Vol. 5 Ch. 1

Everyone in class is chattering about and then Hasha enters the classroom.

Feeling lively, she greeted them, “Good morning, everyone!”

Everyone in the class answered, “Good morning, teacher!”

“All of you seem excited! I’m sure all of you have heard of today’s event right?”


“Precisely! Now then, everyone lines up outside, because we’re going on a trip to the arena! With the exception of the candidates, the candidates will be following someone else. They would be following the school principal! Eauvis Monsoor himself!”

The students were found aghast.

“I’m sure he should arrive around…”

Suddenly, Eauvis enters the classroom and passes through Hasha, she wasn’t expecting him to arrive so she was set back.

“Good morning, children,” Eauvis greets the students.

“Good morning!”

“I’m sure all of you are already waiting in anticipation for today’s event, and I shall not make this announcement any longer than it is,” he discloses while clearing his throat.

“As for the students who would be following me… DRESTIL! PAUFIA! LASQA! VISE! STAND UP!”

The following students stand up in their respective orders.

“You four are the competitors of this classroom, am I right?”

The four of them remaining vigilantly answered, “YES SIR!”

“Follow me. Hasha, lead the rest of the students outside the classroom.”

“I got it!” she responded with urgency.

She faces the classroom while the four chosen students follow Eauvis outside the classroom.

“Follow me, children!” Hasha said as she dashed outside the door along with the rest of the children.

There was already a line of children behind Eauvis when they went out the door and within that line lay Trif and 3 of his lackeys who managed to take notice of Phize.

“Don’t die on the first event, brat,” he whispers to him.

He slightly pauses to hear what he had to say and continued to walk to the end of the line, completely ignoring the threat.

“I’ll prove my worth… and beat him,” he stated in his mind.

Hazel and the competitors line up behind him while the rest of the students follow Hasha. Both of them head in the same direction.

Recalling the events, “We joined in the other classrooms along the way increasing the line bit by bit and once we finally visited all of them, we finally went down the stairs… And once we were by the entrance…”

Phize and the others are walking by the entrance to see that the students have disappeared.

“Wait, what happened to the rest of the students?” he wondered.

“Um, sir… Not to be rude or anything but… where are the rest of the students?” Qi queried him.

“They’ve been teleported to the arena immediately,” Eauvis answered like it was no large feat.

“Oh, I see, I see.”

“Well then, get to it.”

The students were puzzled by this command.

Even Trif was dumbfounded, “Huh?”

“What?” Hazel asked while looking at the other students, trying to find a clue about what to do.

“What do you mean sir?” Taya interviews him.

“The arena is around 1 kilometer away. That should take all of you around 11 minutes. I BEHOLD YOU THE FIRST EVENT! THE BATTLE ROYALE!”

Every competitor was in awe, “WHAT?!”

Trif being reluctant to the absurd request complains, “This has to be a joke…”

“Goodness,” Phize says as he let out a sigh.

“Right now, there are 223 of you.”

“WHAT? THERE ARE THAT MANY COMPETITORS?” Phize only recently came to the realization.

“The first 100 people who will be there are those who will participate in the 2nd event.”



“Well then, what are you all waiting for? The arena is straight…”

He points toward the direction perpendicular to the school, “There.”

Trif and his lackeys run ahead for a headstart.

“GET AWAY FROM ME, COWARDS! I’M HEADING FOR FIRST PLACE!” he shouted as he bulldozed right through them.

Then like monkeys, the rest of the crowd follow their group and of course, a stampede occurs.

“WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?” Phize panics while running for his life.


They keep running and then, Trif who is ahead of the crowd forms a magic circle.

He chants, “FLOODING WATER!”

A great amount of water is released from his magic circle and many of the students get caught in the flood of water, getting them wet with the others slipping. One of those who slipped was Hazel.


Then, Taya who isn’t too far ahead casts a spell, “Rock Formation.”

A wall forms from where Taya stands and blocks most of the students’ paths.

She aims her magic circle at an area of ground near her and that area itself rises causing some students to get knocked over and fall. She steps on the rock platform she made and continues aiming to an area of ground in order to run from above the students uninterrupted.

“The competition has just started and the people are already going crazy…” Phize stated.

“I need to conserve my magic for now,” that was his notion.

Someone pushes Phize from behind causing him to the ground.


Without mercy or even any regard, tons of students trample over him.

“OW! OW! OW! OW!”

Some students are fighting in the background.

“Dang it. I guess there’s no other choice. I really have to use some of my magic…” he thought.

He aims his right arm at the ground, bends it a bit forward, and chants, “GREAT WIND!”

With this spell, a great force of wind comes out and pushes Phize as high as the trees in their surroundings. With his spell still active, he splits the spell between his two hands, he continues pushing himself upwards using both of his hands.

He scouts the surroundings and then looks at those in front of him. He can see from his view the wall that Taya created along with the standing rock structures following it. While flying through the air, he then sees a wet region.


Not able to maintain his height for long, he starts to lose altitude.

“I can’t have myself being beaten. After all, I have to steal some of the spotlight.”

“I have to use mom’s new spell,” he perceived.


Light forms near Phize’s recently formed magic circle then a straight beam shoots from the magic circle and propels Phize forward. He passes by Trif, who was unaware. But then he notices a slight shadow formed from up above, then he sees him. He was not pleased, so he called out his lackeys.

“Oltrin, I want you to shoot down that flying guy.”

Oltrin, the guy to the left of Trif answers, “Yes, sir.”

“Yal and Horka, I want you to set him back once he lands.”

Yal, who was behind Trif obeys, “Roger that, sir.”

Horka, the guy to the right of Trif, was on board, “I’ll kill him.”

In the first 6 minutes of the marathon, mayhem has already begun.

END OF EPISODE 25, Start of Arc 5, The High Hill Veril Event Tournament Arc

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