Who/What is Audertist Originals & Our Future Plans!

We are Audertist Originals, a sprouting website dedicated to humanizing the sphere of online novels.

As authors ourselves, we’ve tried out many a platform to get our writing out, but felt alienated by the work culture and expectation of writers on every earning platform. We wanted to write what we liked and believe that all writing is worthy of being seen.

So we made a plan. It will take tons of trial and error to get it right, but we invite you to join: this project is for generations to come.

We have a series on IG that introduces who we are and what one can expect from our website in the future. Every other Saturday, our Threads account will also post some threads on these goals.

It is worth mentioning that we are in need of team members and volunteers to get our website running. Currently, we have one website dev to bring all our ideas to fruition. If you have the skills and are willing to become part of the team in the long run, please DM us and let us know!

In the meantime, you can follow our account for the occasional writer query and writing prompt. Be prepared for a conversation, because we’ll be sure to ask you to further elaborate!

Writers, see you there!

Instagram @theaudertist

What is ADR? (Audertist Originals):

  • A Website for Writers and Readers
  • A Gateway to Easier Facilitate Novel Production
  • A Plan to Revolutionize the Sphere of Digital Media
  • A Website for Writers and Readers
  • A library where authors can publish and gain the direct support of their readers.
  • Where readers have all the tools needed to help sustain their favorite authors in one place.
  • An online space, unfettered by physical and social barriers, where one can enjoy the arts humanely.

A Gateway to Easier Facilitate Novel Production

  • In producing a novel, there are many directions one can take.
  • Do you need an editor? A beta-reader? A fact-checker? Or even a dedicated researcher?
  • You could take on each role by yourself, but there are also people out there who are impassioned and willing to collaborate with you.

A Plan to Revolutionize the Sphere of Digital Creations

  • Algorithms, content, and contracts. When did art become capital?
  • It never did, and it never will be. Art is incompatible with commodification.
  • So let’s figure out a new way to survive in this world as an artist without commodifying our passions.

Instagram @theaudertist

Audertist, or ADR, in 3 Parts:

  • A Hopeful Team of 2
  • A Community of Artists and Art Appreciators
  • A Business for Creatives
  • A Hopeful Team of 2
  • Two creative writers who wanted to write sustainably in this chaotic age of the internet.
  • Affronted by contracts, content factories, and disingenuous offers, we decided to make a new space for writers everywhere.

A Community of Artists and Art Appreciators

  • Creatives thrive on connection. From writers and readers to painters and musicians, we all play a role in inspiring each other.
  • With a community to lean on, we will achieve the things that the community needs, taking note of our skills and intrigues.

A Business for Creatives

  • In this world, we need money to live. But the current ways of generating income are not beneficial nor reliable enough for us who live to create.
  • So here’s a business that dares to make a shift in the market.

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