Vol. 2 Ch. 4

Vhint and Phize arrive home.

“Welcome back! How was the first day of school?” Lexia greets.

“Great!” Phize answered with excitement.

She looks at his pants, it has holes from the earlier spell.

“Phize, what happened to your pants?” she asks worriedly.

“Oh my, I forgot all about them,” he thought.

Vhint looks clearly at Phize’s pants.

“Oh ho, why didn’t I notice that?” he questions himself.

“Phize, who did this to you? Is someone bullying you?” she questions him.

“As much as I’d like to tell them the truth, this time, I’d like to deal with this thing myself,” he thought.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, mom, I just stumbled on some wires on the way. I’m so sorry…”

“It’s okay, just do be careful next time ‘kay? Speaking of which, did you make any friends?”

“HE DID!” Vhint butts in.

He looks at Phize, “I bet it’s a girl!”

“U-Uh… yeah, it is a girl.”


“Oh really now? What was her name?” she curiously asked.

“I think her name was…” he paused.

He tries to recollect, “Uhhhh- Patra? Pallia? I forgot her name instantly. Wait, I think I got it.”


“I can’t remember her last name other than I know that it rhymes with her first name,” he thought.

“What was she like?” she asks.

“Um, she was very nice and very competitive too.”

“I see, I see. DID YOU PROPOSE TO HER?” Vhint reluctantly asks.


“It was only a joke, ’tis a joke darling,” Vhint jokingly replies.

“How was the lunch?” she asks.

“It was great, mommy!”

“I’m glad! I’ll make you lunch for tomorrow and be prepared ’cause mommy’s gonna prepare the BEST lunch ever!”

“Thanks, mom!”

The next day at class…

9:01 AM

Hasha discusses in front.

“Now, on yesterday’s topic, we talked about the different types of magic languages, and currently there are 4 that are known to us humans but do we really know what magic itself is? Does anyone know how to actively define it?”

No one raises their hand.

“I figured. Now…”

Much like last time, she writes with her finger with blue magic particles coming out from her fingertip.

“Magic is defined, according to the Universal Magic and Mages Research Facility, as the most prevalent type of energy spread around the planet Altrew, it’s a very broad type of energy that can lead to producing some very weird outcomes, not even science can answer. It uses mana, kids, don’t mistake magic and mana, mana is the energy used to produce magic, and magic is the output that is produced from mana.”

“Interesting…” he thought.

“There are many types of ways to use magic, by hand, by a magic wand, by staff, and many more. By using your hand, the amount of mana used is related to how big of an output you want for it to produce. By using magic tools, such as what was stated earlier, with a wand, or a staff, the amount of mana used is slightly reduced, and the flow of magic inside your body is needed because the flow of magic will flow inside the magic tool instead.”

“I need to get a magic tool then,” he thought.

“Next meeting, we’ll start practicing your magic, and use the magic languages we learned.”

10:01 AM

“Now, for Magic History, for that, we will start from the origins of magic, according to research books, magic was derived from an even greater type of mysterious power, and that mysterious power has branched into many types of weird powers, with magic being the most prevalent, some theoretical examples of the other powers are Manipulation Chants and Divinity. No human in this world has ever seen what kind of powers are they, so it is highly possible that they might have died down, or simply do not exist at all.”

“Woah…” he thought in amazement.

“Around 2000 years before our present time, our ancestors did not know of magic, nor were they able to manifest it, but its concept was formed by the philosopher Tranus, he realized this, but no one believed him, and so many years pass on without its discovery.”

“This almost sounds like Ancient Greece,” he thought.

“Around 1000 Before Common Era, or as we would call, 2000 BCE, there was an extreme rise in the number of magic users, since us humans, have evolved, and adapted to using magic, but due to the large population of non-magic users being unable to grasp what is even going on, they decided to go and call them witches.”

“Almost sounds like the witch huntings in Europe. I guess this world is pretty similar to our history,” he said to himself in his mind.

“So, a large genocide occurs upon the lands of Gantry, which is the name of the country beside us, because the people at the time could not accept magic, and of course, the mages at the time, who were referred to as witches, either fought back or lived in secrecy, those who fought back managed to cause a big amount of hate to the magic users, and these witches passed on their powers and teachings to their children, in which are now called, the Witches of Haydel. Those who lived in secrecy, of course, could not live long living without magic being out in the open, and after 3 wars spanning across 4 centuries, the union between magic and non-magic users happened in 600 BCE, also known as the Treaty of Men and Mages, a lot happened between those time periods, but I’m sure this amount of information will be sufficient to all of you for now.  For a long time, magic users and non-magic users married each other, and for around 2 and a half millennia, now almost 95% of the world population has magic.”

“Man, this is a lot of information to take in,” he thought.

12:00 NN

“My head is barely able to cope. This is a lot of information to take in a day,” he holds his head while in thought.

He looks at Pallitra.

She is snoring heavily while sleeping again.

“She’s sleeping again. I’ll eat my lunch then I’ll wake her up,” he thought.

12:15 PM

He pokes her face.

“Oi, isn’t it time to eat lunch?”

She wakes up with a bit of drool.

He uses his handkerchief to wipe it off.

“Is it finally over?” she sluggishly questions.

“You’re way past the time. Why don’t you eat your lunch?”

“I only have money on me, though.”

He facepalms in utter disppaointment.

“I have something to ask you, but go eat first.”

She touches his shoulder.


“Can you follow me to the cafeteria?”

“But I don’t even know where it is.”

“I know where it is, just come follow me. Pleaseee!” she pleads.

“Fine, then. But don’t be slow.”

“I’m athletic, you know.”

They go out of the hallway.

“Come here.”

He follows her as they go up the stairs and go to the first room to the left.

“IT’S THE CAFETERIA!” she shouts gleefully.

They buy their food and go out of the cafeteria as soon as they got their orders.


She carries a sandwich filled with mayonnaise.

“My favorite!”

While eating, five boys approach them. Phize notices them and he recognizes one familiar face.

Upon closer inspection, the familiar face was Trif from the auditorium.

“Remember me, boy? It’s me, Trif Guise. So, about last time?” Trif taunts him.

A magic circle forms from his right hand.

On the other hand, Pallitra eats her sandwich but notices the five boys talking to Phize.


“OH NO! WHAT SHOULD I DO?” he panics in thought.

“Phize, are these your friends?”

“Friends? That’s quite the word you’re using in that statement,” he aggressively responds.

He takes her sandwich and throws it to the floor. He proceeds to look at Phize.

“So your name is Phize eh? Well then, are you her friend missy? Then I insist you back away.”

He pushes her to the side.




The guy beside Trif chants a spell, “FIRE!”

The two spells intercept each other causing water vapor to form in the air.

“Are you ready for a beatdown?” Trif asks aggressively.

“Don’t ignore me here. CREATE SAND!”

Sand spreads everywhere, going inside their clothes, in their faces, as well as their hair.

Everyone in the surrounding complains.

“MY EYES!” a boy shouts in pain.

“I CAN’T SEE!” another boy complains.

Pallitra grabs Phize’s hand and then proceeds to run away from them.

Trif immediately notices and commands the boys beside him, “THEY’RE RUNNING AWAY! GET THEM!”

They chase after them down the stairs.

Pallitra: Create wood!

Wood forms from her hand and she aims it at the 5 boys’ legs causing them all to stumble down the stairs.

Both of them arrive at their classroom as they both try to catch their breath.

“Are you okay?” she asks in distress.


“What just happened?” he wonders in thought.

She hugs him tightly.

“I’m fine with getting hurt as long as my friend isn’t hurt.”


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