Part 4

Rushing to the location, it was the English-Style Garden on the outskirts of the Magic Division.

The place that was covered with overflowing green lawn, was currently filled with lights from Magic.

Two types of colored lights, red and green ——Two female students, who were wearing the Magic Division’s uniform, were currently chanting Summoning Magic. Although generally, Magic will release blue lights, but Summoning Magic is based on the Diva that was contracted and will emit a different colored light.

With the red and green colored Magic lights as the background, there was a figure that stepped onto the lawn like a dancing shadow. Although you could not see the face from behind, but the figure was holding a slightly short Japanese sword ——a Kodachi, in one hand.

The two Stigma Magic Users were currently battling with a Swordsman.

The red light began to swell. It was the pulse from a Diva that surpassed human wisdom. Right now, the world is being distorted——

“Too slow!”

However, compared to that, the figure of the Swordsman was even faster and swooped over.

At the same time, a voice with a rippling atmosphere and the sharp sound of piercing through the air “Byu!” rang out.

The instant the swordsman slashed, the swelling red light burst open and disappeared.

Even though the Magic User had deployed a blue Magic Barrier, it was blown away by the powerful impact.

The swordsman rolled over and turned to face the other Magic User.

This time, the face of the swordsman was shown. Kazuki gasped in surprise.

It was Kanae!…Although the moment he saw the Kodachi, he wondered if it was her…

“I know thy name. Thy name is Andromalius……”[5]

The female releasing a green light was chanting a spell. Andromalius is the name of the Diva she was contracted with. Her entire body was wrapped in light ——

“You are also too slow!”

With terrifying momentum, Kanae jumped and gave her a blow with her Magic Sword before the Summoning Magic activated.

This female’s blue Magic Barrier that she enacted was also blown away.

The blue colored barrier was not the power of Summoning Magic, but Normal Magic using their own Magic Power. As an emergency defense, she was forced to give up on the Summoning Magic Chant and resort to her own Magic.

The modern humans that awakened as Magic Users, when aware that they are in danger, will reflexively use Magic to cover their body in order to deny the phenomenon that will bring harm to themselves and negate it. Thus, it was rare for them to be injured.

The Magic Barrier that arises from the defensive instinct was known as <Defense Magic>.

However, if it suffered from an attack that contained Magic Power, this Defensive Magic will gradually be reduced.

A battle between Magic Users is all about reducing the opponent’s Magic Power——Which is also their Spiritual Power.

“Ara, although they did not wear the Magical Dress for <Simplified Chant> , but having their chant disrupted so easily is bad. If they wish to face against Kanae-chan, then their training is far from enough.”

Kaguya-senpai quietly said beside Kazuki. Could this senpai be a person with great strength?

The two girls stood up and, once again, began to chant.

“Hmph. You want to be cut by me a thousand times until your Magic Power runs out!”

Kanae’s face revealed a smile that was just like the incarnation of a battle maniac, and pulled out her second Kodachi. The two sword style was the sign of Kanae becoming serious. Then she pounced over again like a cat——

“Stop right here!” Kaguya-senpai, who was watching the developments on the side, issued a loud cry.

The Magic Lights were once again interrupted. Kanae also stopped her own actions.

“In other words, it was the two Magic Division students over there …Ogiwara-san and Sato-san, who were refusing to give way to the Sword Division students, that created a dispute. Thus, the Sword Division students intervened to mediate, did they not?”

After the battle stopped, the three Sword Division students that were observing the situation in a sheltered location, appeared one by one.

Revealing a frightened expression, Torazou-senpai and another female student that seemed to be in the Sword Division Student Council explained the situation to Kaguya-senpai.

Kazuki stood beside senpai and carefully listened to the development of the situation.

“It is not something as cute as mediating! That woman suddenly used her sword and chopped over here!”

The Magic Division student that released the red light, roared as she retorted.

“In the first place, was it not you two, who used Summoning Magic on the Sword Division students?”

“That was only a slight warning. Even though it is obviously the territory of the Magic Division, these people continued to resist.”

“Did you only plan it as a warning? Sato-san.”

Kaguya suspiciously asked the female student that was called Sato-san.

“You actually said it was a warning? Don’t joke around. It was probably because you wanted to test the Summoning Magic you’ve just learned and specifically came here to cause trouble. Speaking of which, recently the Magic Division people, like criminals on the street, have used the Sword Division students as experimental subjects and caused trouble. In the earlier period, there were also students that became unconscious!”

Unconscious, in other words, they suffered from a powerful Magic attack.

In the face of threats, Magic Users would instinctively deploy Defense Magic, but there was also a limit.

When Magic Users felt that their own Magic Power could not protect their bodies, they would open the <Heart of Door> and attempt to draw out large Magic Power from Astrum.

Although through this method, they would temporarily have Magic Power that exceeded their body’s limits, but as the cost for it, their consciousness would be dragged into Astrum and they would become unconscious.

This unconscious phenomenon was known as <Magic Drunk>. If the symptoms were severe, their consciousness would be unable to return from Astrum. The Heart of Door would also be damaged and cause their spirit to become unstable.

“People fainted!? I did not hear that such a thing has happened……!?”

“That is because the teachers in Magic Division hid the incidents up. The Sword Division students that suffered from Summoning Magic were requested to swallow their frustrations and were not allowed to make a big commotion. Only recently, I have begun to grasp the situation.”

“…Were you two planning on doing such things as well?”

“We did not think about doing such things! You only listened to what the Sword Division was saying!? Aren’t we the ones that suffered an attack from the criminals on the street!”

The person that released the red light ——Ogiwara-san retorted. Listening to what she was saying, as there was no third party other than the Sword Division, it was impossible to figure out what had happened.

“Just because there is no evidence, it cannot be treated as a case. Based on this side, the only punishment method is to beat them up here until they cannot get at this place. If they were beaten up by the people in Sword Division, then they could learn to endure their disgrace.”

“Kanae-chan, you too, please don’t use this kind of violence as a solution!”

“Don’t call me Kanae-chan! Don’t act like you are familiar with me!”

Towards Kaguya-senpai’s and Kanae’s attitude, Kazuki was somewhat surprised.

Although Kaguya-senpai had said that they were friends…it feels that this atmosphere was very suspicious.

“Even if there are no means that could directly address this situation, I also think that we should not resort to violence in order for the long-term vision of improving relationship between the two Divisions. If we do this, sooner or later…”

Even though Kaguya-senpai delivered a passionate speech, Kanae bit her teeth and denied her opinion.

“Don’t talk about nonsense. You think the Sword Division students that were treated as experimental subjects for Summoning Magic will accept this?”

The one that emitted a green light, Sato-senpai, also shrugged with a mocking expression.

“Sword Division, this inferior species suddenly cutting over here. It is impossible to improve relations.”

Listening to her remarks, Kaguya-senpai sharply gazed at her.

“Speaking of which, your Sword Division is inferior, threatening us to move away, this kind of attitude…!”

However, Sato-senpai only “ Yes, yes, I know” and interrupted senpai’s words.

“You say you want the Magic Division and Sword Division to become friendly? …If it’s me. Although I acknowledge your strength, but this I cannot agree with your perspective. Even though we were obviously the victim here.”

Sato-senpai swiftly turned around. Ogiwara-senpai also followed to do so.

“ Making “Us that obtained a Stigma” and the Sword Division equal, that is what is truly unfair.”

Kazuki, who was watching the situation develop, frowned…Anyways, it feels that these people were too arrogant.

Stigma. Was it really something that special?

“Hmmph, what amazing Stigma Magic User-sama. Even though it was two together, yet they were beaten by a swordsman easily.”

Kanae sneered and provoked. The two of them instantly paled and then turned over.

“That was…because you suddenly slashed over here, okay! That is basically the same as plotting against others!”

“If it was based on the form of a <Duel>, then we would not have had our chant so easily disrupted by you!?”

“So you are saying that the gentlemen-like Magic Users could only fight on a battlefield when they are fully prepared. Speaking of which, you Magic Division fellow, even if I request a duel, you would not even accept it, right?”

“That is because even if a Magic Division student wins against a Swordsman Division student, our ranks will not increase! In other words, what Swordsman Division, they are completely not within our sights!”

While dropping this sentence, the two of them left the garden.

“…I’m really unhappy, I was not able to fight until I fully enjoyed it” and so on, Kanae muttered some dangerous sounding words.

Towards Kanae, who was like this, the male Sword Division student, who was picked upon, bowed his head down.

“President, I’m really sorry. Because I am too weak, I caused trouble for you.”

Torazou-senpai gently held his shoulder.

“President, I’ll send this person over to the teacher’s office. And I’ll submit the report about the incident and the victim.”

“I feel that it is futile. I already am only interested in catching those who caused harm and beat them down onto the ground.”

“I have been sick and tired of it , really.” Torazou-senpai whined and brought the male student away.

It seems that little girl member of the Student Council also chased after him.

——Waiting until they left, Kanae’s head turned swiftly towards Kazuki’s direction.

“Nii-sama~♪ Nii-sama actually took the initiative to find me!”

Kanae seemed like a completely different person and issued out a sweet voice as she pounced over here. Kaguya-senpai’s eyes widened.

“Nii-sama? Isn’t Kazuki-kun Kanae’s otouto?”

“Although physically, he is my otouto, but spiritually, he is my nii-san.”

After Kaguya-senpai scratched her head “I see, although I do not understand”, she turned around and faced Kanae.

“Speaking of which, Kanae. That kind of violence is not allowed! You should think of a more peaceful method instead!”

“What, so you are still here? Don’t casually talk with me.”

“…Aren’t you two friends?”

“Who is friends with this person. I only, as the Student Council President of the Sword Division, had to greet this person…Because this person is the Magic Division Student Council President.”

Kazuki was suddenly dumbfounded. ——In other words, this person is the strongest Stigma Magic User in Magic Division!

“This girl is currently the Magic Division Student Council President, <Nightmare Bringer>, Otonashi Kaguya !”

Kaguya-senpai proudly straightened her chest.

“Why is Nii-sama together with this fellow?”

Towards Kanae’s question, the one that replied was not Kazuki, but Kaguya-senpai.

“Because I noticed this new student was walking very lonely within the school, so I decided to bring him around the school.”

“Nii-sama was lonely!? Sorry, Nii-sama! Kanae will absolutely never abandon Nii-sama again! Come, let’s ignore this fellow and continue our date while visiting the academy.”

Kanae hugged Kazuki’s arm and pulled with force.

“Ah, wait a minute. I’m also bringing him around!”

Within a hairbreadth, Kaguya-senpai also grabbed onto his other arm. Pe~! …What on earth was that Pe~ feeling.

“Nii-sama! Just now in a Unyou-like time, your expression suddenly became indecent and relaxed! What made you so happy!? Could it be that this fellow’s cow-like boobs made you feel happy!?”

The so-called “Unyou” was a speed unit used in Ancient Style Swordsman Skills. The instant the lightning from above flashed in the sky was recorded as “Unyou”. In other words, it was so fast that the eyes could not perceive it. It was the territory of a God.

“I, I did not reveal any indecent expression! This kind of thing never disturbed my heart!”

“Boobs?” After Kaguya-senpai froze for a while, she noticed that her own boobs were currently pressing onto Kazuki’s arm. Then she said “Sorry, you must hate it” and hurriedly pulled away. Although I did not exactly hate it…

Kanae also seemed to confront this and pressed her boobs onto Kazuki’s arm. Flat!

…What was that flat feeling from earlier.

“Why is it when it’s my turn, it is not indecent, but an expression of regret…”


“Boobs will only get in the way. I also want to become slim and cool like Kanae-chan.”

Kanae’s expression had suddenly become like an Asura. It was a face of a swordsman filled with killing intent.

“Go die! DIE FASTER, YOU STUPID MEAT WOMAN! Speaking of which, Nii-sama and I already made an appointment long ago, so don’t just shamelessly get involved! Go away to your side! Your boobs should also fall apart!”

“But I am also currently bringing this child around! And this child is a freshman in our Magic Division! If it is only Kanae-chan, I think it is impossible to bring him around effectively…Ah, right.”

Saying up to here, Kaguya, pon[6], and clapped her hands. Then she, once again, held onto Kazuki’s hand.

“Shouldn’t Kanae-chan, who does not have any intention to peacefully get along with Magic Division, be the one to get away from my Magic Division freshman?”

“What!” *Buchin!*[7] From Kanae’s head, the sound of a blood vessel bursting apart could be heard.

“Magic Division students should be led by the Magic Division Student Council President, what do you say, Kazuki-kun?”

“No, even if you ask me…!”

“Nii-sama… Compared to the Magic Division, Nii-sama is a person more suitable for the Sword Division! Nii-sama and I are not at fault, it is the world that is at fault! Diva, you baka!!”

Kanae’s body began to tremble, while she activated enhancement magic, she fiercely pulled Kazuki’s hand.

Kazuki, who nearly fell down due to the momentum, also activated enhancement magic to resist.

“Don’t use Magic! This is still the morning of the first day of school, isn’t using Magic Power a waste!?”

From the other side, senpai also “EiiEii”[8] and pulled onto Kazuki’s arm.

“This is my Nii-sama! This is my Nii-sama!”

“Right now, we are a trio with very good relationship! Or is this my delusion?”

Kanae cried out. Kaguya-senpai began to enjoy this situation. What on earth was this.

…In the end, it seems like there was no way to let them bring him around the school.

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