The Man That Exudes a Beastly Aura

Jane’s POV

Before starting the day I knew today was bound to be one of those days where I just had to survive.

I knew I would be late for my appointment because my car would act up, I would spend too much time in a queue to get a decent caffeine source and end up walking away empty-handed.

But somehow I was here in front of a company, holding the creamiest of our expresso ‘latte’, and on time for my appointment. Guess my superpowers betrayed me today.

It might be the nightmares because I always feel trapped in a mental ward, I feel the restrictions imprisoning my soul every time the nightmares materialized.

But I always welcome it again and again because only then I can hear you laughing, I feel the warmth of our bond, finally, I can once again breath, and even for a split second, I have a brother.

Before I know it, I’m losing you all over again, every time more vivid than before because the end never changes, and then fatigue wipes me out.

Just to clarify Mondays never made my top 5 best things in life. I found mornings like this colder than usual, if to put a color on it, it would definitely be the gloomiest black you can get, and it only meant one thing, grumpy me will take over.

I was standing in front of a triangular structured skyscraper building around 200 meters tall bringing it closer to heaven. It was planted in the middle of two other buildings that had half its height but the same architectural touch, thus humiliating all buildings in their surroundings.

Its vast crystal-like darkened glass and the conventional windows invited patterns of geometrical decoration making them more majestic, for sure whoever built it was aiming for perfection.

This is the SV Stockbroker building living up to its reputation. ”

As I approached the building in the middle, I tried reminding myself ” All you’ve to do is get in there, submit your CV, and pray that they’ll call you back for an interview. No need for unnecessary interaction”

I walked straight to a receptionist that greeted me with a smile.” How may I help you? ” she asked.

“I’ve got an appointment with the human resource department. ”

” Can I’ve your ID please?” she asked and I handed it to her.

” Ms. Walker, here,” she said giving the ID back.” Please go to the 20th floor they are waiting for you” she informed pointing at the elevator, but then her eyes changed. She was now sending love via her five senses.

Following her gaze my eyes dropped its anchor on strong-wide shoulders making their way to the elevator, every move giving away his strength.

Although his eyes were locked on the cellphone, the tension in the building became dense real quick. I could swear that some people looked pale.

I took another glance at the man that exudes a beastly aura, his dark blue suit brought something out of him, a born leader, King? I found myself edging closer so I could see his face regretting instantly. Arrrggh it’s him!!

I take back whatever I thought before, he is none of the above. He is just a mere example of a douchebag that girls find sexy

I had to threaten my legs to move in his direction and found myself standing next to Niklaus Salvatore, but I failed to understand why is that everyone coming our way suddenly made a U-turn, like they were aiming to avoid me. More precisely us.

I mean, the elevator is for public use right? Well, every company has its ‘thing’ I guess.

Niklaus looked down acknowledging my presence. He glared for a split second resulting in me rolling my eyes. He frowned then his facial expressions changed, guess he forced a smile.

Seems like he expected me to reply or say something, I’m really not in the mood for this.

” Am I supposed to swoon just because you smiled or something like that?” I snapped not bothering to hide the annoyance in my tone.

Before he could answer, I looked the other way which happened to be the spot where I saw a guy standing at the far left corner pretending to do something with the folders in his hand.

He looked like someone whose brain just short-circuited, he just went on pause, like what I just said disturbed the law of the galaxy. He was dumbfounded, I assumed.

As Niklaus tried to contain his chuckle, not caring at all I walked into the elevator and he looked at me then laughed gently before getting in as well.

I pressed the 21st floor and he pressed the 49th floor then changed to 50th, guess someone doesn’t know his way around the place.

“You’re going to the wrong floor” I heard him showing off his deep voice as he typed on his phone.

” And how would you happen to know that? ” I asked annoyed.

“I know because I work here, human resource is on the 20th floor,” he said pressing the 20th floor. ” not the 21st floor” he added, his attention going back to his phone.

He works here as well? Just great! note the sarcasm. It shouldn’t be a surprise, after all, he is a Salvatore.

I was glad that we were almost on the 20th floor, but curiosity killed the cat, right? ” What department do you work in?

The doors opened I walked out.” All of them ” he replied smirking.

“All of them? ” I whispered as I walked to the reception.

The receptionist on the 20th floor informed me that my paperwork would be taken care of by the CEO’s secretary and I’d to go to the 50th floor.

When I entered the 50th floor, a brown-haired tall woman greeted me and we moved to her office.

After we settled in her office she spoke in a fruity voice, so pleasant to hear, it adorned her facial contours revealing her deep earthy brown eyes that spoke of a beautiful soul.

” My name is Sarah, I’m Mr. Salvatore’s secretary”. She informed. “can I’ve your CV? ”

She flipped through the papers I gave her.” So, you’ve some work experience. Good it will be easier than I thought.” she said smiling.” You got the job ”

” I got it? Just like that? Today? Like right now?”

” Yes, Mr. Salvatore will see you later, and tomorrow I’ll be guiding you on the basics”

” But I thought the interview wasn’t scheduled for today, I didn’t even prepare for it”

” You don’t have to prepare, just protocol, a few rules, and instructions that’s it ”

” I think I can handle it,” I tried being a bit confident. “I’m so distracted, I didn’t get what job did I just get accepted for”

She smiled biting the pen she was holding.” I like you already, this floor was missing someone like you ”

“You’re Mr. Salvatore’s personal assistant (PA)” she informed.

” Oh, I hope I don’t cause him any trouble. Sorry for asking but how long have you been working for Mr. Salvatore?” I asked not trying to be noisy.

I heard her gentle voice as she replied ” For five years now, I moved from England’s office with him”

” Five is a pretty good number,” I said surprised

” Working for him must have been delightful, I don’t know him very well but I can tell he is a good person. My father says people that make you feel comfortable even when you don’t know them are one of the best ”

She seemed confused.” Who are you talking about, Mr. Salvatore? My boss?”

” Yes, he and my father are close friends so I’d the chance to meet him ”

” Are you perhaps referring to Charles Salvatore? ” she asked but before I could answer she got a call.

“Ms. Walker, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience but Mr. Salvatore won’t be able to see you today,” she said after ending the call.

” Okay, when do I start working? ”

“You are expected to be here tomorrow, please make sure you’re here at 7 am, not a minute late. I’m sorry I’ve to leave now Mr. Salvatore needs my assistance, sorry again. ”

” Thank you for receiving me. Have a nice day ” I said and walked to the elevator.

I decided to buy some clothes seeing the women here made me realize that my sweatpants won’t do the trick, I had to buy some office clothes.

I’ve got the whole day, so I called my girls to help me.

” So, guys I need a wardrobe change, the company I’ll be working for is fashion on another level ” I informed my fashion advisers.

” I’ve been waiting for years to get you to wear something that doesn’t hurt my eyes. ” Annabelle scoffed.

” I think I’m selling a friend, is anyone interested?” I whimpered in a dramatic tone looking at Annabelle.

” No offense J, but you’ve been hiding your curves in those jeans and sweatpants. When last did you wear a legal dress or skirt?”

“Okay kids, let’s stop fighting and go shopping ” Ailee interfered.

As expected they went all out, we walked in and out of so many stores that my feet hurt. “Ladies let’s be civilized when wasting my money okay? Keep in mind that every cent you spend I put my blood, sweat, and tears to earn, have mercy, and don’t make me go bankrupt okay?” I told the girl that was already smirking. Here she goes again.

“I’m dommed” I whispered when I saw my Annabelle going berserk.

We were busy choosing heels, this means I just sit as they grabbed the heels for me to try them on. My consolation prize was that I got to take off my shoes and rest.

As they disappeared into the world of shoes, I massaged my poor toes, when I felt it again.

That same feeling, I could feel my old fears running through my head as I felt a pair of eyes on me. My heart was racing, I wouldn’t dare to look behind, my eyes were wide alert as if waiting to get a glimpse of anyone who dared to deliver the fatal blow.

My legs gave up on me, even though all I feel is the urge to run, escape. My brain is blank not acknowledging my surroundings, and what I feared the most happened.

I want to jump out of my skin, all my body cells shaking with terror, I shook my shoulders in fear when I felt a hand but it was impossible because when I turned around no one was there.


” AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!” I screamed as my soul tried to escape from my body.

” What?”Ailee asked as they walked towards me confused.

” You almost gave me a heart attack” I complained trying to slow down my vigorous heartbeat.” I thought someone was following me or something.

I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this whole situation.

Glad that I was still alive after being dragged to every store, and at the end to a salon to get my hair done, I sight in relief.

By the time we were done, I surpassed my limit.

” Unless one of you has a gun to force me into another store, I’m leaving!! ” I cried.

If we keep this up, tomorrow I won’t have the strength to go to work. Being late on the first day is not good, not at all.

Entering my room, I limped to my beloved bed, I made up my mind to just sleep no need to eat.

“We are leaving baby J,” Ailee said.” We already prepared an outfit for tomorrow okay? ”

” Thank you girls, you are lifesavers ” I replied setting up an alarm for 5 am.

” Have a nice first day, we’ll be waiting for the details?” She said walking out of the room Annabelle followed her.

Felt my eyelids heavy and soon enough was lights out.

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