Content & Formats on ADR For the Future

At this time, ADR does not plan to allow image posting on the site by general users. This is just for the time being when the site is still running on limited storage capacity (plus the quick avoidance of unsolicited pornographic material), but the following will be taking this into consideration and focusing on what we can still provide/present until the time comes where users can share original images.

The base of content in fandoms should be a combination of forums and posts, all of which can be marked as liked or disliked. There should be a personal option to turn off the counter display for these markers so that the experience of viewing these posts feels more relevant to the self. It should be possible to follow both accounts, creators or moderators or nebulous, and whole fandom pages to get a regular flow of content in one’s social page.

Forum and blog hubs such as Reddit and Tumblr can be used as reference for the format of the content on the social side of ADR. Rather than the nebulous tagging system of Tumblr, it would be more conductive to use the subreddit feature of Reddit and have different categories of content according to fandom and creators. Crossovers and comparison posts should be able to be posted under the relevant fandoms simultaneously. 

This means that a single post will appear in two or more fandoms and so gain more interaction. These should not be separate posts, but the same post shared across fandoms, contributing to the revenue of all fandoms involved. 

Composing a post should first concern which fandom(s) it will be posted under, then include the community guidelines/fandom expectations to abide by or play with. Yes, fandoms cannot be “policed” in whole because it is expected to attract people of all walks of life with different perspectives, but basic standards should still be made and later challenged as the times change. Having these guidelines and expectations available at the composition of a post can help soothe the anxiety of those who want to be liked by the community as well as provide the backdrop to one’s analysis of a fandom versus the work and similar.

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13 days ago

This is actually a proposal on content specific to fandom/social media functions on ADR, not content as a whole on ADR. Obviously, ADR is a place for online novels, but adding additional, specific features that cultivate community such as fandom and social media can also help support those online novels.
Having general posts and forums shared within a fandom sparks discussion and inspiration. There are certainly established platforms where people can do that already, but having one directly connected to ADR means that ADR will be able to directly link posts to the works that they are about. There’s a better expectation and appreciation towards artists on ADR than out in the wild socials which are not tailored for artists (DA is quite good and specific, but only for showcases and not so much the discussion of art).