Chapter 2: A Trip To The City

The three Coldwater sons stood in front of there father inside his office. Gareth, Bryson, and the middle child Gilles, who had silver hair and violet eyes simply stood looked at their father, Gilles was big for a ten-year-old. Duke Alexander Coldwater was currently filling out paperwork, with their head butler, Phillip, standing at attention on the side.

No one said anything as they waited for their father to finish his work. They did not dare. After a couple more minutes Duke Coldwater clicked his pen shut and put it down.

“We are going to the city.” He stated. “I have a few things to do there, you three will join along me. Do what you want.”

The three siblings nodded in unison. Gareth acting nonchalant about this, but there was some hidden excitement. Gilles couldn’t contain his excitement, jumping up and down over the excitement.

They were excited for good reason, going to the capital city of Darlington with their father means more then just going into a large urban city. It meant that they were entering the heart of the city, all the best stores and shops.

Bryson couldn’t wait to go, there was an amazing bake goods shop that sold just the best cookies. Even the chefs at the mansion couldn’t even emulate the flavour of those chocolate chip cookies. So rich and chewy. Bryson thought.

Their father snapped them back into reality.

“We are leaving now; you have five minutes to prepare.” Duke Coldwater said as he rose and left the office. The other three rushed back towards their respective rooms to ready themselves.

Bryson entered the limousine along side with the rest of his family. The limousine they entered were surrounded by several security vehicles. The vehicles left the main gate and headed down the street.

During the trip Bryson was hit by sudden headache. After but a moment the pain passed, and he gently rubbed his head. Giving a quick look around, thankfully no one noticed. People tended to be over dramatic whenever even the most minor amount of discomfort was shown by Bryson. Not wanting to ruin the day Bryson said nothing.

After a while they reached the centre of the city. They said nothing as they poured out of the vehicle. Everyone around them noticing the cars arrive gave them a wide birth. Upon seeing Duke Coldwater emerge from the limousine, those who saw him quickly looked down towards their feet and hurriedly walked away.

“You have a few hours. I will call you all to all to return here afterwards.” Was all Duke Coldwater said before leaving them to their own devices.

Each one of the brothers split of from the group, with two heavily armoured guards joining them. Bryson walked off to find the bakery, with two guards acting as his guardian. Inside of the city centre it was magically heated that allowed people to roam around without the need of winter gear.

Sometime passed and as Bryson emerged from the bakery, one of the guards now holding a large box of freshly made cookies. Bryson wondered what to do next, there was still plenty of time for him to roam around. There was this magic shop he remembered seeing an add about, he was tempted to go there.

As he was still deciding another piercing headache struck him, him suddenly. It lasted only a second, but it caused Bryson to pause and collect himself. Blinking away the pain he gave a quick look around, nothing strange.

As he was about to move towards where the magic shop was, he… felt something. A small tug on his body that directed him somewhere else. He looked back to another street and felt like he something was calling to him.

Looking towards the guards who gave no indication of anything strange, he looked back towards the street. I may as well see. Father said these guards were the best. He thought as he moved down the street. Wordlessly his protectors followed him.

Walking through the streets he took a few twists and turns going into some alleyways that he’s never been to before. Bryson moved up some flights and then down some, before eventually arriving at tiny old storefront.

Looking at the storefront he saw no name, no lights, no indication of it being opened. But Bryson had a feeling that something was in there, something he needed to see. As he was about to walk in heard one his guards speak for the first time.

“Um… my lord, I do not think you should enter.” The guard said nervously.

Bryson emotionlessly turned to face him, though inwardly he was actually surprised that they spoke up. Usually these guards, along with most servants working for his house tended to say very little. Mainly to try and avoid the famous Coldwater ire.

This place does look creepy. Bryson thought, the strange feeling Bryson had that led him here had now disappeared. It was probably smarter to just leave. But Bryson had spent to long walking here to turn back immediately, plus he was curious.

Bryson gave the guard a stone-cold glare and chilling whispered out, “Are you giving me commands.”

The guard tensed up and quickly looked away from Bryson. “No sir, I apologize.” He said hurriedly.

Well, that worked. Bryson thought as he returned his attention to the store. Though, he wasn’t exactly sure this irrational fear towards him was something he should be happy about. Worry about that later. He decided, as he opened the door into the strange shop.

Author’s Note: Hey, I’ve published most of the chapters on other sides, check them out if you want to.

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