Chapter 2: Vatium’s Speech

Vatium’s face grew dark as he released a horrifying killing intent, and then in a flash the Heroes were on the ground half-dead and unconscious. Vatium walked over to Aurianna, who was frozen on the stop from the shock. Her frightened face grew even more gloomy when she saw him slowly walk towards her, but instead of killing her Vatium stroke her blue hair and gently caressed it.


“Why are you still with the filthy humans?” He asked. “Huh?” Aurianna let out on confusion and shock, why would he ask such a thing? “I don’t understand what you mean,” Aurianna meekly replied, still deathly afraid of the Demon Lord.


“How can you not understand Aurianna, can’t you see the greed and ways the humans treat other races?,” Vatium said bitterly, with viscous hatred dripping from his voice.


“That’s not true! They’re all good people..,” Aurianna denied, taking a step back and away from the Demon Lord.


“They take care of each other and they are kind,” Aurianna added as she refused to believe in what the Demon Lord said. “Haven’t you ever seen taken a closer look? At all the enslaved people?” Vatium asked as he looked at Aurianna with a sad face.


“But those races committed hideous crimes,” Aurianna retorted, not believing in what Vatium tried to tell her.. And why did he keep calling her Aurianna? she has no memory of him at all.


“Crimes for being another race Aurianna!” Vatium gritted his teeth, letting a fist slam into a nearby pillar. “I thought you would have known about how the world was like,” Vatium muttered sadly as the domineering aura around him faded. “Why can’t you open your eyes to see it?” Vatium asked Aurianna as he approached her again.


“Even so there are people who are kind-hearted and good. I would surely sacrifice everything for them as a Saintess,” Aurianna said with determination in her eyes.


“Fine, do what you want but I warned you,” Vatium’s sad look grew into an evil grin which made Aurianna’s heart ache. Was he somehow right about all the humans?


“Once you lose your purpose they will all abandon you,” Vatium added, staring at Aurianna with a mad grin. “I just hope that you do not suffer,” Vatium said, as Aurianna gripped her wand tightly.


“Just remember one thing, Aurianna, no Saintess through history has ever had a good ending.” Just as Vatium finished his sentence a bright light covered him, and Aurianna felt the warm and wet sensation of tears streaking down her cheeks. It was almost as if she lost a good friend, and once the light faded Vatium was nowhere to be seen. Had she just killed the Demon Lord?


Aurianna collapsed to the ground trying to think. If humans were the bad guys, then who were the good guys?


Aurianna used the rest of her powers to revive the Hero and his group, but at that moment Aurianna was struck with intense pain all over her body and she collapsed onto the ground, almost losing consciousness.


Cindy looked at Aurianna nervously and told her, “It seems the power of a Saintess is no longer within you.”


Aurianna struggled to get up as she heard those words from Cindy.


Aurianna was shocked by the sudden news, but she recalled Vatium’s last words.


‘There’s no way they’ll abandon me,’ Aurianna convinced herself.


She then put on a plastered a smile on her face, prepared to face the party. “I defeated the Demon Lord, now we can all be safe,” Aurianna cheered as she then turned to look towards the group. However, they were all glaring at her and not cheering with her.


They were the Heroes who were destined to slay the Demon Lord, yet a Saintess who couldn’t even hurt a single fly defeated the Demon Lord? it was quite frankly impossible.


“Who would actually believe a weak Saintess like you could defeat the Demon Lord? As of now I Kent defeated the Demon Lord. No one would believe you over me since you’re so useless,” Kent yelled at her and looked at Aurianna viciously which caused her to slightly tremble.


“I’m not useless, remember I helped you so many times and healed you when you were almost near death,” Aurianna chipped in as she wouldn’t accept such slanderous words directed at her.


“So… what does that have to do with me? It was your choice,” Kent said with a slight grin on his face as Aurianna gritted her teeth, she didn’t understand these people. Weren’t they supposed to be grateful that she saved their lives, so why does it look like they want to condemn her?


After that, they decided to leave, since it wouldn’t be good if the other demons came to throw their lives away in revenge for the Demon Lord.


Cindy, Kent, Derek, and Aurianna made sure to walk far away from the Demon Lord’s castle until they were safe. Since they were very tired they all decided to camp and walk back to the Kingdom the next day.


But it seemed that things weren’t as simple as they came out to be.


As Aurianna was done eating dinner with the party who was giving her a cold shoulder she decided to rest early and enter her tent.


Before Aurianna could close her eyes she heard someone enter her tent which caused her to immediately wake up in fear of a monster. But when she saw who it was she sighed in relief as it was only Hero Kent who was here.


Even though it wasn’t a Demon, having Kent approaching her tent caused her to be more agitated.


He then walked up to Aurianna as he grabbed her delicate hands firmly, “Now I’m impatient, it would terrible if such a fine body like yours go to waste.” Kent licked his lips as he stared at Aurianna’s beautiful and curvy body.


“I can at least make you my wife since no one loves you as I do, ” he said with a wicked grin on his face.


“But…..I have a fiance,” Aurianna said sternly. How dare he try to make a move on her when she has a fiance.


“Tch, since I’m the hero I’m sure they’ll allow you to marry me,” Kent laughed proudly.


Kent looked at Aurianna with a devilish grin on his face.


He then launched himself on Aurianna holding her mouth as she tried to struggle.


Tears started running down her eyes as he removed her clothes, the same scene that happened with her brother was about to happen again. Aurianna reached for a dagger in her skirt and she used it to slash Kent in the chest. Kent jumped back to avoid her attack, and saw the little dagger in her hand. It was a small blade that Aurianna always carried around.


“You know attacking the hero is the same as asking for death,” Kent threatened as he looked at Aurianna angrily.


Aurianna held a piece of her clothing to cover her chest as she was trembling in fear.


All of a sudden the air around her got weird as she started to feel very tired.


“It took so long for that damn potion to work,” Kent grunted as his lips curved up into a smile.


Kent bent down on Aurianna as he grabbed her face looking at her blank eyes.


“I didn’t want to do this but you pushed me to my limit, we could have some fun but it seems like it’s only going to be me,” Kent smiled happily as he looked at Aurianna with his lustful eyes.


Kent then grabbed Aurianna who was paralyzed and started to kiss her.


“Why, why, why, why is this happening to me?!!”


Aurianna wanted to cry but the tears couldn’t come out due to the drug in the tent.


Kent started to grope Aurianna’s boobs passionately and played around with it.


Aurianna wanted to scream for help but she couldn’t, and a thought crossed her mind. Haven’t the other two heroes realised that she and Kent have been in the tent for a while?


Because Kent never sleeps next to her during their journey. So then it could be that they already knew that Kent would attack her.


Now Aurianna wanted to cry more since she knew how miserable she was. As a Saintess who always saved others and help the wounded she wasn’t even able to receive a little amount of respect from the Hero’s party even as a princess.


Kent just forced himself on Aurianna. And even called her a slut for having lost her virginity.


Aurianna still couldn’t say anything, since her mind was paralyzed. She wanted to tell him it’s not her fault, but that disgusting brother of hers. And her own father wasn’t willing to punish him.


Aurianna wanted to cry, she wanted to go to her father and report the hero, but would he believe her? They never actually believed her when she reported someone. Such thoughts crossed her mind but she could do nothing but wait for this to end.


The next day Kent was walking around happily, but Aurianna constantly kept glaring at him.


The bastard who defiled her body. Hatred grew deep inside of her. All she wanted right not for that so-called bastard of a Hero to die a painful death. She also glared at the other two heroes Cindy and Derek. She had her suspicions that they knew what Kent did to her but chose not to talk about it.


Now she could only rely on her father for justice, she just needed to head back home safely.


During their way back to the kingdom everything was going well and Kent didn’t bother her as usual. However, Aurianna had to keep her guard up. None of them were trustworthy in her eyes….


One evening when passing the great Gatsby forest they decided to rest there since they were halfway from the kingdom which made Aurianna happy.


“Aurianna may I come in,” Cindy asked as she was in front of Aurianna’s tent. Since Cindy was a girl Aurianna didn’t mind and let her in.


“So, what do you want?” She asked in a cold yet timid voice.


“Well it’s been a long time since we had a nice girl chat,” she answered with a smile.


“That’s true I guess,” Aurianna replied as she realised she doesn’t really get to have a friendly chat. All her friends in the capital were mostly fake, but she had to keep a fake face and continue to smile at them.


“Aurianna if there is anything bothering you can always tell me,” Cindy placed her hand on her own chest with a courageous look in her eyes.


Aurianna couldn’t help but laugh at how nice Cindy was. So she didn’t bring up the topic about how Kent raped her. And the two happily chatted away, never mentioning what had happened yesterday.

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