Wanted by the Crown

Survivor of a coup against her family’s reign in Yorith, Princess Honora became Nora, a rogue waiting for the right moment to avenge her family. Her wait ended suddenly, and everything changed in the blink of an eye. She became hunted. Wanted. Not by one, but many. And the people who started it all were the same, who stained their hands with her family’s blood. No longer able to hide, Nora decided it was time to reclaim her throne, but she wouldn’t do it alone. After forging a pact with a powerful man, she set off on a journey to reclaim her throne. A mysterious elven woman and a man who would do anything to see Nora succeed joined her. But Nora never guessed fate had much more in store for her than a quest for revenge. On her journey, the threads of her past began to unravel. She would learn she was not simply a thief trying to reclaim her throne but something much more powerful. But that power bound her to a man like her, and they shared a destiny Nora wasn’t sure she could accept. Their destiny would shape more than one world as they faced evil never before seen. But destiny was moldable and ever-shifting. As mortals, vampires, demons, and other beings vied for control of Nora, destiny could change. With the world on the line, can Nora accept that she is one half of a whole needed to save everything from destruction? Or will her power struggle against fate doom them all?

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