Fated to be Mates

“I need you to stop touching me.” Alester commanded.

“But I’m your mate. I’m supposed to touch you.”

“I don’t want you as a mate. In fact…” Alester opened his mouth.

NO!!!!! his wolf roared in his head. Alester growled, stumbling backward. His wolf wasn’t going to let him reject her.


Alester, the son of an Alpha, was turning 18. His prized possession, an acceptance letter to study business. He had a plan for how he wanted his life to go. He was going to get his wolf, move off to college, and when he was competent he would come back to rule the pack and take over the family business. Unfortunately, his parents surprised him with a ball, they had a more traditional plan for his future. They wanted him to find his mate and intern under his father, inheriting everything earlier rather than later. And it looked like they might get their wish when he shifted in the middle of his party and instantly found his mate. Phiona, his childhood stalker. He can’t accept her, but he also can’t reject her. To make matters worse a rouge she-wolf crashes his party with the most delicious scent he has ever smelt and stirs up feelings of protection in him he didn’t know he had.

Phiona has always wanted to be there for Alester. She feels that she will finally have that chance as his mate if he will just let her in.

Samantha’s whole world flipped upside down the day she met Alester. Everything she thought she knew about the world changed, but she was still determined to face every challenge.

Alester can’t deny Phiona as his mate, but Samantha captivates him like no other.

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Ch.10 Bechdel Test

August 2, 2022

Ch.9 First Kiss

August 2, 2022

Ch.8 Avoidance

August 2, 2022

Ch. 7 Before the Ball

August 2, 2022

Ch. 6 Betrayal

August 2, 2022

Ch. 5 What is a Mate

August 2, 2022

Ch. 4 I won’t accept you

August 2, 2022

Ch. 3 Back to the Ball

August 2, 2022

Ch. 2 Party Crasher

August 2, 2022

Ch. 1 At the Ball

August 1, 2022


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