Ideas for Competition Outline #2

Rubric (Writing)

CreativityIntent ClarityWriting StyleImpact
OverallIs the intent multi-interpretive?Is this writing style unique?Has this been done before?Creativity
Is the Intent transformative?OverallIs the intent present throughout the writing?Is the intent clear enough to learn from?Intent Clarity
Does the writing give depth to the story?Does the writing enforce the intent?OverallWith the writing, was there a distinct rhythm and aura?Writing Style
Does this bring a new perspective?Is the story inseparable from the intent?Was it easy to get lost in the writing?OverallInpact

CC: Is creativity present?
CIC: Is the intent new or innovative in any way? Does it bring rise to new meaning?
CWS: Is the writing style effective? Is it creative? Is there an advantage to using it?
CI: Will we remember this story?

ICC: How flexible is the intent? Can one person see all perspectives of the intent?
ICIC: Is there a clear intent present?
ICWS: How is the intent influenced by the writing style? Do we have to fight against the style to find the intent? Or is it naturally supported?
ICI: Without the intent, is the story still salvageable? With the intent, is the story completely transfigured?

WSC: Does the writing style stand out? Did it intertwine with the story well?
WSIC: Is there intent within the writing style? Does the intent align with the story’s intent?
WSWS: Is there a distinct writing style present?
WSI: Is the style pleasant? Does it make reading more fun?

IC: Pleasant surprise? Satisfying? Reminisce?
IIC: How clear is the intent, and is it easy to interpret? Does the intent fall to the trap of elitism?
IWS: Is the writing in particular inspirational? Does it seem to have a soul?
II: Did you have to stop and think about it once you finished? Bask in it?

Rubric (Reading)

OverallWas the perspective influenced by the prompt?Was the prompt also analyzed with the story?Can the prompt evolve/be fulfilled with this?Prompt
Was the perspective on the prompt fascinating?OverallWere there checks and balances on the perspective?Is this perspective revolutionary?Perspective
Was the story analyzed through the prompt properly?Did the perspective resonate within the analysis?OverallWas this analysis interesting/thorough?Analysis
Did this analysis change the meaning of the prompt?Now that the perspective is revealed, is there potential to change the way we think?Does this submission anticipate impact?OverallImpact

PP: Did the work relate to the prompt somehow? Is the prompt’s influence present?
PPe: Was there a clear perspective on the prompt? Is there a new interest in it?
PA:  Was the lens of the prompt used well to describe the story? Or did it go off track?
PI: Does the prompt seem reinvigorated now?

PeP: Did the perspective control the prompt, or vice versa? Is the control good or lacking?
PePe: Can you see the reader’s thoughts/perspective clearly? Or is it generic?
PeA: Is the perspective seamless, or does it also question itself?
PeI: Was the perspective steadfast? Does it challenge the norm?

AP: Was both the prompt and the story explored? Or was one used to explore the other?
APe: Was there a logical statement to be made; additionally, was it supported by facts?
AA: Is this a reader’s analysis, or is this an attempt at commentary? (We want analysis)
AI: Is this looking for impact, or is this off the cuff? How does that influence its impact?

IP: Does the prompt seem bigger now?
IPe: Did this perspective allow us to question things previously unquestioned?
IA: How effective was the analysis? How much of the story was included to make it so?
II: Was this reader inspiring? Do we want to hear more of this reader’s thoughts?

Regular Timeline: ~3 months

  1. Prepare Materials
    Prompts Adverts/Social Media Rubric Guidelines/Disqualifiers
    Generic survey Submissions page Resources (formatting/translation)
  2. Announce Competition (1-2 weeks prior to competition)
    Provide prompts Provide Guidelines Provide methods of qualification
    Interact on socials Release prize list
  3. Open Writer Submissions (~1 month)
    Release submissions page Release generic survey Provide rubric
  4. Collect and Judge Submissions (close submissions & judge ~1 week)
    Narrow down submissions to top 10 Release top 10 information
    Provide reader guidelines Introduce reader competition
  5. Open Reader Analysis Submissions (~1 month)
    Provide prompts Provide guidelines Provide methods of qualifications Interact
    Share top 5 stories (link to accounts/work account)
  6. Collect and Judge Submissions (close submissions & judge ~1 week)
    Narrow down submissions to top 10 Narrow down writer submissions to 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Finalize results Prepare rewards Contact winners
  7. Announce Results (~1 week)
    Share results Advertise winning accounts Post winning stories/analysis on site Collect & repurpose survey information
  8. Compile Conclusion (~1 month after competition)
    Describe management experience Describe losses Describe gains
    Propose improvements Prepare next season’s materials Archive competition

Participant Timeline

  1. ADR Announcement
    Find guidelines Ask questions Tag others Write story
    Discuss privately
  2. Submissions
    Submit story Participate in survey Wait for results
  3. Review/Part 1 Complete
    Read top 10 Rally readers to vote Tag others (for read comp participation) Share
    Find guidelines
  4. Reader Submissions
    Do guided reading Submit review Wait for results
  5. Review/Part 2 Complete
    Read top 3 Discuss results Check winners Share Accept awards Follow-up works

Submission Timeline

  1. Submit (Private)
    Under writer’s prompt Under reader’s prompt
  2. ADR Filter (Private)
    Disqualify Content Warnings Grading Deliberate top 10 Plagiarism-Check “Anything to declare” check Contact writers for permissions
  3. Top 10 Publication (Public)
    Upload to ADR (If possible)* Announce results on socials Honorable mentions
    ADR Accounts can now post their works on the site (even if not top 10)
  4. User Vote
    Vote directly on work Vote through comp forum on site
  5. Top 3 Publication
    Highlight winners Advertise works/accounts Award prizes
    Participation prizes

*Reader reviews can be activity posts; those w/out ADR accounts can have their reviews posted under the competition account (or main account) instead of receiving a repost by it.

Things to pay attention to:

Natural spread of word – How can we advertise our mission and competition “through the grapevine”? How can we best utilize social media?
Do we have any popular accounts currently with us? Do we have any accounts who are in an intimate circle of writers/readers? Are there any content creators who may be interested in sharing our competition? Do we have any international accounts?

Ease of entry – Are people complaining about the lack of information? Are people less willing to participate for any reason related to our presentation?
Is it difficult to understand what is happening/what is required for participation? Are the guidelines more confusing than helpful?

Emphasis – What can we emphasize to best capture attention? What should our visual ads focus on? Can we also make audio ads?
What audience are we trying to attract? How can we appeal to them?

Enjoyment – Not everyone will get an award; How can we make people engage at the competition level? How can we make work not work?
How can we make people join for fun and not reward? How can we get people’s candid opinion of the competition?

Retention of users and interests – After the event, what follow-up procedures should we take in order to keep our audience? Is it possible to automate certain things? Can we enlist the help of others in a reasonable measure? Will enlisting help from others also help their retention?

Accessibility – How can we advertise and facilitate the competition to be universally applicable? Are there any precautions that we can take to make the reviewing experience more doable for the readers? How should we filter content if at all?

Interactivity – What can we do to encourage participants to interact with each other? What can we do to encourage people to fill out the survey sincerely? How much direct action should the main account make? How much indirect action can we take in order to keep civility?

• Sexual assault 

• Abuse 

• Child abuse/pedophilia/incest 

• Animal cruelty or animal death 

• Self-harm and suicide 

• Eating disorders, body hatred, and fat phobia 

• Violence 

• Pornographic content 

• Kidnapping and abduction 

• Death or dying

 • Pregnancy/childbirth 

• Miscarriages/abortion 

• Blood 

• Mental illness and ableism 

• Racism and racial slurs 

• Sexism and misogyny

• Classism 

• Hateful language direct at religious groups (e.g., Islamophobia, anti-Semitism) 

• Transphobia and trans misogyny 

• Homophobia and heterosexism

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11 days ago

It felt like writing a game when we came up with this competition model. Looking back, I wonder if we got to a plan on how to present all this information, because it certainly is a lot haha.

I would much rather be a participant than a planner for this event! I look forward to the day when I can participate in this writing competition instead of working behind the scenes!