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English (US)
Graphic violence, Gore and bloodshed, Drug addiction, Murder and serial killers, Disturbing scenes
All Rights Reserved

Twelve innocent teenagers suddenly find themselves inside of an unfamiliar mansion, completely disconnected from society. A mysterious and dangerous woman tells them to look for the mansion’s secret, and also warns them of a traitor within them that she soon admits to hiring herself. She attempts to leave her motives unknown, but every action of hers hints to malice and sadism they’ve never seen before.

With each and every clue, with each and every death, the background of the mysterious woman and the mansion reveals itself a bit, but deepens the rabbit hole of questions. Some quickly lose hope at the seemingly impossible task in front of them, some persist due to either bravery, confidence or stupidity, but no matter what, the battle of both wits and force only ends once one side is exterminated and the naked truth is left to stand in front of those who live to see it.


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