The Greater Good

TGG, Greater Good

Gui Ganxin has a body filled with the blessings of tiandao, but a life experience most unlike Heaven’s chosen one. Having witnessed the darkness of humanity, he only wished to cultivate the dao in his lonesome, conducting experiments that would test the limits of his own humanity. But after making a momentous discovery, he decides to cast away his life as a hermit in pursuit of enlightening humanity.

Old enemies rise, new partners await. Who will share this glory with him? What sacrifices are necessary to achieve the greater good?

And after achieving it, will the knot in his heart fade?


Protagonist: Gui Ganxin | Supporting Characters: Dong Mingyu | Others: Delusion, Xianxia, Powerful Protagonist, Mass Indoctrination, Betrayal

Brief Introduction:
All I do is for the greater good!

Embracing the abyss is a necessary measure for happiness.


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English (US)
Intense combat scenes, Torture and mutilation, Gore and bloodshed, Death and mortality, Psychological manipulation, Betrayal and manipulation, Mental illness, Abandonment, Disturbing scenes
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November 10, 2023


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A black and white scenic photo of a foggy mountain ridge is emblazoned with the text, "The Greater Good", subtitled with "Cheshir".


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