The Fall of Dralia

All her life Gwynn knew her parents were hiding something. She knew about the chained door in the basement, and that there were more to the weekly “business trips” than just their investment banking jobs. Most of all, she knew that her parents loved her and had never given her any reason to question them, so she didn’t. But that all changes when her family is kidnapped by the National Enforcement of Supernatural Intelligence (NESI).

Now, faced with the challenges of survival and the obstacles of teenage life, Gwynn must stick with 5 strangers to help unlock the secrets of her family’s past and find her parents.
I sprinted through the trees constantly tripping over roots and branches. Lungs burning, vision blurry, my legs begging me to stop but I urged on. I may not know where I’m going but I have to get away.
Those people are crazy.

I’m not one of them. They couldn’t possibly be telling the truth…..

could they?

English (US)
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4. Empty Walls

August 3, 2022

3. “Pretty”

August 3, 2022

2. Jacket Strings

August 3, 2022

1. Crap

August 3, 2022


August 3, 2022


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