Part 5

At the Fountain Square, the Magic Division’s entrance ceremony finally began.

Speaking of entrance ceremony, Were it a normal school, the principal should be the first one up for a rather long speech…However, in front of all the neatly arranged freshmen, the one on the platform was the Student Council President, Kaguya-senpai.

Her face had a serious expression that was completely different from before. She was wearing a robe that almost covered her entire body.

“——The world is currently being eroded by myths.”

In front of the microphone, Kaguya-senpai began to speak such words.

As the peak of Magic for a human was when they were 20 years old, it would begin to decay afterwards. Based on this fact, compared to the principal, perhaps Kaguya-senpai was more suitable for the task to deliver an important speech at the entrance ceremony.

Although the adults can teach, but they are not powerful Magic Users.

In this academy, the strongest Magic User was her —— Otonashi Kaguya.

“Because of the Philosopher’s Stone brought by the <Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom>, the world was forced to change. The power that ruled the world passed from Science to Magic. The balance of power between each country in the world had also undergone tremendous changes. Moreover, Magical Beast had also appeared and began to attack humans. Right now, our current world is becoming relatively similar to the fantasies of myths that were once widely spread.”

——The world was currently being eroded by myths.

Science and laws of physics were already not the absolute truth.

From the secret groups, <Rosicrucian Group>, <Golden Dawn> and <Ahnenerbe>, that had inherited the thoughts and technology, they claim to be the legitimate Alchemy organization <Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom>.

The person that acted as the leader was known as <Basileus Basileon>[9]. He was a strange person that published the results of producing a Philosopher’s Stone 15 years ago. In order to protect themselves from the threat of Magic, the Philosopher’s Stone was imported into the countries at an alarming speed.

Because the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom had sold the Philosopher’s Stone at a high price, they ruled the world.

“Although Japan has luckily been listed as a <Magically Advanced Country>, but facing the aggression from other countries, we cannot think lightly of this and sit back and relax. The Knights are currently seeking for a stronger fighting force than now. This responsibility also falls upon us, who will be responsible as future Knights.”

The Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom had expanded to the extent where it could rule the world. However, an internal power struggle had led to their leader Basileus Basileon’s death.

The Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom that expanded over the entire world, suddenly lost its unity and fell apart in an instant. Each country’s government immediately tried to seize this opportunity and absorb the legacy of the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom.

Then, the 7 countries with most Magic User, meaning that they had purchased the most Philosopher’s Stone, as the <Seven Magically Advanced Country>, had inherited the ruling position of the world.

However, Basileus Basileon’s body had still not yet been found.

“Just as everybody knows, we, Japan, have established a system with the Israel myth’s <Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons>. However, the other 6 countries have established relationships with <Very Different Divas>. The combat capability gap between the 7 countries is in a completely evenly matched state. Although currently on the surface, we are at peace. However, we do not know when a Magically Advanced Country will trigger the <Battle of Myths>. It would not be strange if it does happen.”

The 7 Magically Advanced Countries ——Japan, United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia and China. Each country’s Knights had inherited the legacy of the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom and had earned the help of Divas from completely different Myths.

The other countries were different from Japan. They had gotten the power of Divas through <Faith>.

There was no knowing when the Divas might break the balance and cause the 7 countries to be in danger. This was the truth about the temporary peace.

“Not only abroad, but also within the country, there exist the threat of <Illegal Magic Users> that abuse Magic for crimes. They were tempted by the evil Divas, who have evil intentions, and formed an <Illegal Contract>, allowing that power to rampage uncontrollably. At the same time, the Knights are also a police organization. They are forced to manage these Illegal Magic Users.”

The Divas that harbor evil intentions towards human would contaminate the human’s spirit as the reward for their power.

Because these things were extremely risky, within Japan, all Diva contracts outside of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons were strictly prohibited.

The past Illegal Magic Users had once made Tokyo become ruins.

“In addition, cracks suddenly appeared in the world and the Magic from Astrum leaked out, producing <Magical Beasts> and <Spirits>. These phenomenon known as <CancerExtraordinary Malignant Spot> had also started to occur. The spaces, where the Magical Beasts are concentrated at, will become contaminated by Magic Power and be known as <Magic Land>. This allows the Magical Beast produced by the Cancer to appear more frequently. Defeating these Cancer is also an important job for the Knights.”

Accompanying the death of Basileus Basileon, the production method of the Philosopher’s Stone had been lost.

However, the amount of Magic Users in the world had increased. As if it had been triggered, naturally awakened Magic Users began to appear.

In the countries known as the Magically Advanced Countries, basically all their citizens had become Magic Users.

Then as the amount of Magic Users increased, the phenomenon known as Cancer had also increased in proportion. When the amount of Magical Beasts increased, the spaces would be contaminated and gradually turn into Magic Land.

Magic will bring forth more Magic. Just like this the world was currently being eroded by Magic.

Humans would sometimes even start to miss the <Era where Science was Everything to the World>.

The fact that they obtained the Philosopher’s Stone. To humans, was it really an evolution that should be welcomed…?

“Aggression from Foreign Countries, Illegal Magic Users, Cancer…Dealing with these three big threats is the mission of the Knights. However, there is nothing for us to fear. Because we, the people here right now, have the power to defeat these threats. Everybody should be proud of themselves ——Everyone here has been selected by the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons. As <Knights> and heroes of this new world, we are cadets with fame!”

Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons. In the past, they had obeyed King Solomon and helped established the Country of Israel. The Demons of this kind of Myth were Demons, yet they assisted the humans at the same time.

They were Divas who really had friendly relationships with Japan.

“I hope that everybody will be able to cultivate their abilities and the overly powerful strength known as Summoning Magic in this academy while having a Knight’s spirit and a strong sense of honor. With great power comes great responsibilities…Even if we say these to you, towards everybody, who were still ordinary middle school students yesterday, there should not be any realistic feeling…”

After saying up to here, Kaguya-senpai suddenly stopped and began to chant an incantation.

“I know thy name…Thy name is Asmodeus[10]…Thy power is the omnipotent desires. Comply with the contract, obey my command, and display thy power!”

Kaguya-senpai drew out a spell and allowed her spirit to connect with Astrum. The interior of her robe released a purple light…This is Summoning Magic!

Beside Kaguya-senpai, a large amount of light appeared and the light was shaking and twisting.

——Shortly, it became the unusual outline of a form that could not be distinguished as a human or Magical Beast.

To summarize it in one word, what Kaguya-senpai had summoned was a <Witch>. Her entire body was wearing black clothes. From her head, a crooked horn was grown and on her shoulders, a cow and lamb head was placed. It was an unusual witch.

“Kukuku, Student Council President. You actually called me out to perform this kind of acrobatics, what an amazing fellow, my cute Kaguya. Forget it, based on your honor, I will help you out once.”

One of the Pillars of Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons, Asmodeus. At the same time, it was an existence, along with Lucifer, Beelzebub and the others, that ranked as the <Hell’s 7 Great Kings> that manages the <Seven Deadly Sins>.

This was Otonashi Kaguya —— This was the school’s strongest Student Council President’s Contracted Diva?

From afar, *gishigishi*, *gishigishi*[11]…this kind of sound came.

—— What issued the ‘gishigishi’ sound was a cage car. Just like a huge cage in a zoo placed on wheels. An awe-inspiring female student transported it to the square.

The female students beside Kazuki looked at the thing inside the cage car and immediately “Huh!” and let out a frightened voice.

In the cage, a <Dragon>’s big body was folded unhappily. The golden light lines tied up the dragon’s limbs, stripping its freedom. This was probably Binding Magic.

The so-called dragon was a type of Magical Beast. The Magical Beasts that appeared from Astrum all had fantasy-like appearances that seemed to have come out from myths —— and attacked humans.

This was different from the instinct of a wild beast attacking other animals for food. It was unrelated to whether the Magical Beast was hungry or not. Compared to their other desires, they would place priority on attacking humans.

The Magical Beast was not a part of the ecosystem and was obviously an enemy of mankind.

And they only existed to contaminate spaces and summon new Magical Beasts from Astrum.

It was not something to let live and then use for acrobatics.

The cage car was moved up in front of the freshman. There was probably a distance of ten meters when it stopped.

The female student, who had completed the delivery, walked onto the platform and stood next to Kaguya-senpai.

She was probably one of the members of the Magic Division’s Student Council.

“…The shackles of constellation, let the day’s operation be restarted again…Stars binding the day release”

The microphone slightly captured her chanting a short spell. Then, the golden light lines that bounded the dragon’s body seemed to dissolve into the air and disappeared.

The Binding Magic was released…What was that senpai planning to do!?

“…Even if there is no realistic feeling yet, but if we do not allow you to understand, it will be very troublesome…”

Kaguya-senpai used a calm tone and continued her speech.

The dragon seemed to be confirming what had happened to its body and turned its head around. When its eyes reflected the large amount of humans it should attack, just like it was venting its anger from being tied up, it fiercely smashed the steel bars.

Gan*! The door of the cage was smashed open. The locks were not even in place originally!

The fierce roar that caused the air to ,biribiri, and vibrate made all the students tremble.

With a green-colored sheen that only reptiles have on their body, it rushed out from the cage car.

On its back, wings with many sections, similar to bats, expanded greatly. The dragon with its great body that was probably 5 meters in length swooped over like a bullet —— directly at the freshman.

At the same time, noticing a powerful Magic Flow, Kazuki turned his gaze towards Kaguya-senpai who was standing at the platform.

——A great amount of purple light, dazzling enough to burn Kazuki’s retina was shining.

“The thought that burns my chest, portray this world as a living hell……!”

Compared to the time at the garden, an enormous difference in Magic swirled around like a whirlpool, senpai’s long hair and robe was fluttering in the winds and was lifted up.


The dragon opened its huge mouth that had many murderous teeth and it seemed like it was about to pounce over to the closest students!

At this moment, Kaguya-senpai’s spell chant ended.

“Thou art a demon king of wicked desires! The incarnation with an obsession that brings forth tragedy, let thy long-cherished wish…pain this entire world! ——Hell’s Thought Flames! (Guernica)”

“Kukukukuku!” From the cow and lamb heads on Asmodeus’s shoulders that was stretched out, just like vomiting, the two heads ejected a large flame.

The dragon was surrounded by flames and squirmed in the air. In front of the foremost students, in a place not so far in front of them.

Hell’s Flames. they revealed a red black color just like blood. Like tentacles, they continued to entangle and wrap around it. The scales that were hard as iron were gradually melted into liquid like candy.

…What is this. No —— It was a different dimension in terms of high temperature.

The Hell’s Flame caused the dragon’s head and bones to melt into a mess and then to evaporate.

In just a short period of time, the dragon’s body disappeared. Even the remains soon disappeared.

“Kukuku, when you need me next time, feel free to call me, my cute Kaguya…”

Asmodeus once again turned into light particles and disappeared.

“This is Summoning Magic. This is the power that everybody will begin to obtain from now on.”

Looking at the freshmen, Kaguya-senpai continued to speak. This was such an unscientific scene.

Causing the very existence to be denied, covering it and eliminating it, the red black flames.

Transporting the dragon over was just a show to demonstrate the power of Summoning Magic.

Although Summoning Magic is something that everybody could see on television…Should it be because Kaguya-senpai was too amazing, or was it because the breathtaking scene was being shown in front of their own eyes? No matter which one it was, the freshmen all held their breath.

“Please constantly ask yourself, “What is this Power used for”. This power should only be used by a person who could feel honor from their heart of justice. Great honor, responsibility and consciousness…Please allow me to use the words above to give a final gift to all of you.”

The sound of applause suddenly rang out. Because they would be able to obtain such strength, the freshmen became passionate.

However, among this, Kazuki was aware. Aware of ——his own emptiness.

The thought of praying for such strength, he had never had it. Suddenly lodging such ferocious strength inside this kind of person one day ——What a terrible thing.

I only wanted to repay the debt to the family that adopted me, who was alone.

“In other words, you are a person not satisfied with just being a Hayashizaki swordsman. Do not become such a small person. There is no need for you to be bounded by gratitude for your entire life.”

However, I, it was not for the sake of justice or peace, these kinds of vague ideas…

I only wanted to be praised by you and Kanae, only just like that…

As if he was terrified of the foreboding of a huge fate, Kazuki’s gaze fell onto his left hand.

——What on earth gave the insignificant me an Enigma…?

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