He deactivated my restraints and took the wires that were on me of my body. I put my shirt back on, I walked through the back door and saw a large group of people leaving other rooms to go to the rooms that would to their futures. The next thing that I did was walk down the hallway for about fifty feet to room H knowing very well that my new life as a healer was about to begin.

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