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Fantasy stories can be pretty hard to master so we’ve been talking and we asked:

  1. Of the stories that you’ve read, how heavy is the worldbuilding from a scale of 1-5? Additionally, how do you personally define “heavy worldbuilding”?
  1. What are your general expectations of a fantasy story?
  1. What are some things that the fantasy genre is notorious for? (Objective)
  1. Conversely, what are some things that you don’t like about the fantasy genre/fantasy writers? (Subjective)
  2. Have you read eastern fantasy? If not, please move directly to 5b. Otherwise, please talk about your experiences in delving into that subgenre and how you fell in/fell out of love with it. 5b. When reading stories with a total culture change/totally distorted perspective, what immerses you the most? What alienates you the most?
  1. What are your thoughts on using ethnic lore/culture as inspiration for fantasy stories? For example, Polynesian mythology/witchdoctor-ing or Irish folklore.
  1. Right now, in this moment, what do you feel like reading? Light fantasy? Snarky tweets? Your own unfinished story, perhaps? (I do want a genuine answer, but you could also just shamelessly promote your work if you wish lol)

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Thoughts by the writer ‘Cheshir’. Be sure to follow them on their social and hear more of their creative writing tips and tricks or thoughts.

biva Avatar

To be honest, I have recently wrote a fantasy novel(I won’t share its name as I want to respect our host’s wishes), and in that novel I didn’t build any heavy building.

2. I believe or you can say I like a light fantasy. I love reading. I mean it. But what draws me in a story, is not its heavy world or magic, rather its the plot/ story itself. I will read any story as long as its plot is interesting. I don’t care about anyother thing.

3. In other words, I like character buliding, how the author builds characters relations, their emotions, their backstories. All of it have heavy impact on me.

5. I prefer story content and besides I also love anime fantasy. I am really in love with animes and have watches countless ones.

6. And the thing I dislike the most in the fantasy is harem. I really mean it. I want the story to be heartwarming. Isekaid stories also are good but I personally prefer the opposite ones. As those stories really determine the potential of the protagonist, when he/she trains hard enough to reach highest level. But in isakeod stories, he is already overpowerd, which makes it interesting for the time being but gradually loses it way. Besides, now-a-days, anime market is full of isakeod stories, so there should be something new for the reader to enjoy.

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