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Welcome to our Writing Contests page! Here, you’ll find a curated list of the latest and most exciting writing competitions across various genres and formats. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, poet, essayist, or short story writer, there’s a contest for you. Each listing includes essential details such as deadlines, submission guidelines, eligibility criteria, and prize information. Participating in writing contests is a fantastic way to challenge yourself, gain exposure, and potentially earn recognition for your work. Explore the opportunities, unleash your creativity, and take a step towards achieving your writing dreams.

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The Weekly 5 is a 5 day challenge event writing contest focused on micro-fictions. Requirements for joining are listed below.

Weekly 5


In order to join the Weekly 5 you must: 

1. Have an account/Create an account on the site.

2. Read the Guidelines/Contest Handbook and comment the guidelines password in order to receive the participant badge. You can check your participant badge on your profile badges page.

3. After receiving your participant badge you will be able to see a new area open up in your account that will show you a contest calendar. In order to win you must visit the site each day and complete the daily writing prompt. 5 Winners from each pool of daily prompt winners will be able to go on to compete in the next writing contest.

4. Win all 5 Writing Prompts for the week to take home the daily prize cash prizes.