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  • How do you read?

    Posted by cheshir on May 16, 2024 at 9:00 pm

    When you read a story, do you get wrapped up and immersed in the world, or are you aware of the book as you read it?
    To analogize, are you aware of the frame of the television as you watch, or are you fully immersed in the film you are watching?
    I happen to be both the person who is aware of the television frame and the pages I am turning as I consume stories. I don’t feel that that takes away from the experience of being a reader, but I do wonder what it’s like to be unable to distinguish between the writing and the world (of the story).

    I enjoy reading in the way that I do because I like to think about what the author thought about to get to this plot, or how the author experienced the world before publishing that led to this perspective in the book. When something happens in the story that I enjoy, it’s usually because I can see what the author is doing and take the time to think about a single sentence or paragraph that charged my assumptions of the author’s process. I like to admire writing as writing, and sometimes the story is the language in which the genius of writing is conveyed.

    When I got into online novels, I discovered a difference in how I read stories. I think it may be because the grammar of a lot of online uploads are not complete, but I got more absorbed with the idea of the story over the actual writing itself. This made reading have an extra layer of fun for me, and I realized that there are different way to read. I still read with an eye out for interesting and satisfying prose, but now it is even more intertwined with the story/storytelling.

    So, basically, do you know how you read? Or is knowing how you read not at all important to how you enjoy reading? What do you feel as you read, are you immersed and easily swayed by the emotion of the piece, or are you more prone to dissecting the actual writing as it is?

    I’m interested in what others notice in their reading style.

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