Good Enough #Life

“We all go through life never feeling good enough. Meeting new people who either make us feel worthless, or makes us feel amazing, those in the middle, or just those on the outskirts.

Either every day gets better or worst; depression or depression. One may have it bad but the other has it worst. So who has it the worst?

If you’re feeling insecure, some people will lie to your face and tell you not to be. Then some people won’t tell you… but they will truly mean it and wish you the best. So what’s this story about, well it’s about us…our flaws, our failures, and our trials. It’s about us going through life wondering if we’re good enough.”

Acela Mae Latoya is your average high schooler, nothing too special about her. And yet, as President of the Baudelaire Community High School’s Journalism Club, her first and foremost mission is to “spill the tea.”  With the use of her Good Enough #LIFE editor’s corner in the school magazine she runs, she spills every single cup of tea in Baudelaire High. Whether it’s about the most popular couple breaking up, a risky student getting expelled, an A+ student getting caught for helping another student cheat, or even about one of the most popular actors of their time taking time off work to enroll in Baudelaire High. The latter is the story of Thaddeus Baquo, the famous actor suddenly forced to go to a normal high school. How will Acela react to this news? And how will their meeting change the fate of the entire school? Guess you’ll just have to read to see.

English (US)
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July 31, 2022


July 31, 2022


July 31, 2022


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