Vol. 2 Ch. 1

“Here I am.”

Phize is inside the building.

The school is immediately filled with students with the same uniform.

“For a medieval-themed world, this school seems pretty modern, not as modern as those we have but it somehow has a unique fashion to it,” he thought.

A teacher near the door shouts.


Everyone falls in line and goes inside the auditorium.

“They are pretty well-trained for 5-year olds,” he thought.

Phize goes down and tries to sit down on an empty seat in the middle group of chairs, around the 3rd row and 5th column.

He sees a guy sitting to the left of the seat.

“Is this seat taken?” he asks.

“Hm? Oh, no it isn’t,” the guy earnestly responded.

He tries to sit but the guy suddenly whispered something.

“Conjure spikes…”

He pauses in thought because he was suspicious of him and decided to change seats instead.

“On second thought, I’ll just sit over there,” he answers in an attempt to leave whilst pointing to a seat 4 seats below where there aren’t many people.

“I said the seat was taken,” the guy insisted.

He grabs Phize’s arm and then forces him to sit and Phize falls victim to the medium sharp-spikes below.

Phize: A-

He pauses midway his scream.


He lets out tears.

“Why are you crying?” He laughs, “It’s just a seat…”

“YOU IDIOT!”, he angrily thought to himself.


He aims his left arm toward his face and then a magic circle appears. Water appears from the magic circle and then splashes onto his face.

The guy gets wet.

“AH! NOW MY UNIFORM IS WET!” he complains.


Eauvis claps loudly below the stage. He speaks something but due to the distance, his words are inaudible. A magic circle appears from his hand and he places it near his mouth. His voice gradually became louder.


No one in the auditorium answers leaving an awkward atmosphere of silence.

“We have quite a shy batch here, eh? Now, enough jilly-billy. WELCOME ALL TO THE HIGH INSTITUTE OF VERIL! All of you here, are gifted children, all of you, have the potential to be or even surpass the 10 Gracious Knights of Heaven. As such, we will personally train you all to be the best there is, SO don’t go slacking off on me. I’m pretty sure all of you have already heard my name since I personally interviewed each and every one of you. But I shall introduce myself again for the sake of the program, my name is Eauvis Ilstah Monsoor Jr., and I am the principal of this school. Why don’t you all give a round of applause?” he presents.

Some students clap weakly.

“Good, but not enough. So how about this? Anyone who doesn’t applaud in 5 seconds, I will personally assign you to the probationary class. NOW APPLAUD!” he threatens.

Everyone in the auditorium claps to his threat.

A teacher in the upper left corner of the auditorium commentator on his action.

“As flashy as ever,” he said.

“Dammit… I was saved by the introductions, but my bottom hurts so bad…”, he complained in thought.

He looks at the guy beside him.

“He’s acting as nothing happened,” he says in thought.

He looks around the place.

“No good, I can’t sit anywhere,” he complains in thought.

He gets up from his chair not too high up in order to not be noticed.


“This reminds me of those days back in the other world. I got bullied at some point too…” he complained in thought.

He looks behind to peer over his pants.

“My pants… are ruined…” he says to himself in thought saddened by the fact that his mother worked hard for them.

A bit of blood comes from the areas he was struck.

“I have no choice but to crouch here… I don’t know any healing magic, but I’m betting it’s pretty straightforward,” he thought.


A magic circle appears and then his injuries glow a bit of fluorescent green.

“Almost all of it was healed, but what do I do with my uniform?” he questions himself in thought.

He sighs, “I’ll think about it later.”

Eauvis speaks for a while. After his speech, he brings out many sheets of paper.

“Now, time to assign the classes of each and every one of you. SO sit tight, I will not be repeating anything so be attentive. I WILL NOT SPEAK YOUR NAMES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER! YOU MAY BE CHILDREN, BUT WE WILL HONE YOUR LISTENING SKILLS FROM THE GET-GO!” he states.

He looks at the papers and begins to read the information written one by one.

“NOW FOR CLASSROOM 1-A! For the boys, Haze Athi, Jyss Aller, Viz Lunar…”

Students stand one by one in response to his calling.

“Not much to a great start, but I’M SO EXCITED FOR WHO MY CLASSMATES WOULD BE!” Phize thought in excitement.

“…Trif Guise,” Eauvis calls.

The guy beside him stands up.

“So that’s him…” he thought.

“Consider yourself lucky, I’ll remember your face,” the guy said furiously.

After calling numerous names…

“NOW FOR CLASSROOM 1-C! For the boys, Phize Drestil…”

He stands up and goes down the auditorium, while going down, he looks at the people sitting in the auditorium.

“A lot of the students have already been called… I’m kinda nervous,” he thought to himself.

He arrives at the bottom. A teacher there calls him.

“Go stand beside me,” she instructed.

Eauvis keeps calling out names.

“…Tham Splew, NOW FOR THE GIRLS, Hazel Paufia, Tanisch Fulter, Chastice Jant…”

After everyone is called out, they prepare to go to their classroom.

“Well, everyone. Follow me to our classroom,” she leads.

The teacher starts walking toward the exit which is in the upper part of the auditorium.

The students follow with the teacher going upstairs.

“These stairs look grand, they look shiny and seem to be made out of porcelain,” he thought in astonishment.

They go up one staircase and then they enter the classroom to the left. The stairs are arranged in a 4 by 5. The students immediately pick seats upon entering.

“WHAT? SO FAST! I GOTTA PICK ONE!” he panicked in his mind.

He looks at the chair in the 1st row, 3rd column.

Yeah, no.

He looks at the chair in the 3rd row, 3rd column.


A girl immediately sits in his place.

“TAKEN!” she proclaimed.

“Uh- oh,” he says in a fret.

He looks everywhere only to see that almost all of the seats have been taken.

I guess I can’t be too picky now…

He looks at the 4th row, 2nd column.


He manages to sit down in the chair without anyone interrupting him.

“LUCKY!” he thought.

Someone sits to the left him and to the right.

“Everyone’s so quick,” he thought in surpsise.

“Alright class. It seems all of you have chosen your seats. Time for the introductions! But let me introduce myself first. My name is Hasha Rilet, I am an experienced magic teacher, I’m a professional at teaching Magic Combat 101. Now before we get into those details, let’s start with introducing yourselves to each other, shall we?” she asks, provoking the students.

“For some reason, I don’t feel like I’m in kindergarten. I feel like I’m in high school already,” he thought in worry.

Note: Start of Arc 2, School Arc.


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