The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In the heart of Victorian London, Dr. Henry Jekyll, a brilliant scientist, experiments with a potion that separates the good and evil aspects of his personality. The potion transforms him into the loathsome Mr. Hyde, a creature of pure malevolence.

At first, Jekyll relishes the freedom and anonymity that Hyde provides. But as Hyde’s evil grows, Jekyll struggles to maintain control. As a series of gruesome crimes terrorizes the city, Jekyll’s friend, Gabriel John Utterson, investigates, uncovering the dark secrets of his friend’s double life.

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson, this classic tale of duality and the hidden depths of human nature is a must-read for fans of gothic horror and psychological thrillers.

Shortie Stats
English (US)
Graphic violence, Sexual assault or harassment, Death and mortality, Body horror
Public Domain


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