Not having much of a choice Jane Walker was forced into a path due to circumstances. She realized life wasn’t so pleasant when she was not in control. Jane attempts to assemble her once-perfect, now disrupted life after losing a constant in her life. The struggle that came with grief seemed to consume her. Loneliness began to make sense.

A new journey of endurance begins as she entangles fate with Niklaus Salvatore; a man that without realizing changed whatever she thought she knew, a man that possessed the power to either ruin her more or be her salvation.

*Author’s Corner:
This is an original Novel by Dara Manuel
it is my first time writing, please take it easy on me, and it is going to be a slow-burning romance.
I appreciate all the support this novel has been getting. Constructive comments, opinions, advice, and all are welcome.

Note: The cover is not mine, thus all credits go to the real owner of the cover and the artist/editor Sniper_Assasin

English (US)
All Rights Reserved


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