I’m Not Interested in her!!

Niklaus’s POV

“It won’t happen!” I tried talking sense into my father.

“You know Sarah will need help, with all the changes the company is facing she won’t manage ” He was right but this is totally not the solution.

” I made my decision, so you can save your lecture for some other day ” I informed him my patience running on a piece of very thin ice.

” Well! I already instructed Sarah to take care of it. By Monday Jane will be your personal assistant. ” he notified making me angry.

I clenched my jaw in frustration finding it difficult to understand why is he insisting. Not willing to discuss I kept myself calm although he was testing the waters.

” I don’t recall you being in charge of who should or shouldn’t work for me,” I said trying to sound as civil as possible.

“Is the company a playground for you to make me babysit your friend’s daughter ?” I asked staring daggers in his direction, not waiting for an answer I returned my attention to the papers I was busy with.

He took the seat on the sofa letting out a sigh of exasperation. “You heard what Derick said, she is more than capable and it won’t be something permanent.”

“I don’t fucking need a personal assistant” I stated my eyes flashing angrily” Make her work at any other department as someone else’s assistant ”

” I surely am confused as to why you are so defensive about this. I hope it’s not related to what happened with that girl in the past because this is totally a different topic ” He said in a more serious tone.

” I don’t have time for this okay” I murmured my facial muscle becoming rigid as my voice slowly grew louder.

“Her parents had always been there for us, I’m trying to guide her to have the best insight on how to be as professional and efficient as possible and I don’t know anyone that can do a better job than you ”

” Nick this is not like you at all is just another employee”

” Okay then,” I said gritting my teeth as I spoke.

” Do whatever the hell you want, just don’t expect me to pamper her for you, she will be your problem ” I informed him standing up to get the hell out of this conversation.

“Sarah will make sure to guide her through her obligations ” I sighed and made my way out of the living room, but before I was completely out of sight he howled. ” Nicklaus ?”

” I expect your relationship with her to be strictly professional, she is the daughter of one of my most trusted friends. What happened back in England can’t happen again. Do you understand?”

“I’m not interested in her,” I said.

The last thing I need is more complications in my life, I already had my share.

I walked to my room and to avoid putting much thought into it, I changed into a grey reebok hooded sleeveless tank and paired it with black stretchy track pants.

My primary goal is to sweat like a pig until my brain is too exhausted to think. What annoyed me is that I couldn’t understand why I repelled the idea of her working with me, just the thought of it made me exercise ten times harder.

The words dad said were playing charades in my mind. I’ve been trying to forget what happened back then, but I guess my mind doesn’t want me to forget just yet.

I’ve been here for almost three months and I only had two encounters with her but I guess it was enough to seize my interest.

There is something peculiar about her. Her eyes? That look.

When I saw her giggling like a teenager made her lips oppose the nature of her sorrowful eyes. For a second I let down my shield.

” I don’t have time for this,” I said out loud to make it more convincing.

” Can I please stay home today?” I heard Nora whimpering at Dad as I entered the kitchen.

” Why is that? Is Monday why would you want to stay home at the beginning of the week? ” I asked giving her a good morning kiss.

” Daddy messed my hair again ” she cried pointing at her hair. I guess Dad tried to braid but he obviously failed.

” I tried my best, she is obsessing over double braids, so there is the result ” Dad defended himself.

” Come sit here ” I called my little princess. After rectifying the situation I let her finish her breakfast so I could drive her to school.

I sometimes wonder why don’t we just hire a nanny to take care of her, we’re clearly not up for the job. For some reason, I don’t know how to answer that.

“Morning Sarah? ” I heard Charles talking on the phone.” As I mentioned before Ms. walker is scheduled to take her CV to the human resources today, I might’ve not informed her that she already got the job”

” I need you to directly take care of it, please request the human resources to send her directly to you when she arrives, and you can conduct a brief interview with her today. I’m leaving her in your hands “.

He said the last words looking my way. Charles has this God-given ability to piss me off.

” Have a nice day Nora?” I said when she walked out of the car.

” Bye Nik, love you ”

” Love you too minion ” I teased and she went in. As soon as she disappeared my mood changed, I could already feel my cold and intense aura taking over, that is where my day truly begins.

On my way to work, I called Sarah and as always it didn’t have to ring twice ” Good morning Sir. How may I help you?”

“Morning Sarah, I want to find the reports on the china contract on my desk. I’ll personally take care of Ms. Walker’s interview, you just need to give her a heads up. Did you contact James? ”

” I did, he will get back to you as soon as possible and Mr. Williams is waiting for you ”

” On my way”

Getting out of the elevator, I’m welcomed by Sarah, she handed out a folder and went back to her desk.

” Scott get out of my chair you idiot ” I grumbled when I saw my cousin that happens to be my best friend sitting on my royal seat.

Like always he wore a typical blue suit with a white dress shirt, ditched the tie, and because it’s him, he opts to free two of his buttons and paired his outfit with white sneakers. One would expect your average wealthy man suits but that wouldn’t be Scott would it?

He always believed that he had nothing to prove by dressing smarter. I always thought that his genuine dress, is ironically, the symbol of his tremendous status, something that he will never hear me saying.

But once upon a time when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, Scott wears the expensive sophisticated personalized suits emphasizing the gentleman in him, you would mistake him for a serious man but it would be contradicting his absurdly happy personality.

His big bright-brown eyes sparkling like he just won the lottery found mine and he sneered.

With his signature smile, Scott stood up exhibiting his tall figure, not as tall as me though. Although he wished he was.

” Already in a bad mood this early in the morning? ” he scoffed.

” I’ll pass all your unproductive questions, we have serious business to talk about ”

he stood up and walked towards the sofa I sat on and took the seat in front of me.

“Excuse me Sr.” Sarah said walking in” your expresso is here Mr. Williams and. The Black coffee as well “.

” Thank you, Sarah you are as thoughtful as ever,” Scott remarked making her smile, then she left.

” I need you to move to this company,” I told him taking a sip of my black coffee.

” I can’t just leave the company back home, and you know that ”

” I already have a plan, James will be in charge there. I need you here, I’m surrounded by a bunch of idiots that have no clue of what is going on and you are the only one I trust ” I confessed.

” I’ll have to talk to Raven first, you know how she is. Our life is in England ” he said.

” Talk to her but I need an answer by the end of next week ”

” I’m happy you want our relationship to move to the next level “He smirked.

A conversation with this asshole is never complete until he throws his lames jokes

” I know how hard it’s for you to show how much you love me but asking me to come to you is a breakthrough in this relationship you know? ”

” Scott I still don’t believe Raven married an idiot like you. I truly feel for her ” I stated in a matter-of-fact way.” I’ll have Sarah preparing your new office, now if you’ll excuse me I’ve serious things to do ”

“Tell Sarah to come in on your way out,” I said when he stood up.

” Bye Nikky ” He yelled then walked out.

Sarah walked in holding her tablet.” Sr? ”

” How does my schedule look like today?” I asked going through the paper I had in front of me.

” You have a meeting with the finance department in thirty minutes, Mrs. Jasmin requested an appointment with you at 10 am, I included Ms. Walker interview at 1 pm and the dinner with the Samsung manager, that will be all for the day “.

I sighed thinking of my schedule. “Okay, let’s go through the details of the meeting with the finance department,”

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