“All things holy,” She spat out dirt, “..what a lovely place!” She hissed to herself. Another building a good distance from the woman, another woman with large blue spectacles, a rainbow lab coat, and wild hair appeared and ventured outside with haste.

“Hello there! Have you seen what made that sound?” The spectacles woman asked trying to catch her breath, as she approached her.

“It was my luggage, the hill for some questionable reason was so declined that there wasn’t even enough each proper land for me to walk without falling.” She spoke as the entire sentence was unclean and damaged.

“Oh good news!” The spectacles women cheered, “thank goodness it wasn’t what I thought it was. Oh, but I am terribly sorry about what happened to you. That heel has hurt a multitude of people too. I’m Dr. Lynsay Lim, I’m headmaster of this institute, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs..?” Dr. Lynsay slipped off the latex gloves she was wearing and quickly she presented her hand.

“Vanya Feriae Eltiatuae, and I don’t do handshakes.” Vanya spoke dusting off some dirt possessing her hair.

“….Vanya Feriae Eltiatuae? Drs. Vanya Feriae Eltiatuae?”

“You are in the presence of,” she remarked with a slight nod, and a strut over to her fallen possessions. Dr. Lynsay helped grabbing one of Vanya’s bags, before her lips snapped into a smile.

“Oh my! Well this is an honor!” Dr. Lynsay shot up with joy, and by automatic standards of joy she nearly reached for a hug.

Vanya held her palm up tossing her final bag into the trolley. “Hugs are an automatic no.”

Dr. Lim laughed.”Of course, I’m sorry I’m quite the hugger,” she cackled with passionate mirth,”Oh, this is truly wonderful! We weren’t expecting you,though, not until Fridae.”

“I prefer to be an early bird.” Vanya said.

“Early bird does catch the worm,” Dr. Lim grinned. “…Well, you are here early, I suppose it would be a good idea to show you around the facility. Before that, did you want to do something with your things?”

“I prefer to just get started on what I can today.” Vanya replied.

“Okay,” Dr. Lim began to move forwards.

“I trust the train ride wasn’t too unpleasant?” She asked her head tilting to Vanya, “Oh, over there,” she pointed to the side, “is the main building it’s usually reserved for administration and things of that sort.”

“The train ride was fathomable, certainly not a smooth as soundproof automobiles. Nor did it excludes strange men trying to steal your things, but otherwise fathomable.” Vanya said, as they passed the buildings.

“The folk here are normally good, superstitious, but good people. Just don’t tell them that you work here, otherwise you know,” Dr. Lim shoved out a laugh the thin veil of anxious barely covered.

“Otherwise? ” Vanya asked, watching out from the corner of her eye watching the buildings pass by.

“Well, you know, it is the Oldlands. Anyhow! This here is the laboratory unit,” she gestured to another building, “while on this side is, analytics and research data unit, surgery unit over there, and oh the hospital we work with back towards the main center of town. But everything you’ll need is in your unit.”

“Of course, this is an awfully long way down.” Vanya said looking around as the distance became doubled.

“Yes, well, the locals wanted it as far as possible from the main town centers.”

“Why would that be?” Vanya craned to view Dr. Lim.

“Oh! I can’t wait to introduce you to the rest of the team.” Dr. Lim glanced back at Vanya with another bright smile.

“You’ve ignored the question.” Vanya said with a knitting of her eyebrows. The dwelling merged into the horizons behind them.

“Oh it’s nothing,” Dr. Lim wagged her hands, “But we, really are glad to have you, everyone on the team is dying to meet you. Your resume was just so impressive–no astounding…actually impossible even!”

“Yes, thank you,” Vanya said.

They continued on.

“I have to be honest, I was really surprised when you applied for work here at Oldlands.” Dr. Lim’s eyes danced around as she thought.

“Why wouldn’t I have?”

“It’s just most people don’t apply to Oldlands, because the chance they’ll get put into a unit they don’t like.”

“Well, I won’t be in any questionable units, of course?” Vanya said narrowing her eyes at her.

“As a S-level doctor it’s possible for you to get something like a “bad” unit, of course.” Dr. Lim said, her rainbow coat trailing behind her as the wind picked up. Vanya frowned at any unlikeable thought.

“And…here we are!” Dr. Lim smiled as she presented an oddly shaped medieval arena hardly worth a building. Vanya looked around, nearly snarling with disgust.


“Well, you’ll get used to over time. Oh!” Dr. Lim approached a man standing off to the side of the medieval arena.

“Drs. Eltiatuae, this here,”Dr. Lim gestured, ” is Dr. Fenn, our expert in the species.”

Dr.Fenn tugged off his glasses and dropped his clipboard he was gripping.

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