Land of the Sun


A tropical land in the middle of the continent has revealed itself to the world after centuries of mystery. Compared to its neighbors of steam and smoke, Aren’s virgin lands, strategic location, and powerful inhabitants make it a prime target for development. While playing this back and forth of refusing subordination, problems arise within Aren itself that further drive Lark, a member of Areno royalty, crazy.

What do you mean the funeral camp has been attacked by a manananggal? Aren’t those just folktales warning people to not conceive before establishing a family?

The precious buto-bato clans have been conducting rituals of sorcery in order to strengthen their bloodline? Haven’t I attended one before? It was just an intense festival!

Your family was turned into swarms of bugs? Say something more interesting to avoid jury duty next time, see if I don’t hit you then!

Suspicious doctor: I’m a god. Your land is cursed.

Lark: God? Ha, you’re more likely to be a foreign spy trying to sow discord! It won’t work! Don’t you know, us Areno are the most harmonious— hey, what’s that glowing light in your hand?

Through trials and schemes, follow Lark as he learns to embrace his heritage and save his homeland from ruin and exploitation.


Protagonist: Lark ng Aren, Acacia | Supporting Role: Ludivine Durant, Éloi Durant, Asim | Others: Pre-colonial Philippines, Fantasy Martial Arts, Mythology, 19th Century Settings

Brief Introduction:
I want to protect our country, but you’re telling me that our history is more important?

With community, we shall prevail.

English (US)
Body horror, Gore and bloodshed, Terrorism and extremism, Intense combat scenes
All Rights Reserved

The Sleeping Raja

November 21, 2023

Land of Aren

November 7, 2023


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