Chapter 5- The Funeral~

“You walked into my life like you had always lived there; like my heart was a home built just for you.” – AR. Asher

^^Rick’s POV^^

We all knew Grandma wouldn’t live for more but never thought she would leave us so soon making the joyous day turn gloomy.

My world turned upside down. I was sitting on the ground near the bed, holding my grandma’s hand for more than two hours.

None tried their best to console me, maybe all my family members were in grief too to care for me. Later the Smiths arrived to present their condolences.


Roy and Ria reached me, Ria threw her in my arm and cried. Roy stayed by the side but didn’t speak and only patted me. I didn’t know why but Roy didn’t go to console Serene first.

Hearing Ria’s sobs, tears start to well in my eyes. I couldn’t control them and they began to fall. Roy left the two of us alone and went out of the ward.


With Ria’s help, I left the ward and joined my family. My parents were hugging Serene and Shawn and sobbing. All family members’ eyes were red.

Someone was there to console Serene and all family members were surrounding her, I also didn’t think Roy was needed there either.


Serene was the only daughter born in our family after many generations. She was the apple of everyone in our family.  Her birth was the most enjoyable day in Jones’s residence, I was also happy to have a sister. After her birth, sometimes even my parents neglected me. I used to feel as if I was unwanted. But I can’t be jealous of my own siblings.

Due to the pampering and overlove, Serene was arrogant and extravagant. Her every wish was fulfilled so she was cocky. Her mistake was always overlooked.


Shawn was born five years later than me. The treatment he and I got was vastly different. He wasn’t much different than Serene but in comparison was less preferred than Serene. He always acted good and sweet to Serene so everyone in the family didn’t mind his behavior. He had a perverted and sly mind, many didn’t know as he was an expert to hide his thoughts and expression.

Whatever they were, were my siblings so I wouldn’t mind their behavior. I just want them not to act immoral or disrespect the law.


My grandfather had two sons, my father was the younger but still, I was born before my uncle’s son. My mother was the daughter of another aristocratic family. My parent’s marriage was arranged by their family.

I was born in that period when they hadn’t fallen in love with each other. Now, they seemed like a loving couple.


Seeing Roy standing beside me, Serene freed herself from mother’s grasp and rushed to Roy. Holding Roy’s arm, she began to tear up more and more. Only her wailing was heard in the hospital corridor. Roy only patted her head while keeping quiet.

Listening to her wail other members also started to tear up. My grandfather was surrounded by his old pals but was looking out of the window towards the sky. Who knows what he was thinking or feeling at the moment?


Nobody was in the situation of being sane or making preparation for grandma’s burial.

I, as the eldest grandson, who had sobered up had to take the responsibility in my head. Roy and Ria supported me.

The burial was held before dusk. Those people who were invited to the marriage ceremony turned out to be participants in the funeral of my grandmother. Due to the death, the marriage was called off for other days.


Slowly everyone started to scatter. I asked Ria and Roy to take my family back home. They advised me to leave together but I rejected it.

So, for the whole night, I stayed kneeling in front of my grandma’s grave alone. My heart was hurting from her death. I prayed for her soul to rest in heaven. Maybe in the future, I won’t have time to spend with her grave too but at the present, I want to stay with her.

Due to certain circumstances, I had to stay far from her and missed her all along. I hated those people who were responsible for separating her from me.


A long time ago, I had promised that I would make each and every people’s life in that family to be hell. None would be able to run out of my hatred and revenge.

‘Even if grandma told me to remember the kindness, I won’t forget the deep grudge between us. None will survive–‘ my mind was repeating the oath I took before.


The night passed out. At the dawn, I slowly stood up. My legs were numb and jelly but still, I persist to stand steadily. Walking out of the grave I saw, a person standing outside the gate.

“Why are you here? Don’t tell me you waited all night for me?” I questioned raising my brows. Even if I was grieving, her appearance gave me joy.


“Even if we didn’t get married yesterday, you will soon be my husband. How could I leave my future husband all alone…I will stay by your side in times of happiness and sadness too. But if you don’t want then I will return back…” Ria tried to walk away as she was speaking.

I caught her hand, pulled her towards me, and hugged her.


“Who said I don’t want…I just wanted you to stay at home. You could wait there too. Did you stay here all night?” I asked in worry. I felt lucky as she was my soon-to-be wife.

“Do you think the devil will let me stay here… I wanted but he warned me and only let me arrive here in the morning. He stayed here all night I suppose.” She spoke in frustration.


“Ohh” my heart felt warm due to these siblings. Even if my family didn’t stay by my side someone did, and it was enough for me to feel Roy’s gratitude.

All think of him as a devil, cruel and inhumane but deep inside that person was a soft heart. He had to stay so to protect himself and the people he cared for.

Maybe because Roy wasn’t treated better in his family, he was close to us siblings even in his childhood. The one person who treated him better in the Smith family was only Ria.


“He was here when I arrived, but I think he left to give us private space…”

“Let’s go somewhere to have breakfast, I am famished.” I diverted the topic.

“Okay, where do you want to go–”


After having a simple breakfast, I told Ria to accompany me somewhere as I didn’t want to return to Jones resident.

I took the driver seat of Ria’s car and brought her outside Grasal to a hillside. We arrived at the small bungalow two hours later.


“What is this place? It looked like an abandoned building…more to say the ghost house.” Ria chuckled while speaking.

“Who knows, maybe after all these years it has to turn into a place where ghosts gather,” I replied mischievously.


“Don’t try to scare me…”

I smiled in response and brought her inside the bungalow, holding her hands and opening the lock with the key I used to have. The room was covered in dust and spider webs. All furniture was covered well. The bungalow was two-stored, enough for a small family to live in.

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