Chapter 7 – New Friend

As we parted ways— I decided to head towards the classroom and just wait there until the next class started. There was no point in exploring the town anymore since I was already here, after all.

Instead, I decided to talk to some of the students— my plan was to be somewhat social with my fellow classmates while also drawing a line— so they don’t get too close to me.

This way, I would build a reputation of being social but cold— it was the plan I have used so far to avoid being harassed by fools that thought bullying was still cool— while also not being in a position that forced me into a spotlight.

And the first step of this entire plan started right here— the classroom for my first class of the day.

As I walked into the classroom— I peered around to see how empty it was still. It was still a good half an hour before the class actually started, so not a lot of people were here yet.

The only people in the classroom were the ones that either had nothing better to do— or were very diligent with their work. I fell into the first category naturally.

That would go to explain why I only spotted around 6 people when I looked around the class— which wasn’t a lot when you compare it to the average number of students in the class, which was around 30 students.

My eyes trailed each of them as I made my way over to an empty seat— 3 females and 3 males— a pretty even number if I don’t say so myself.

Naturally, one of those girls who Rosaline— but after the way the conversation ended before, it would be weird to approach her right now.

Instead, I decided to approach one of the guys this time to talk to— guys were the easiest to manipulate when you knew how to do it right. And I knew how to do it right.

I made my way over to an empty seat that was close to one of the 3 guys— a young man that wore glasses and had short black hair.

He was dressed in a plaid shirt— and from the way his head was stuck in a book— I could tell he was a bookworm.

Bookworms were the easiest to manipulate— in most cases. After all— they rarely interacted with people of the other gender so when someone as good-looking as I spoke to them— they hung along with every word I said.

I wasn’t a manipulative person persay— my sisters just thought me how to be social enough to get what I wanted and how to blend in— I was just putting it into practice.

“Hey there, nice to meet you,” I said with a friendly smile as I took a seat near his— not getting too close since I didn’t want to make him feel weirded out from overfriendliness.

He seemed confused at my sudden friendliness at first— but he quickly replied with a somewhat respectful tone. “Um— Hello.”

It was funny watching him fiddle around with the book in his hand— unsure if he should say something else or just end the conversation there.

As much as I would like to keep watching his internal struggle— I decided to speak up and stop it, “I’m Aurora, I’m new— I hope you don’t mind me sitting here?” I said— with a somewhat pitiful tone— trying to make him more sympathetic.

It seemed it worked because his flustered reply in an attempt to clarify that he didn’t mind me sitting where I was was amusing to see, “It’s no problem at all— really— you can sit. No please sit— it’s fine.”

With his consent, I relaxed my body on the seat more— getting comfortable since I was going to be sitting here for a while. I didn’t have any books with me— not even a bag— so I didn’t have anything to do besides just sitting there in silence.

“Um— do you not have your books?” He asked in a meek voice, clearly noticing the fact that I didn’t have anything with me.

Even though I didn’t need the books to do the class— nor really cared for them— I saw this as a good chance to get closer with the boy— and as such I took it.

“Oh, that? No, I haven’t had the chance to buy it yet— I’ve been so busy with the move.” I replied— my eyes drifting over to his book to give him a subconscious hint about what to do next.

It seemed to have worked because he quickly moved the book forward— handing it to me— as he made a suggestion, “Why don’t you take my book, I’m sure it could help you—um— I’m not saying you’re— uh— dumb or anything.”

I almost laughed out loud right there and then with how quickly he was jumping around his words— but I hid it behind my friendly smile and spoke in a concerned tone, “But wouldn’t that take it away from you?”

He shook his head, trying to ease my concern by saying, “No—no, it’s fine, I don’t need it, you can use it.” He was very adamant about lending me his book— which was a good sign since it meant it was working.

Just another push and he would probably be easy to manipulate as long as I don’t shatter the image of me he has in his mind.

The image of the kind— friendly— new girl that recently moved to town and needed help.

“How about this, we can share it?” I said as I moved closer to him on the benches— close enough to definitely be within his personal space but not to the point where I was touching him.

I may be trying to get under my thumb— but I had standards when it came to who I was going to be rubbing up on. And the male species doesn’t fall under it.

He seemed embarrassed at how close I got to him— but at the same time, he didn’t try to move away too far. His hands fidgeting around as he spoke, “Um— that would be amazing— I mean— I would like that.”

Again— trying to avoid laughing out loud was quite difficult, but I got it under control by faking out a cough to clear my throat.

“Great! Oh, I forgot to ask your name?” I said as I turned to face him— from the corner of my eyes, I could spot Rosaline looking in our direction, but I couldn’t tell why.

Her face was the same as always— a resting serious face.

I tried to avoid paying attention to her and instead pay attention to the boy as he spoke— stating his name. “I’m Daniel— um— it’s nice to meet you.” He said as he meekly scratched his face— looking down.

“Nice to meet you, Daniel, I hope we can get along. You’re one of the first people I’ve spoken to here.” I said in a friendly tone— giving him the honor that was being one of the few people I talked to here— who didn’t enjoy having such attention.

We spoke for a bit more— mainly about the town and the places of interest in it— but our conversation was cut short when the professor arrived to start the class.

I was actually so into the conversation that I hadn’t been paying attention to the area around me— and at how filled it had become with students.

“Alright everyone, take your seats— let’s start.” The professor said from the front of the class as he walked to the whiteboard.

I sat back for another long— and boring— class.

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