Chapter 8 – New People

The class wasn’t as long as it was yesterday— only going for around 40 minutes today which I wasn’t expecting— but I was thankful for it nonetheless.

Throughout the course of the class, the boy rarely spoke— he seemed very focused on what was being taught. I could tell he was the hardworking type— which made me feel a bit bad for using him.

But it wasn’t like I was using him for anything bad— if anything I was just using him to form a cover act. I’m sure he would be happy to help me out if I told him— not that I could.

What would be the point in telling the person you’re using for a cover— about what you’re trying to cover. That would be like trying to rob a bank by telling the bank you want to rob them.

Nonetheless, no matter how bad I felt about using him— I wasn’t going to let my emotions get in the way of my safety. It wasn’t even just my safety either.

If I somehow got exposed to a hunter that was in town— which I’m unsure if there is any— it would link them directly to my Coven, which meant my family getting hurt too.

This only made me more certain that using the boy was the right thing to do— so when he was going to leave, I quickly spoke up.

“Hey! Thanks for letting me borrow your book— I would’ve been lost without you.” I said with a sweet smile, trying to pander to his hero complex if he had any.

Most people wanted to be someone’s hero in one way or another— so how could such a shy boy not want to be the hero of some helpless— cute— girl.

“Um— it’s fine— um— I’m going now.” His face was flustered with nervousness, and his words fluttered all over the place as he tried to keep his mental focus.

He didn’t even give me a chance to say anything to him again before he quickly ran through the crowded classroom and out the door— disappearing from sight like a gust in the wind.

While the thought of going after him did cross my mind— I didn’t bother doing that since it wouldn’t make any sense. Instead, I decided to head out as well— to head home and help my father with the boxes.

As I was going to the doorway— from the corner of my eye, I spotted Rosaline making her way towards me as well. When she got close enough— I saw her open her mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by another voice from the side of me.

An all too familiar female voice— that leaked of excitement.

“Hey, you ran off before we could show you around yesterday. You’re not getting away today though, we have lots to show you!” Said Becky as she grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the door.

I was so shocked by how forward she was that I didn’t bother resisting her until she had already dragged me out the door.

Looking back, I saw that Rosaline was no longer coming closer— and instead was just leaving.

I tried to call out to her as she passed us by the doorway— because I was curious to see what she wanted before— but my voice was once again interrupted by the annoying girl.

“Ros-” I said, only to be cut off by Becky— who pulled my arm once more.

“Come on, let’s go, I want to introduce you to some friends!” She said as the other two girls joined us. How could they not— they were her add-ons, after all.

“Don’t grab me like that,” I said in an annoyed voice as I broke my hand away from her grip— looking back to see that Rosaline was gone.

This only annoyed me further— with a frown forming on my face to show my dissatisfaction— but I quickly returned it to my neutral look. A minor slip in my social image— that’s all.

“So, what’s this about some introductions?” I said to the girl as I returned my gaze to her— my dull purple eyes staring into her plain hazel eyes.

While she may be annoying— she was also useful to get information and protect my social image. She could be of use in finding out if any hunters lived in town— or at the very least, she could be used as a cover, as a normal school girl.

The girl was a bit taken aback by my way of breaking free from her grip, along with my attitude— but she didn’t seem to let it linger when she heard me ask about the introductions.

“Yea, I want to introduce you to my boyfriend and some of his friends. We’re heading to the place we usually hang out— I showed it to you yesterday.” She said with a peppy tone.

I remember the place she was talking about— the perfect relaxing spot that was ruined by the childish actions of a few people.

Overthinking it would just worsen my impression of the girl— so I didn’t bother doing so.

“Oh there? Uh, sure.” I said— agreeing a bit hesitantly— mainly because I wasn’t sure how long this would take, and I intended to go home to help.

“Great, let’s go!” She said as she started to move forward quickly— her two lapdogs following at her sides like they were escorting her.

I shook my head and followed along— ‘This was going to be a bothersome conversation, isn’t it,’ I considered to myself as I did.

The walk was short— and surprisingly silent. The girl not bothering to say anything— maybe she was more aware of how annoyed I got earlier than I thought.

Either way, I found the silence useful for what I wanted to do— think. I hadn’t had the chance to properly think for a while now.

It was straight to manipulation planning when I got here— and then this conversation with Becky— but now was a good enough time to think.

‘What was that weird encounter earlier with Rosaline? Why was she in the abandoned building?’ I thought to myself— unable to figure out why she would be in such a place.

My reasoning at first was that she just wanted a place to be alone— and that could very well still be true— but if that was the case, why would she try to jump out the window to avoid me when I got there.

‘Maybe she got scared?’ I tried to reason with myself since the encounter was strange— even for someone like me.

I shook my head as I realized just how much I have been thinking about this girl lately— why was she so stuck in my mind since I saw her.

“Why?” I muttered to myself out loud without realizing it— drawing the attention of one of the girls that were walking ahead of me.

When they turned to see my staring at the ground as I walked behind them— lost in my own thought— they got curious enough to say something about it.

“What’re you thinking about?” She said in an interested tone— walking backwards to look at me as she did. The others noticed this— they also heard her question— but they didn’t bother getting involved.

They just over listened to hear what we were saying.

Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts— causing me to refocus my eyes on her to see what she was talking about.

Since I hadn’t heard what she said properly, I had to clarify before I spoke, “I’m sorry what?” I said to her.

“I said, what are you thinking about.” She said— repeating what she had previously said— her tone the exact same.

‘What a noisy girl.’ I thought to myself as I looked at her with a blank expression. Well— not answering would seem rude which would be counterproductive to what I was trying to do— so I just lied.

“I was just thinking about where I could buy my books,” I said quickly— lying on my feet was another of the many skills I learned from my sisters.

It seemed she bought the excuse too— because she looked disappointed it wasn’t any juicy gossip. Hiding her disappointment by trying to help me by giving me some advice.

“Well, you can probably buy all your books at Red Clove Bookstore— they are like the only bookstore in the town and have all the books you need.” She said— which was actually pretty useful.

I have been looking for a place to buy my books since I hadn’t gotten them yet— I would’ve eventually found them but getting told a place directly was immensely useful.

“Thanks,” I said with a smile— a genuine one since she was helpful.

It seemed she wasn’t expecting such a response— or maybe it was just because I’ve not shown an actual smile to them before— but when she saw it she got a bit flustered.

“It— It’s fine.” She said— stammering over her words for a brief moment before she tried to catch herself by sharing some gossip she heard.

“Oh, but be careful— I heard that the old lady that runs the bookstore is a witch.” She even tried to say it in a spooky tone and all, but it just came out sounding like some rude rumor spread amongst young people.

A witch— being warned about someone that’s assumed to be a witch— now that was top-notch comedy if I don’t say so myself.

I didn’t actually believe the old lady to be a witch— otherwise, we would’ve been told about it before we moved here.

The Covens would never allow too many witches to be in one town— and our Coven was the current ruling family of this town.

Having another Coven in the same town would not only be dangerous if the hunters found out, but it would also be against the witching rules.

Especially if it was a rogue witch that didn’t even have a Coven— that would mean they were an unstable variable that could go bad at any moment.

That’s why I believed it to be unlikely— the witching community would’ve said something about it.

“Is that so? I will look out for that, I guess.” I said to just go along with her since I didn’t want to argue or anything. Plus it’s not like I could argue my point to her— what would I say.

They can’t be a witch because I’m a witch, and the witch community would know if another witch was in town? That would be so stupid.

“Anyway! We’re here.” Becky’s voice once again interrupted our conversation as she pointed out we had reached our destination— the area behind the gym.

I looked around and noticed that it wasn’t quite the same as it was before— this time it had some folding chairs set up for people to sit in— with a few of them fill and others empty.

That wasn’t all though, I also instantly noticed the scent of beer in the air— alerting me that the cooler I spotted next to one of the folding chairs was probably filled with it.

“Aurora, this is my boyfriend Kyle,” Becky said as she walked over to some bulky-looking guy with blond hair and hugged him; placing a very passionate kiss on his lips.

‘A Kyle.’ I thought to myself as I looked at him. He definitely matched the image of Kyle you would have in your mind— the classic ‘alpha male’ persona.

Muscle, average height, the workout shirt, and pants that look unused yet stained with beer, always. And he sounded exactly like I expected him to— like a douche bag.

“Hey, babe, who’s this chick?” He said as his eyes lingered over my body.

I could tell he was picturing me without any clothing on with the mere way he looked at me— his eyes lingering on certain perky parts of my body a lot longer than they normally should.

I was so very tempted to smack him— but I controlled myself because I didn’t come here to fight. Maybe.

“I told you about her yesterday babe, the new girl.” Replied Becky as she didn’t seem to notice how his eyes were clearly cheating on her at the moment— or maybe she didn’t care.

“Oh yea her. Well, nice to meet you new chick.” He replied, offering a hand for me to shake or something— or maybe he was offering the beer in it.

Either way, I didn’t want to touch such a toxic waste of space— I might get an infection or something. Instead, I just nodded my head and said, “Yea.” Not caring to return to the greeting.

I ended that conversation by walking past the guy— noticing the 3 other guys that were with him.

Saying that they looked like a copy of him wouldn’t be wrong— each one having a similar build and clothing choice— with only the hair being different amongst them.

‘Must be a circus because they have so many clowns here.’ I said to myself— laughing at my own joke in my mind because I knew saying that out loud would be a bad choice.

One of the other guys— a black hair dude that was sitting— spotted me as I walked passed Kyle and opened the cooler.

“Want a beer?” He offered— taking out one of the many canned beer and offering it for me to drink.

If there is one thing you should know about me— it was that I hated the taste of beer. Wine, whiskey, and many other drinks were fine— but beer was absolutely revolting to me.

I couldn’t understand how people drink beer and enjoy it. It was like poison.

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