Chapter Fourteen

“It’s devastating, isn’t it?” Bea comments sadly. She stirs her tea delicately, like the British actors in movies do – with a silver spoon and glass teacup.

“Yes, it is,” I say quietly. I stir my tea too, but my stirring isn’t as delicate as Bea’s is. My stirring is more rough and quick. I guess it’s just an old habit. I had to stir quickly to Alpha Banastre, Amanda, and Darcy, back in my old pack.

“They were so young,” she continues, and I don’t think she’s very good at gauging someone’s mood based on their expression, because if she was, she probably would have stopped by now. I didn’t want to keep hearing about Hanako and Han-Seok, but she continued, and it seemed that talking about events calmed her down (or maybe it was the tea, I’m not sure), so I let her. I ignored the pinching of my heart or the anxiety-filled stomach ache that swamped my body.

“They were,” I agree. “Han-Seok and Hanako didn’t deserve to go so soon. They had a whole life ahead of them.”

“With each other,” Bea nods. “This doesn’t make any sense, Anvi. Who would be doing this, and why now? I mean…this only happened once before, and Jackson put a stop to it very quickly.”

“I don’t doubt that,” I mutter, and usually, I would be beaming with pride at the praise for my mate, but today, my heart ached so much that it pulled the strings of my lips, turning them into a permanent frown.

Bea frowns and stares at me. I try not to wince. She sees through me, just like Luna Hailey used to whenever I lied to her. It’s so easy for them. I can’t mask any of my emotions anymore. Jackson can read me like a book he’s read thousands of times, and the way Bea is looking at me reminds me of when he’s reading me – small, studying eyes narrowed with concentration.

“It could have been anyone,” Bea continues slowly. “But it’s odd, because there’s supposed to be a magical barrier around the pack. Not many wolves have broken through it.”

“Magical barrier?” I repeat. “We don’t have magic though…?”

“The witches do,” Bea says. “We’re allied with many covens, so a long time ago, Jackson’s father had them create a barrier. Jackson had it strengthened when…” she stopped.

I paused my stirring. “When what?”

Bea fidgeted. “I…It’s not really my place to say…” she murmured.

Tilting my head to the side, I set my cup on the table and stared at her, trying to give the same, all-knowing stare that she had given me when I hesitated. It seemed to have worked, because the same defeat that I saw dampen my eyes whenever I looked at myself in the mirror shimmered in Bea’s eyes. She sighed.

“Fine, but promise me that you won’t tell Jackson that I told you this,” she said sternly.

“Okay…sure, I promise,” I said, a little unnerved.

Bea sighed again. “A while ago, well, two years ago, Jackson had another mate. Her name was Sara. She looked just like you. Well, a little different, but for the most part, you both looked the same.” She paused. “Alpha Banastre Yuen, I’m sure you’ve heard of him – I mean, of course, you’ve heard of him. If he didn’t personally tell you about his legacy then you’ve definitely heard how infamous he is.”

Hearing Banastre’s name made my back straighten. My throat suddenly seemed to close in on me, straining my air pipes, and I had to try and laugh to make it seem like I wasn’t choking.

“Of course,” I said through clenched teeth. “I’ve heard of him…and Sara. Jackson told me about both of them.”

“Oh, really?” Bea blinked. “That’s weird. He hasn’t spoken about Sara since, well, you know, she died, and I thought that he had pretty much forgotten about her. He’s been enamored with you ever since he met you.”

Despite the fear that threatened to consume me, I still blushed. “Oh…so what happened?”

Bea’s nose wrinkled. “Banastre’s reputation isn’t infamous just because he’s an asshole to his pack.” She scooted closer to me. “Rumor has it that he killed someone’s mate – some foreign Alpha – and he sexually assaulted Sara.”

“Those are both rumors?”

“The first one is. The second one isn’t,” Bea said. “If Jackson could repeal the historical laws, he would have, but the three-strike law is literally set in stone. All he has to do is wait for Banastre to strike out again and it’s game over for him.”

“But he’s the Alpha King,” I said, and I tried to hide the tremble in my voice. “Shouldn’t he be able to do anything he wants?”

“In theory, yes,” Bea says. “But he has to consult his counsel, and they wanted to keep the law, so he couldn’t do anything about it.” She notices my expression and laughs a little. “I know, I know, some Alpha King, right?”

“Exactly!” I exclaim. “I mean, if he can’t repeal a law that allowed his mate’s assailant to get away, then how can he protect anybody!”

In which I really meant, how could he protect me?

Jackson promised to keep me safe. He told me that he would ever since we first met, and yet, now that I’m discovering this new information about him, I feel less safe. I have to train to protect myself, I realize. Jackson has to abide by the rules, even though he’s King for some reason or another. Democracies and monarchies mixed together confuse me.

“Anvi, you don’t have anything to worry about-!”

“I don’t have anything to worry about?!” I repeated loudly. Bea winced. “Bea, I have everything to worry about. What if Banastre comes after me, next? You said he killed someone already, and he made a move on Sara. Who’s to say he won’t come after me next? And after what I did to him…”

“What you did to him?” Bea frowns. “Anvi, you aren’t making any sense. You didn’t do anything to Banastre.”

“Yes, I did!” I blurted, and once the words came out there was no stopping them. “Bea, Banastre was my Alpha – well, my old Alpha. I was sold to him after my parents died by my pack. They didn’t want me. I was the weakest link. Banastre bought me and I was his slave for two years before Jackson and I met. I trusted Jackson to protect me, Bea, but now I realize that nobody can protect me from Banastre. He’s going to come for me, just like he did with the other two, and next time it’ll be my body in the woods!”

“Hey, hey, calm down.” Bea knocks over her chair to stand and holds my shoulders to try and stop my hyperventilating.

My heart thumps madly and my body gets warm in an uncomfortable way. My brain feels like there’s a swarm of bees surrounding it, poking at my mind continuously.

What did I do? I think, horrified.

“Anvi, relax,” Bea tries again. “I’m not going to say anything to Jackson, Anvi, just calm down.”

“Calm down?” My reply is shrill. “You want me to calm down? Bea, I’m going to die! Why should I calm down? First Helene, now Han-Seok and Hanako, and then me?!” My heart constricts.

“Here – sit down, sit down.” Bea helps me relax back into my chair. She grips my shoulders and her nails dig into my skin, grounding me a little. My heart slows and the buzzing in my ears quiets to a soft hum. “Better?”

“A little,” I murmur. “I’m just – I’m sorry. I…I shouldn’t have done that…”

“Why?” Bea sounds angry suddenly. “Because Banastre told you to keep it to yourself? Don’t try to hide it from me, Anvi, I know Alpha Banastre very well.”

I sigh. “Yes, he did. And I’m trying, I really am. I don’t know why it’s so hard to not cry, though…”

“It’s not a bad thing to cry,” Bea says, softer this time. “Everyone cries. It’s a good thing for the body and the wolf too.”

“Huh, maybe that’s why my wolf got headaches,” I say to myself. Bea frowns, and I shake my head and sigh again.

“Nothing, I’ve already said too much,” I say. Bea leans away from me, and I lean back in my chair, biting my lip. “Do you really promise not to tell Jackson?”

“Cross my heart to the Moon Goddess above,” Bea says as she creates a crescent shape on her heart with her pointer finger. “I won’t tell him, Anvi, but someday, you have to.”

“I know,” I say. “And I will. I just…how can I trust him to keep me safe now, Bea?”

“What do you need him to keep you safe for?” Bea asks. “Why can’t you keep yourself safe?”

I blink. “I’ve…never really thought about that before. It was always me having my parents to protect me. Then, they died, and I was tortured for two years. I guess…in my head, I always thought of my savior as anybody but myself.”

“Exactly.” Bea clicks her tongue. “Anvi, the only person who can keep you safe is yourself. You have the strength – I saw that when you fought and beat Han-Seok in a fight…sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I say and take a deep breath to keep my tears at bay, even though the corners of my eyes are wet already.

Bea smiles sympathetically and reaches over to take my hand, squeezing it gently. “Anvi, you’re capable of keeping yourself safe. You don’t need Jackson to do that for you. He can teach you, sure. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to protect yourself.”

“But…a mate is meant to protect you, right?”

“Yes, but you have to do half of the work,” Bea explains. “Anvi, I can’t say I understand what happened to you with Banastre, and I definitely don’t know how much it fucked you up, but you’re strong, and you have the potential. You just have to unlock it.”

“I don’t know…” I mumble. “Without my wolf…”

“You’re still a werewolf,” Bea says surely. “Blood and born, you are one of us. Your wolf will come back one day, Anvi. She’s just as hurt as you are. Be brave, and she’ll learn to be brave too. Besides.” She grinned. “You defeated Han-Seok, one of the best uprising warriors, and you didn’t have your wolf to do that. So, how did you do it?”

“I…don’t know. I didn’t really think about that,” I say quietly. “I was still coming to terms with my new life, I suppose, and with Jackson, so I think I was thinking about him?”

“You were thinking about your mate? That’s so sweet!” Bea beamed. “I often wonder if Ben does the same thing, but that doesn’t matter!” She shakes her head. “Use that bond you have with Jackson to fuel your will to fight. Or your desire to keep yourself safe and protected. Those thoughts will make you stronger. And when you’re stronger mentally, you naturally become stronger physically.”

“Okay…but what about Jackson?”

“What about him?”

“This whole…mate protects mate thing?” I asked, although my chest felt much lighter now than it did earlier. “What do I do?”

“Nothing.” Bea shrugs.


“Nothing.” She shakes her head. “Jackson will do everything in his power to protect you, Anvi. You can trust him. Maybe not with your life, but he’ll keep your heart safe, I promise.”


“Sara didn’t want to make the Banastre issue a big deal.” Bea scoffs. “Some luck it gave her. That’s why he got off with a slap on the wrist.”

“And…now you tell me that?” I dug my nails into the chair arm to keep my voice in check. “Not when I was, oh, I don’t know, having a mini panic attack?”

Bea shrugs indifferently. “You didn’t let me finish,” she defends dryly.

I pinch the bridge of my nose. “Okay, fine,” I say. “I’ll train to learn to protect myself, and I’ll try to trust Jackson and see if he’s a man of his word for myself.”

Bea nods. “That’s the spirit!” She grins and punches my shoulder lightly. “Like I said, trust him with your heart, not your life. That’s all in your hands.”

“Yeah.” I smiled. “Okay. I’ll try that.”

“Good.” Bea sipped her now cold tea, satisfied. She pauses. “I can’t understand how your life was, Anvi, and I can’t understand how you feel with different things, but I can understand the confusion in being in a new relationship. Especially with someone of a high status.”

I shifted on my chair. “I suppose so,” I say quietly. “It’s all new. I’m still taking everything in, I guess, including Jackson. I care about him, but I think it’s too early to say that I love him.”

“I personally don’t think it’s ever too early to share your feelings,” Bea said. “I mean, as long as he’s made it clear that he’s okay with the pace the relationship is going and all, but I get it. Take your time. Nobody is rushing you, certainly not Jackson.”

“Yeah,” I smile, and the warmth in my stomach becomes tingly and jumpy, like candy poppers. “He’s…something.”

Bea laughs. “He sure is. He’s head over heels for you, that’s what he is.”

I blush. “Stop it!” I snap, and together, we share a free, almost liberating laugh. It feels wrong to laugh after what just happened in the pack, but I can’t help it. It’s such a wonderful feeling and I haven’t felt this kind of pleasure in a long time. It’s like sitting in the sun and just staring out at the ocean in front of you, sighing with relief as you realize that school is over for three months.

“So, when will you start training?” Bea asks as we calm down.

“Soon, I hope,” I say, happy that the summer feeling stays inside my body for a few seconds longer before it dissipates, leaving my stomach growling. My cheeks flush. “I think Jackson did mention it when I first came here, but I didn’t pay much attention to training back then. I…this is going to take a while to get used to.”

“It does,” Bea agrees. “But you’ll adjust.”

“No, what I mean is that I’m just not used to defending myself,” I say. “I’m either defended or I just take the beating. It’s how I was raised, I suppose.”

“Raised to take unfair beatings?”

“No! Raised to believe that your mate will protect you, always.” I scoff. “Or rather, the man will always protect you.”

“Please!” Bea sneers. “That’s bullshit. Trust be, sometimes Jackson and Ben need to have their asses saved, and when I mean sometimes, I mean all the time!”

I giggle. “It sounds like you have some interesting stories, Bea.”

Bea blushes. “A few,” she quips. “But this isn’t about me.” She pauses, then snaps her fingers. “I got an idea!”


“What if you surprise Jackson?” She suggests. “Train in secret and surprise him in a fight! It can give you an incentive to fight that mixes both your parent’s ideals and yours, and it can also help you with your confidence in the pack!”

“That’s…not a bad idea,” I decide, surprising myself by not taking at least three minutes to mull it over. The prospect of surprising Jackson is what sold me, though. He’s given me plenty of surprises over the weeks that I’ve known him. He gave me a whole new life, and I have a little regret for doubting him earlier, but Bea’s right. I have to learn to fight for myself…only it’s easier in words than it is actually doing the work.

“Then it’s set!” Bea stands and claps her hands. “You train and surprise Jackson with the power that you make! And who knows,” she grins. “You may even get your wolf back!”

Ama…The thought of my best friend makes me tear up a little, but I suck it in and smile.

“That’s true,” I say and stand. “But, if Jackson won’t train me, then who will?”

Bea grins mischievously. “Oh, leave that bit to me.”


“Okay, so let me see if I’ve got my head on straight or crooked,” Adonis quips, walking around me with a wooden sword in his hand.

I straighten impulsively, an old habit of mine in Banastre’s pack. Inwardly, I curse Bea, but Adonis is the only other person I know well in the pack apart from Jackson and Han-Seok. Bea would have taught me, but she had to help Ben with the plethora of paperwork that Jackson had left to the last minute (or so Bea grumbled under her breath when I asked her) so that only left Adonis.

And oh, wasn’t he loving it.

I try not to show my impatience. “Adonis, I told you already. Bea and I decided to surprise Jackson by me learning to fight and defend myself, and also to boost my confidence, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah I got that,” Adonis says. He stares at me, then shrugs and tosses me a duplicate sword. “Okay, cool. It’s nice to have a fighting partner anyway. Y’know, after the whole…thing.”

“I know,” I said, picking at the hilt of the splintery sword. “You still fight with swords?”

“In wars, yes,” he answers. “And tanks and other shit, but I figured that we’d start with the basics.”

“I thought wrestling was the basics?”

Adonis smirks. “Do you want to wrestle with me?”

I roll my eyes. “No, not really. At least, not yet.”

He laughs. “I’ll get you, someday,” he says, wagging his finger. “But at least you’re loyal to my big bro, you know? I like that. Not like that last girl, what was her name? Sara?”

My surprise proves to be my mistake, because without warning, Adonis lunges and his fake sword bangs with mine. I’m pushed back, but I’m not on my knees yet.

“Sara cheated on Jackson?” I hiss, blocking his underarm move.

“Rumor has it,” Adonis scoffs. “I don’t know for sure, and we’ll never know now, but that’s what everyone was saying right before she died.” He jumps at my attack and my sword grazes his shoulder. Victory!

“Jackson never said how she died, he just said that she was dead one day,” I say. My underarms feel damp.

Adonis laughs. “Because nobody knows. We just found her dead one day, in the fields you guys made out in a few nights ago.”

“Adonis!” My cheeks burn furiously. “Don’t say stuff like that! And especially not out loud!”

“But it’s true!” He cackles. “You guys were making out, weren’t you?”

“We were talking,” I say calmly, even though he’s testing every nerve in my body. He goes for an under-the-belt move and I block him, pushing him back. He stumbles, then falls on his bottom.

“Cheater,” he grumbles. “You distracted me.”

“You started it,” I snap back, enjoying our banter. I toss the sword aside and run my fingers through my messy hair. “But dang, really? She was having an affair?”

Adonis grimaces. “Don’t tell Jackson. It would probably crush him, but yes, that’s what the rumor was.”

“Oh, well, it’s just a rumor,” I say. “It could just be haters hating on her.”

“Maybe,” he shrugs. “But like I said, we’ll never know now, will we?” He glances at the swords, his jaw set. “You know what? You’re right!”

“I…am?” I blink. “But, I haven’t even said anything!”

“No, not about the rumor!” Adonis shakes his head. He picks up the swords and tosses them onto the arena benches. “About what you said earlier – about the basics.” He walks towards the edge of the arena and makes a wrestler’s stance. “Come on, let’s wrestle.”

“What?” I peered up at the blazing sun and wiped my forehead, smearing the sticky sweat on my pants. “Now?”

“Yes, now,” Adonis quips. “You want to improve, don’t you?”


“Then come on!” He calls. “I won’t hurt you, I promise!”

I sigh. “Okay.” I copy his stance. “Whenever you’re ready!”

“Alright!” Adonis grins cheekily. “Now!”

Before I’m ready, he charges at me, barreling into me. His arms wrap around my stomach and his feet dig into the ground like a donkey, pushing me towards the arena line.

Stumbling, I try to push back, but Adonis is extremely strong, something I definitely misjudged him for. I manage to get him off of me, but he charges right at me again, like a bull. His face is contorted with a mix of concentration and what looks to be anger, but I know he’s just playing into the role to scare me.

And it works.

Adonis’s face is so twisted, so concentrated, so familiar that I freeze on the spot. If this is him faking, I can’t imagine what he really looks like when he’s torturing the rogues or criminals that Jackson keeps in the dungeons.

Alpha Banastre! My brain screams, but my body doesn’t move. Frozen – everything is frozen. Paralyzed by fear, I’m thrown to the ground by Adonis’s charge. Rolling until I’m forced to stop by the benches, I keep my head buried in the sand, and against my will, the tears roll down my face, one after another. The drizzle becomes a full-on rain shower.

“Anvi! Anvi!” Adonis yells my name. His hands grab my arms and pull me up, holding me at arm’s-length but close enough to comfort me. “Anvi, are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t do it, Adonis!” I sob. “I can’t! I tried, I really did! But…but then I saw…him and…I couldn’t do it!”

Adonis stiffens, however he relaxes quickly and leads me to a bench. He pulls a towel from his duffel bag and wipes my face until I stop crying.

“Sorry, I’m sorry,” I blabber incoherently, but Adonis shakes his head.

“Don’t be sorry,” he says softly. “It’s okay. I understand how you feel.”

“You do?” I sniffle.

He nods. “Yes, I do,” he says. He gazes out to the expanse of the arena and sighs. “My father used to push me past my limits too, just like I just did, and I apologize for that.”

“No, no you don’t have to be sorry,” I say and swallow the rest of my tears. “I’m just…I’m not good at this, Adonis!”

“It was your first – well, second time,” Adonis consoles. “Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just keep trying. You’ll get better.”

“But I saw him!” I whisper. “How do I not see him again?”

Adonis is quiet, thinking.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about,” he says finally. “But from the way that you’re scared of him, it reminds me of my dad, and how I was afraid of him. I was so afraid that I saw him everywhere, and whenever I did, everything just stopped, and I couldn’t move.”

“I felt the same way, too,” I mumble. Then, I frown. “Wait, your dad? But, Jackson said-!”

“Jackson had a different relationship with dad,” Adonis says with a wave of his hand. “He was the heir, after all. He was dad’s favorite. I was just the spare. He didn’t need me.”

“That I get.” I sniffle and laugh. “My relationship with my dad was kind of sour in my teen years. But I loved him, regardless, and I know he loved me too.”

“At least your dad loved you,” Adonis scoffs. He kicks the sand. “My dad didn’t give a shit about me. It was always Jackson. Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. It was never Adonis.” His voice is bitter with venomous contempt. “Good riddance he’s gone, I say.”

“Gone? Gone where?”

Adonis turns to look at me, a dark, sparkly gleam in his eye. “Oh…somewhere…”

I stare back at him, a little confused, and a little afraid, and Adonis bursts out laughing.

“Sweet Moon Goddess! You should have seen your face!” He chortled. I jabbed my elbow into his side and he coughed on his laugh. “Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop, but seriously, do you really think that I could kill my own dad? I mean-!” He snickers. “That’s absurd. He was my nightmare. There was no way I could eliminate him…yet.”

“Sure, tell yourself that,” I say dryly.

“I do, all the time.” Adonis stopped laughing. “If I could eliminate him, I would, but I can’t, so I won’t.” He shrugged unapologetically. “Dad didn’t like Sara either. Whatever his deal was, I don’t know, but it sort of helped us bond in a brother-sister kind of way, you know?”

“I know,” I say, picking at the sand with my shoe.

“Yeah, well we saw how Sara went.” Adonis made a thumbs-down gesture and blew a raspberry. “Dad never hit me, per say, but it was his words that left more scars on me than his blows.”

“And Jackson?”

“Jackson protected me when he could, but he was also helpless against our dad. Often enough he wasn’t around…doing pack work…” Adonis’s tone sours again. He masks it quickly. “You get the point, though. I channeled that fear and used it as my energy source. I learned to control it and shape it to my advantage, and you should learn how to do the same.” He stands and offers me his hand, helping me to my feet. Brushing the dust from my shoulders, he lets his hands stay on me for a moment as he drinks me in.

I don’t know if it’s because Adonis and I don’t normally spend a lot of time together, or if his eyes are just really beautiful, but my toes curl in my shoes. It’s a delightful curl, maybe not as pleasurable as when I’m with Jackson, but just enough.

No, Anvi! Stop it! I scold myself. He’s technically your brother-in-law, so that’s weird.

Adonis scoffs. “Cute,” he chuckles and lets go of me. I step back, a clear gasp of air washing through me. My toes uncurl, then curl again, realizing that we’re going home, and Jackson is probably home, so it’ll just be the two of us. Alone.

Stop, Anvi! You’ve been alone with him in the house before! My subconscious scolds me again. I laugh to myself.

“So, I’ll see you again for the next session, right?” Adonis snaps me out of my thoughts.

“…Yes, I’ll see you again for the next session,” I agree, and with a parting smile, we both turn our separate ways and go.


“These murders are putting me at my wits end,” Jackson says irritably, sifting like a maniac through the pile of unorderly papers on his desk. “I don’t understand them, you know? I really, really don’t know why people just can’t be good!”

“Because everyone’s different?” I try not to laugh as I watch him shuffle his things like a disorderly schoolboy. “You know, if you’d taken Bea and Ben’s advice on organization, then maybe you wouldn’t be in such a mess?”

Jackson scoffs. “I was never one to organize my things,” he said. “That was something my mom used to do for me, then Sara.”

“Don’t expect me to do it for you then,” I tease. “I can help you, but you’ve got to learn to organize your own work.”

“Or Delia can just do it for me?” Jackson asks hopefully.

I roll my eyes and laugh again. “I don’t know how happy she’d be about that,” I say. Walking over to him, I place my hand on his shoulder to placate him. “But I’m sure she’d be just as happy to help you as I would.”

Jackson stares at a paper in his hand for a minute, then sighs and tosses his body backwards onto his chair. The paper floats to the ground and his chair rolls back into the wall, but he doesn’t even acknowledge the thud it makes.

“I need a break,” he mutters. “Do you want to eat something? Are you hungry?” He stands and pulls me into his arms. His lips press gently against my forehead, then find my own, eager mouth, scooping me up delightfully.

Definitely can’t compare to Adonis, I think with a smile.

“I’m starving,” he whispers as we pull away, my stomach tingling. “Do you want to bother Delia for lunch?”

“If she’s even here,” I giggle. “I know she’s been out for the past few days.”

“Shopping, as usual,” Jackson says, shrugging. He takes my hand and looks down at the ground as we step away from one another. My shirt has ridden up a little, but not as much that he could see my bra.

“What the fu…” Jackson’s words come to a halt. His eyes are as wide as the moon as his hand trails down the side of my body and his thumb brushes a tender part of my stomach.

My breathing stills, and when I see what he’s looking at, I feel my heart stop. I don’t want to see his expression, but I can feel his furious glare. He’s seen it. I should have been more careful, but now it’s too late.

“Anvi, what is this?” He asks, barely containing his rage. It’s built up in his voice, threatening to explode, and I wince.

“A mark…a tattoo…I suppose,” I mumble.

Jackson’s eyes narrow. “What kind of tattoo?”

I swallow, and I know that he knows what it is. He just wants me to say it.

“Alpha Banastre’s prisoner mark.”


Hey guys! 

 What did you think? We got some more information from Adonis about Sara…possibly, and we got to see Anvi and Bea bond some more, and Anvi and Adonis. We also got to see Anvi’s fears a little better and some more romance with Jackson. What do you guys think he’ll do now that he’s found out about Anvi’s past with Banastre? How will he react? Let me know what you think so far in the comments and I hope that you’ve enjoyed!

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