Atlas – Halitite

Across the ocean, the Archepeligo of Estatch lays separated from the rest of the world, telling others of their prosperity and splendor, drawing in many. Eleanor Is one of them. She leaves her town in Iowa to look for a new job in Halitite, an island of Estatch. While on the plane, she reads about a holiday starting on her arrival date, known as Dysoterra, a 13 day celebration of happiness and joy across Estatch, or so it says. Eleanor gets strange looks and feelings when talking about her future in Estatch during Dysoterra, which sparks a little too much curiosity, and she finds out the twisted truth to her once peaceful world. With her mission shifted, she begins her fight for life, forced on her way to Dysoterra for the worst 13 days of her life.

(this is a work in progress :p)

English (US)
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