Vol. 7 Ch. 16

Back to Hazel’s fight, Bolt was covered with rock, so she only needed to concentrate on Flitz, supposedly lying on the ground.

She ran to him.

She passed through the sector of rock, where Bolt was trapped.

She was getting closer to Bolt and prepared her sword.

However, when she was running to him, she felt vibrations coming from the sector of rock Bolt was encased.

“Where is that coming from?” she wondered.

She turned around to see what was going on.

“There?” she pondered.

The vibrations steadily grew by the second.

She had her defense up and lifted her shield.

Moments later, the rock started to crack, and there was Bolt, he went as fast as lightning, piercing the shield through which unfortunately for Hazel, happened to slice through her arm as well.


She got pushed with such intense force, that she had to use her feet to counter it. She ended up getting pushed around 5 meters from where she stood.

Then from behind, she was stabbed in the right.

She was bleeding and she dropped to her knees.

Bolt pulled the sword back from the shield and so did Flitz.

“Let’s end this,” Bolt declared.

Flitz was still recovering from the explosion. He was still panting and so he closed his eyes to rest.

She held her sword firmly.

Bolt aimed for her head, but she blocked it.

When he hit her sword he felt a short sting permeate throughout his body.

“Ow. What was that?” he asked.

He looked at her and saw that her sword had a faint white aura surrounding it.

Bolt attacked for another time, but she was able to defend against it. He felt that the sting had gotten stronger.

He went for a pierce, but she deflected it releasing another wave of stings*

He fell to the ground and held his shoulders.

“W-What’s going on? I suddenly feel weak. Those stings… just what were they?” he wondered.

She sluggishly prepared for a strike and hit him right in the heart.

He coughed up blood.

“W-What did you do to me? I-Is this poison?” he asked her.

He gazed up at her, but couldn’t see her eyes as they were overshadowed.

He fell to the ground.

Flitz opened his eyes.

His eyes widened at the sight of his dead comrade.

He panicked, “W-WHAT?!”

He rose up and saw Bolt losing tremendous amounts of blood.

Flitz approached him and cried.

He clenched his fists and looked at her angrily.


Then she put forth her hand and he went to sleep.

“So… I killed someone,” she thought.

She collapsed to the ground.



Now back to Phize’s fight.

Thash fell to the floor from his punch.

“I should play this smart. I mustn’t fight them two at once, no matter how good I am, the number of moves they can perform outnumber mine. My only advantage is my canceling and reversing skills,” he concluded.

He examined them.

“I know that woman over there must have been chosen as leader for a reason, I have to focus on her,” he perceived.

She whispered to Thash, “I changed my mind. That boy might be a threat, he may have Spell Intercept and he may even be able to perform Incantationless Magic. This will be our new approach, listen closely…”

Phize wondered, “They’re not rushing me? They seem to be warier of me now. I assume it’s because of their magic circles breaking earlier. So they may have concluded that I can cast magic without speaking. I should probably use this to my advantage.”

Tara ran to him.

“I don’t know her abilities, so I’m going to bait her into using them,” he devised.

He raised his right hand toward her.

She dodged to the left and she chanted, “ROCK SHOT!”

She shot rock projectiles at him from her magic circle.

Clink. Clank.

He blocked them with his shield.

“So she can shoot me with fast projectiles, best not to bet my canceling skills on this one,” he concluded.

He heard a short noise like a zap coming from his right.

He faced in that direction and a laser came through.

He fended it off with his shield. The force of the laser was pushing him.

He thought, “CANCEL!”

Thash’s magic circle broke and his spell ended.

Suddenly a rock projectile hit his left shoulder.

“Missed,” she stated.

“So that’s their plan? They plan to shoot me down instead of fight in close-quarters combat. Then I’m gonna have to fix that, he surmised.

He chanted, “ROCK WALL: EXTENDED!”

The region of rock between them rose so high and it stretched so much that it shook the ground and separated Tara and Thash.

“Shit,” Tara exclaimed.

Phize charged at her.

She raised her sword and spoke the words of a spell, “Fire Aspect.”

Her sword was lit by fire.

She released a pierce and fire shot from it. He dodged it.

“Let’s make use of my favorite spell then,” he chanted, “BLIZZARD!”

A magic circle formed in his right hand and from it, snow came, strong cold winds blew, and a fog formed which engulfed them.

It resembled winter around her area, because of the cold weather, her sword lost almost all its flare, leaving only a weak fire surrounding the sword’s blade.

She looked everywhere, but her vision was blocked by the sudden formation of fog around her.

He spoke from an unknown place, “Your spell’s not so powerful anymore, is it? Oh, also did you know that when metal is exposed to cold temperatures, it becomes brittle? Make sure not to swing it around recklessly.”

She retaliated, “DAMN YOU! SHOW YOURSELF!”

Her sword lost its flare.

“Show myself? You might regret that,” he responded.

“I’m trying to provoke her so I could see if she has any more tricks up her sleeve,” he surmised.

She kept walking around through the snow.

Eventually, she shouted at him, “SHUT UP!”

“I guess that’s all she’s got. I hate to do this, but I have to beat her up,” he thought.

He saw the light flare from earlier and used that to tell her direction.

He chanted, “ROCK FORMATION!”

The region of rock beneath her rose and hit her chin, making her drop her sword.


Phize ran to her and punched her in the face.

However, she stood her ground and tried to punch him.

He dodged and punched once more in the cheek to the left.

He punched her in her guts, and continuously punched her in the face.

The snow faded and the cold weather went away.

Tara still stood, but she barely held her ground, she wasn’t even standing upright anymore.

Then from behind her the rock heated, broke, and a laser shot through.

It created a hole big enough for a person to pass through.

Thash called out from the other side, “LEADER!”

He grabbed her, carried her in his arms, and dropped her off after running off for a few meters.

Phize ran after him.

Thash took the health of his leader as his priority.

He touched her shoulders.

“Leader, are you okay?” he asked.

Her face was beat-up, her nose and teeth were bleeding, and she also had a black eye on her left.

“You’ll be fine. I’ll make this quick. HEAL!

Her injuries were healing.

Phize reached out his right hand and a magic circle formed.

He chanted, “AMPLIFY!”

She healed faster and her face was almost back to its initial uninjured state.

She stared at him wondering.

She asked him, “What are you doing? You’re healing your opponent? Are you braindead? No matter, that’ll be the reason for your death.”

He thought, “REVERSAL!”

The colors of the green healing magic particles inverted into violet.

She screamed, “AAAAAAHH!”

Thash panicked, “WAIT, WAIT, WHAT’S HAPPENING?”


“For the record, the reason she’s screaming right now, is because of you,” Phize explained.


“Try stopping your spell.”

He stopped his spell and she stopped screaming. She fell unconscious.

He was staring at her and he stared at him.

He didn’t know what to say.

“Sorry for this,” he apologized and he chanted, “SLEEP PARALYSIS!”

Thash suddenly felt drowsy and fell asleep.

“I learned that from a certain cat.”

“I guess this concludes my experiment. It was a success,” he concluded.


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