Vol. 7 Ch. 19

We prepared our stuff, got our reward, and prepared for departure.

They were outside and the people of the village were saying their farewells.

“See you, young adventurers!” the village head said to them.

Phize, Hazel, and Lili waved back at them.

Trif just took the lead and left.

They followed after him.

“Yeah, I’m not going to miss that village not one bit. I do appreciate their hospitality, though,” Phize thought.

“Trif, maybe let me pick the place we’re going to first,” Hazel proposed.

He grunted, “Tch.”

“Before we try to find an official village or city to stay in, we’re buying the stuff we saw back at Yato.”

“We’re going back to Yato?” Lili asked.

She replied, “Yes! We’ll also go back to Macol, since they have Brewing Stations, where we can get products like mana potions or even healing potions. Then from there on, we head to wherever we want.”

She folded the map and put it in her pocket.


They took another trip to Yato and they were once more greeted by the numerous industrial factories.

They entered the tailor and bought some fancy clothes.

Phize wore a cerulean checkered scarf on his neck, he wore a cream shirt and short green pants.

Hazel wore a simple white dress and undergarments of unknown color.

Lili wore a simple red velvet dress with the same type of undergarments as Hazel.

Trif wore a dark green vest and a cream-colored shirt

Phize bumped Hazel’s shoulder.

“Lookin’ more and more of a girl, aren’t you Hazel?”

“Oh, shut up. I couldn’t pick any more masculine attire, and when I did, Lili stopped me, so I ended up with this,” she exclaimed.

Lili called out to them, “HEY! Can we come inside this restaurant? I haven’t had any real food for days.”

She pointed to a large two-story restaurant decorated with red bricks, a dark red roof, and bushes surrounding the perimeter.

Phize responded, “Now, now, is this sudden rise in mood brought about by our upsurge in money? Sheesh, you truly are spiled, aren’t you? Well, the point of coming here was to spoil ourselves in the meantime, wasn’t it? LET’S GO!”



They went toward the restaurant, but Trif stood idly.

They turned their attention toward him.

“Trif?” Phize asked him.

He groaned, “Only once, then we’ll go back to buying our equipment.”

They cheered, “YAY!”

The three rushed inside the restaurant and went upstairs like little children.

“HEY! NO RUNNING IN THE ESTABLISHMENT!” one of the waiters warned.

Trif walked slowly following them.

“Are they with you?” the waiter asked suspiciously?

“No, they’re just complete buffoons.”



They sat at a table near the window, where they could see a great view down below. There were 4 glasses of water already prepared. Then a waiter approached them and gave them paper pamphlets, written in them was the menu.

Phize opened the pamphlet and looked. He didn’t know what food to choose.


“Geez, I don’t know any of these things on the menu, I’ll just pick the safe thing and pick what sounds like meat,” he surmised.

He ordered, “I choose the Flish Hyca meal, please.”

“Got it, sir. How about you madam?” the waiter asked Lili.

“I’ll get some of the Tiar Palette,” she answered.

“I’ll get what he’s having,” Hazel told the waiter.

“How about you sir?” he asked Trif.

“I’ll get the Tiar Palette as well.”

The waiter wrote down their orders on a piece of paper and left.



A few moments after, the waiter arrived with 2 plates in each hand, on his right hand were steaks covered with barbecue sauce and a small plant next to it. On the other hand, were steaks covered in mushroom soup, with small cut mushrooms floating on it.

The waiter placed the plates on the table for their respective orders, Phize and Hazel with the steaks with the mushroom while Trif and Lili with the barbecue sauce.

“Enjoy your meal,” the waiter said to them and went downstairs.

“TIME TO FEAST!: Hazel shouted.

She chomped on a large chunk of meat.

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp. Gulp.

She released a sigh of relief.

Trif ate slowly while Lili ate considerably fast but less barbaric than Hazel.

Phize chomped on his food.

“Ooh, yum,” he thought.

He stared at their faces, one by one.

“This may be the first time, I’ve seen them so happy, this excludes Trif, of course. Lili, might even start to open up to us at this rate. Only Trif is the problem, what is his problem? Why does he reject us?” he pondered.



They went outside the restaurant with their tummies full.

Phize burped.

“Excuse me.”

“Let’s go buy some better weapons, this time we’ll be getting iron swords for sure,” Trif told them.

They went inside the weaponry shop.

“Ah, you all are back? How long has it been?” the owner of the shop asked.

“It’s only been one day,” Phize explained.

Trif went straight to the point, “We would like to buy your best swords.”

“Ah, finally trying out the big ones, eh? Well, then the best one I’ve got would be a steel sword. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, it is stronger than iron and more durable. My best ones cost around 200 Fers,” the shopkeeper explained.

“We’ll take four.”

“Then how about we get a steel shield with that?”

“Maybe not for me,” Hazel stated.

“Using shields really isn’t my thing,” Lili said.

“Then two, please,” Trif ordered.

“That costs 1,100 Fers in total.”

Trif handed out the payment. He grabbed a steel shield and sword and so did Phize, while Hazel and Lili grabbed only a sword.

“We bought all we can, and ate, now let’s head to Macol,” Hazel said.

They went towards the exit of the door.



They arrived at Macol and immediately headed to a brewing stand.

Trif bought 12 mana potions and he had Phize store them in his personal storage.

“There we go.”

Phize explored his surroundings and he saw magic tools such as staffs displayed in the window of a shop.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“It’s a magic tool shop. I think those might fit me better,” Lili stated.

They entered the magic tool shop. There were mostly staffs, with different colors of orbs and varying shapes, there were also magic wands hung on the wall.

“Ah, welcome! What might you children need?” the owner of the shop asked.

Lili was amazed at the contents of the shop.

“WHAT SHOULD I GET?!” she excitedly asked herself.

She grabbed a staff and analyzed it.

Phize explored the store as well and so did Hazel but Trif wasn’t interested in magic tools.

Phize grabbed a staff with a red orb.

“Maybe I should get a staff and that would amplify my magic. I WOULD DEMOLISH MY ENEMIES!” he surmised.

He tried to move it all around, though, his movements were slow with it.

“On second thought, maybe carrying such a heavy staff, wouldn’t fit my fighting style. Well, I guess I do focus more on ending and reversing spells nowadays,” he perceived.

He saw a magic wand, it was made of teakwood.

“Maybe I should get a magic wand, I think it could help my aim with magic,” he thought.

He grabbed it and nodded.

“I will definitely buy this,” he thought.

He peered over to what Hazel bought and saw that she had gotten the same thing.

“He thought of the same thing…” she mulled.

Lili grabbed a magic staff. She hugged it tightly.


Trif sighed, “How much?” he asked the owner.



They exited the shop holding their preferred items. Lili was very happy.

“I think that’s about all we need. Where do we go next, Hazel?” Trif asked.

Hazel got the map from her pocket and opened it.

“Let’s see…”

“Hazel, can I be the one who chooses where to go next?” Lili requested.

“Sure thing, Lili, but do you know any places we could go?”

“Yeah, there’s been one place that’s piqued my interest from the very beginning.”

She pointed out the largest city on the map right in the middle.

“There, the capital of the continent Garas, Hiometry,” she suggested.


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